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Is It Possible I Have ESP?


I am 13 in a few days. And ever since I was 10 I have had weird experiences, when I was 10, I was sitting in my bed one night reading a book on ESP. The book said to grab a piece of paper and concentrate on it, if it moves in any way you could have ESP. So instead of grabbing a piece of paper, I had a calendar on my wall. I concentrated as hard as I could on a picture of the calendar page moving up and down on my wall (note my eyes were closed when I did try this), I heard a noise like paper ruffling and I quickly opened my eyes. All I saw was the paper slowly hovering down, ever since that weird day I have always had deja vu almost every day, I've even said things before someone has said it multiple times.

A few weeks after I randomly remembered the weird situation, and asked my mom if she has ever had similar experiences. She said when she was living in an apartment building when she was was a young adult with her roommate forks used to fall off the tables and counters.

My sister has had same experiences, once when she was home alone a 5 pound plant fell to the floor with no help (I might add that the plant was 3 inches away from the ledge).

One of my most recent experiences (besides the deja vu) was when I had put a fork on my desk after finishing dinner in my room. I was seeing if I could guess the color she was thinking (vice versa) when suddenly the fork had rammed into the wall leaving a dent. I had taken pictured and sent them to my friend over MSN. I tried to hide the dent from my mother because we had just painted my room, it failed and she asked why there was a dent in my wall, I answered "I was moving my desk and it bumped the wall"

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Maverty (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-19)
I believe in ESP. Once a couple months ago I wanted my friend to get called on in class and he did. I thought it was just a coincidence but then I tried again. The person I wanted to get called on got called on I kept trying and it kept working
zan (guest)
11 years ago (2012-07-09)
I don't know much about telekinesis but on knowing what people say I do know a bit, actually there have been studies were two people are put in rooms that are cut off from the earths magnetic field then they generate a magnetic field which is the only thing linking them and there actually able to read each others minds. Its believed we all can in earth natural magnetic field its just most people subconsciously block it out because of there's 7 billion people sharing the same magnetic field
P.S. Some times I can sense when my family's home and walk outside to greet them so I do believe in telepathy
Anmol9999 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-13)
Just saying I get glimpses of the future.
Does that mean I can move ojects, read someones mind and more? Please Reply
MagicMirror801 (1 stories) (57 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-13)
Telekinesis! I'm almost one hundred percent positive that I have Precognitions. I'm going to look more up about it.
ravenhawk (guest)
16 years ago (2007-11-22)
this is a form of tele-kinetic energy that you have been given from long ago. This is a way to move things with out really thinking about them. You probably wasn't very far in this book was you? It only takes a thought within ones mind to create or destroy that which comes by not thinking.
Joshua L (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-14)
I suggest you all read the article at the following address:

To touch on some of the finer points, it talks about gullibility and why it occurs. There are other articles I've come across that explain how there has been no scientific evidence that any form of ESP or telekinesis exists. The whole topic of psychics and what this site is all about only exists because there are people out there who want for it to exist.
Please realize, I'm not writing this to bash what you are saying, or to say that you are liars. I believe that you honestly believe that you have these powers. I only hope that you can be convinced in the opposite direction that you have already been convinced so that you don't dwell on these 'powers' you have, and are able to dedicate your time to a more worth-while cause. So please, and this is aimed more at the 13 year old writing this, read the article I linked to, and start to play devil's advocate in order to figure out if you should really be donating your time to developing powers that in all probability don't exist.

Thanks for your time, and if you would like to contact me, use the postscript email.


jmlisheid [at]

- Also, as a note to having just read your guidelines on posting responses, I in no way intend to be a 'troll' in posting this. I am not posting it in order to illicit an argument from any other user. I write this in order to propose a different viewpoint, and a different way for the author of the article to handle their situation. Thank you.
Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-13)
I have never moved a object before just by concentrating on it I have never even tried really. It is so interesting when we have different gifts I love reading people's stories about there gifts and experiences they have gone through. We are all different and we all go through different things which we can understand. Thanks for sharing your story it is interesting. I enjoyed reading it. 😊
Ghost_Whisperer (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-12)
It sounds like you have ESP, and I know I do, too. Moving objects willingly with your mind is called telekinesis aka psychokinesis and unwillingly doing so (due to extreme emotional energy unconsciously projecting) is poltergeist activity. Hearing peoples' thoughts is called telepathy. These gifts (along with others you may not have yet discovered) can be used to help people once you hone in on them. Meditation, talismans, amulets, crystal scrying, Spirit Guides, psychic journals, and visits to the Akashic Records would really help increase your abilities. If you have any questions, please let me know as I've dealt with ESP and beings from other realms all my life.

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