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Nightmares That Come True


I never really believed in psychics or having ESP. I guess it is the same as whether or not you believe in God or not. I'm a realistic person so I need substantiated evidence to believe something. My best friend is from Columbia and his family has taught him the art of tarot readings throughout his life. He has done some readings for me once or twice but, it was all in good fun. I always felt as though, if you heard something said about your present then you could somehow correlate that to your life. I.e- Thinking of a specific brand of car when you're driving and now you will start to notice it more and more.

Recently, in the past year and a half, I've been noticing something that I had previously assumed to be just coincidence, is now a little more than just that. I've had dreams years before that have come true but, I always assumed it to be a fluke. It wasn't until I was almost killed 2 1/2 years ago that I started having extremely vivid nightmares. Mainly they correlated to what I had went through. I decided to seek therapy in order to get an unbiased opinion on what I had went through and to simply just talk to someone and get it off my chest.

My therapist said I had post-traumatic stress, and that was why I was having the nightmares. He explained that going through such a mentally devastating experience will have that effect on a person. The nightmares went on and I eventually stopped seeing the therapist. There was nothing he could do to help them stop so, it was something I had to learn to deal with.

I started to then after notice they abruptly stopped. I had no more nightmares, just blackness when I slept. I was fine with that rather then waking up drenched in sweat and having panic attacks.

Well, soon after (months later) the nightmares began again however, they weren't the same nightmares I had been having they were different ones this time. I had a dream my ex started dating a new girl and although my ex swore there was no-one else, low and behold not too long after I had discovered that was a lie. The girl my ex was with in this dream that I had, fit the description perfectly of what she looks like now. I sound like a crazy ex-girlfriend but, I promise I'm not. I just found it strikingly odd to have such a dream.

The dreams I had stopped for a while like they did the first time around but, they soon again popped up. This time they were random and more close in proximity to one another. Instead of having a nightmare once every 6 months that came true it started to be a nightmare once a month that soon came true. I had a dream about my grandfather passing away and two days later, he passed away. That was enough to make me stop and think my dreams were more than just dreams.

I kept having dreams about tornadoes and I couldn't understand why. I thought it was so random too since they are usually more prominent in certain areas of the U.S. Not too long after, maybe three weeks later I heard on the weather channel a tornado had hit different places in the U.S. Again I had nightmares after that regarding the tornadoes and soon after I heard a tornado hit very close to where I live, only an hour away in the Bronx, Ny.

I recently again, had a dream about a storm coming and my ex had told me maybe it was symbolic of hard times to come. I said it was possible but, wasn't sure. Two weeks later I was laid off of my job and a week following that I was cheated on.

A few weeks ago I kept having nightmares regarding my most recent relationship. I was distraught in my dream because who I was with was dishonest with me and had cheated. Well, now I am single because I found out from my ex girlfriend's ex that she had cheated on me with her.

There have been more dreams like this that I have had. People coming back into my life that I hadn't seen in long periods of time etc. Conversations and specific happenings. I'm starting to really freak myself out with all of this. I would love to go to a psychic, a real one that is and just see what is going on with me. Is it really just a coincidence? Cause, it's becoming more and more evident that it isn't.

I had another dream about a storm, and found out that my father had just bought flood insurance because, he had a bad feeling we were going to get hit with a hurricane. I'm really hoping that doesn't happen but, if it does I will be sure to make seeing a psychic my number one priority.

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Crazy_banana_pirates17 (2 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-21)
Hello, leabeans =)

I don't think this is something to be afraid of. Its sort of like hearing there's going to be rain so you can grab an umbrella. In a way, it helps to prepare you for things to come. I have only had a couple of dreams like these, and usually the dreams consist of one event played out several different ways. Which is a tad annoying, because I don't know exactly what's going on, but I get the gist of it. It still helps me. Best of luck

Lili (111 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-19)

Yeah I agree with you too on that coincidence thing. For me everything that happened was meant to happen and only a few could change their future. And that there are no coincidences or accidents.

Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-19)
You've really been put through the wringer over the past few years, haven't you?

I agree with Lili--sometimes a traumatic experience can open up one's psychic abilities. I had a traumatic experience about 8 months ago, and since then so many things have happened that I can not longer pretend that this world is all there is.

There is no such thing as "coincidence". You have begun to realise that what you are experiencing is outside of the physical, and it is time to accept and embrace that.

I recommend taking up meditation and getting in contact with your Guides--things will get better, I know they will!

Peace and blessings
Lili (111 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-19)
You aren't crazy, and these dreams aren't accidents. They are visions. Visions of future. You have a gift of precognition, and don't waste it.

In death experiences there is a big chance that your psychic abilities then get unbinded. This is why you got the dreams or nightmares what you call them after.

It's hard to keep visions from happening. Mostly because you don't know when they will happen.

You have to live with it... If you want to get rid of them, email me, we will see if there is anything we can do about that.

MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-19)
You my friend are a clairvoyant. There are two types of visions that you could have.
Premonitions- When you see the events of the future during the day while you're awake.
Precognitions- When you see the events of the future during a dream/nightmare you are having.
Don't worry too much about it, for many psychics have this ability. I for one have this ability too. Once you get used to it, it's almost like tying your shoes in the morning! Hope this helped in any way and if it didn't I'm sorry.

~My time is running out, and many have not been found... Still...

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