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Eliza, Nick, And The Women With White Hair


Eliza is a young girl spirit whom I believes is resident in my home. A lot of stuff has happened, that I cannot explain. My mother always told me, that my grandpa, (Papa,) was my guardian angel, because he past away a few hours before I was born. But just 10 years later, my Nana, his wife past away too. So I believe that Papa wanted to spend time with Nana, so god granted me Eliza. She was there. I could feel her. I could sometimes hear her. I could see fogs in pictures. She made me feel safe. I told my best friend about her, and we named her. Eliza was truly real to me, and somehow, even though I didn't know her, I loved her.

I told my best friend Steven, (a psychic) About Eliza, and he was having hard times too, so I prayed that he would get an angel as well, And so, there was Nick. Nick like to show himself. Once I rang Steven's door bell, and I saw fingers spread the fabric covering the window and I saw a little face peering out at me. I smiled and waved, thinking it was Steve, as he used to do that when we were little, but when he came to the door, he didn't know what I was talking about. It was Nick. He sees Nick all the time. Nick runs with him when he is leaving my house at night, Nick is there when he is afraid, but Eliza hasn't made herself known. Someone help! Where is my beloved little friend.

Now this is strange. One day I went to a movie, and Steven went to my house wile no one was home because he forgot his phone. Once he got it and was at the door he turned to look up the stairs. There he saw a women, almost just fog. At first he thought it was my older sister, but the woman's hair was long and white. My sister has short red hair. HE turned away in fear, but then he considered it was a robber, so he turned back, and she was about six feet away from him.

He had no clue how she got down. She wore a long pink and white skirt, mary-jane high heels, and a black long sleeved top. Her face was blurry. He ran out of my house and all the way home.

Not long after, my mary-jane shoes went missing, and so did Steven's older sisters White dress. We found my shoes sitting on a chair, in plain sight, my Nana's old rocking chair, together untouched. It was my birthday so I wore them to dinner, but the strap broke. I cannot wear them anymore. They found the dress hanging from the attic.

Where is Eliza? Who could this women be? Are Nick and Eliza fighting to protect us? Is this women their mother? Is this women Eliza? This is the 3rd time I tried to write this story. Somehow, it gets erased each time. What is happening?

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