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Am I Psychic Or Else, What Am I?


Since I was young I have had the things happen. Once I was sleeping with my grandmother and we both saw three spirits (white) it seemed they were trying to tell us something, they pointed to us and had us follow them to our front living room window. We did and when we stood in front of the window they were pointing down towards the basement for some reason. We did not know what they were trying to tell us, so we went back to bed, my grandmother always told me things like that happen to her, and that they were good spirits and wanted us to see something, not sure I was ready she ignored it I believe until this day I was not sure what it was about, but she felt I was not ready. Years later I would always be curious and would go to the basement alone and see if they would appear but nothing, I guess they took my grandmothers hint and did not bother me. Though I have always felt as if something or someone is always watching me! I don't get scared, but it can be weird and good at the same time.

Later years something else happened, mind you through all this I was only between 6 to 8 years old. Getting back to my third encounter, I was sleeping one night when something woke me up, only I had a very bad feeling about it, so I slightly opened my eyes, and something spoke to me, something dark something not good. I told it to go away and it didn't. I began to pry to god, and it laughed and said it meant me no harm, that all it wanted was something from me. I said no and it said all I had to do was give in and I said no once again and asked god please God make it go away I am your child, and just like that it laughed and it was gone!

Since then I have had dreams while asleep or awake and they have come true, I have seen spirits, ghost, heard and just felt things. Until

18 years ago I went to visit my grandmother in the hospital when, I had a feeling something was wrong. When I tried telling the nurses they pushed us out and said it was normal. On our way home, we got a call she was very ill, I knew the moment she passed, I kicked the car backseat and yelled NO! My parents dropped us off, later we got the call to confirm she had past. 2 years later the spirits from the past came to visit and told me and told me someone in my family was going to die, a year later my older brother died! I always had a connection with the other side, but when that happened I was SO MAD AND HURT that I told them to go away and they did.

Since then, Out of nowhere people randomly would look at me and tell me I was special, my mothers best friend who has since passed, R.I.P. Was very sensitive as well, told me not to be angry or hurt, that things just have to happen and if I learned to use my gift right that I would be very powerful, because I have my grandmother's same gifts plus the ones she passed to me when she passed away and is always with me. Now and then I will get dreams or feelings and they would be right on target, today most of my dreams have come true, and once again I feel as if I am being watched again, but it's not a scary feeling.

4 years again my daughter was got ill and when taken to hospital she was diagnosed with a tumor in the head and lost her sight because of it and now has health issues, she is doing great and is the happiest little girl ever and I thank god for that and for being with her, because she had a rare tumor and the surgery was dangerous, I asked and begged for him to be the doctors hands eyes. Etc. And I thank him until this day for that and the strength he gave her and us.

My point is that about 2 months before everything happened to her, I had saw a shadow at her bedroom door, I was not scared or felt I should be, so I ignored it, I thought it was maybe a spirit in the apartment we lived it and it meant no harm, because it did not do anything to make me be scared or worried about it, so my question is was it trying to tell me something or could it have been the cause? I like to think it was not the cause or a warning, because if it was and I did not follow the sign, I would truly hate myself for it, because before everything happened I kept telling everyone in my family and hubby that something was wrong with her that I felt it in my heart and everyone said I was just being a mother hen, and I was worrying to much. Sure enough after her 2nd bday few days later we had to rush her to the hospital!

Lately, once again I feel as if I am being observed, and I think they find me interesting! I don't know if anyone can understand it but it feels that way at times, and when I am sad it feels for me, when angry it calms me or tells me to let it be and things or people will get what they deserve. As far as the elements I have noticed that when I put my mind to it, I can indeed make it happen, I am always feeling as if I belong to the universe to nature everything, I can feel its peace its rage its emotion, don't know how to explain, but it feels right. And I want to know more it's why I am always looking. Any help would be appreciated!:-) Oracle101 can I get some advice please? Or anyone that can help? Thank you!

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Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
I get made vibes of you to. And you want to here some tihg funny my friends family originated in Salem MA and they ran from there way nack in day during witch trials and the last name they have now isn't even the same they changed it but his familly never passed down last name and what's so funny about this a song just came on radio called I don't even know my last. Ha ha ha and the angel did say one of my gifts wasn't to have the right song at right time and it works all the time.
lindajean (5 stories) (109 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
You said it perfectly 😊
This is your journey.
There is a lot of great information on the web, and also try "new age" book stores.
I'm lucky, Salem MA is right up the street from me.
I guess the best way to enhance your potential is to learn to meditate.
We are here to learn, and live the best possible life we chose.
Enhancing your psychic potential is only part of your long journey of life.
Take care ❤
Sunshine4me (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
😊 Thank you Lindajean, I kind of figured that much, I am just not sure too what full extent I go, or if this is all happpening again for some reason. I just pray I am able to help when I can. I know certain things I cannot help prevent, but one's I can I pray for full guidance. My mother's good friend was very gifted and before she passed, she had told me I have my grandmothers gift, and to fully embrace that I had to learn as much as I can, and if I could find someoen to help me "don't know" dare I say unlock my full potenial that it had to be with someone I trust. That I had to watch out because there would be some that would use me and take advantage of what I gift I have. I ask and pray for guidence, because I honestly feel I am ready for it. Something inside me tells me to learn more, give more. Will see what happens, if it's meant to be it will be and I will help it, if it is. Thanks again Lindajean:-)
lindajean (5 stories) (109 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-01)
Thank God your Daughter is alright! You obviously did the right thing at the right time. No one knows why we get ill, it could be what our soul wants to experience, or maybe some kind of karmic lesson, or any number of reasons. You did all you could to help her, and she is fine.
The shadow you saw before you found out your Daughter was ill could have been your "guide" becasue you said you were not afraid. We all have an inner knoweldge of when our "guide" is in our pressence.
You are intune with your intuition, that is why you know when certain things will happen.
From time to time our "guide" can also help us by giving us signs or whispers, or by just showing us a vision. 😊
Embrace the experience! And, truely know that the experience is from a higher plane, and is truely sent with love. ❤

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