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Power Gaps And Mind Reading Or Mind Controlling?


I'll start this story with my first psychic power. My first power was to have a still picture in the middle of my dream, that I would see later in life, usually within a week or two. I hated this power for several reasons. First of all, I never remembered the dream until I saw the image again, so I never knew if my power was working. Second, it turned on and off, as in, sometimes it was once a week, then maybe skip a few weeks, then maybe a few times a week, it was just unpredictable. Third, at first I thought it was a coincidence, so I felt kind of like a freak.

My second power was similar, only instead of seeing a picture, I saw black, and I heard something someone said, then I heard my own thought, as a witty comment on what I'd heard. There were some problems with this one, too. First, I only remember it happening once, but I know that I had it a few other times. Second, it was very weird because I couldn't see anything, but I could recognize the voices.

Third, again, it was a dream and couldn't remember until I heard the same sounds again. On the bright side, I heard what I'd heard the dream, the same day of the dream. The first power usually took a few days, the second was usually very soon. The third, was a small scene during a dream, with sight and hearing. It was usually only a few seconds, like 10 or 20. This one I enjoyed a bit more, but the only thing is, it was still in a dream, and didn't remember until it happened.

All of these weren't of very much use both because I couldn't remember them, and, nothing significant happened in them. They were all everyday things. No marriages, deaths, just all normal stuff. None of these have happened this year. I've also realized that they usually only happen when I'm sad or depressed for a few weeks or whatever, but I've been very happy.

But, I have kept my fourth power, which I've just gotten in the summer of '09. I'm not exactly sure what it is, like, I understand it's a power, but I'm not sure if it's mind reading, or controlling someone's thoughts. The reason I'm unsure, someone else and I get the same thought, but I'm not sure who gets it first. The first time it happened, the other person seemed to get it first, but now its progressively seeming like I get the idea way before the other person. I'm also not sure if it's a coincidence because it doesn't happen very often, but when it does happen, I get it a few times in a day. But there may be a few weeks of a gap in between the times it happens again. Also, I can't control it at all.

If anyone could answer my questions, I'd appreciate it.

First, why are there gaps between the uses of my powers?

Second, how do I control my fourth power?

Third, which power do you think the fourth is? Mind reading or controlling?

Please don't tell me to pray or meditate, because "God" hasn't been there for me, ever, so I'm agnostic. Thanks for the help!

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lordzerox333 (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-16)
these powers I think, are instinctual, so they maybe occur when you feel you are in danger, or upset, which I think you have mentioned.

With your fourth power, it may be Mind Control, or mind reading, or both. But once your mind knows how to make that affinity between you and another person, it is possible to do either.

The key is to listen and watch the person closely, learn his or her patterns, understand how that person feels, how they react to different things. Also, it helps to be able to feel a connection between the boh of you, try and spot what makes you similar,

After you feel you understand enough of how this person works, your mind should be 'in-tune' with the other, and sub-consciously you may pick up his or her feelings and thoughts. You could now try to concentrate on a command, to send to the other person,

I'm sure you may have tried, or at least heard about, 'guess what number I am thinking of? Game' but instead of guessing, really trying to send each other messages.

So bearing that in mind, instead of sending a number to this person, try and send a command like 'Have some of your drink' or 'Look at the scene, it's beutiful'

You want to try and forget everything around you, just concentrate on you, and the person you want to send the message to.

Now try and send the command, like you would with sending a number.

Hopefully, the person will sub-consciously pick the message up, and take it for their own thoughts, so, to them, they will believe that they are telling themselves to do the command, so, if the command is in reason, they will see no reason to disagree with their 'own' thought.

This is advice from my experiences, I really don't know if it's different for others.

But I tried it on a bus, with a girl I did not know, I tried to get her to look back at me and smile, and everytime I tried, she seemed to get agitated, and distracted from her book, as if she wanted to look back, but was embarressed to, after trying, it felt as if she replyed to this with 'when I get off the bus' and sure enough, when we got off the bus, she looked back and smiled.

This is all through experimentation, so if you can find someone to do it on, without doing abusing your power, then try it out.
Remember to be discreet, and never tell anyone you did it, otherwise they will be sub-consciously aware next time you try.
lucm213 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-07)
This happens to me a lot too... At first I thought I was crazy and thought to myself how it would even be possible... I think I just received the fourth power because lately I'll say the exact same thing, down to the word, as my friends do about random things. I want to learn how to control it too... But I'm scared to harness a power that is so powerful... I don't want to know certain things about the future. 😕
Rashidah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-10-06)
I have not seen you on this site fore awhile. I do hope everything is alright with you.

If God and his angels love mankind so much, why does he threaten to shorten our lives? That is not love 😐
colorfulinsight (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-05)
Thanks taffyinky, I appreciate the help! Newblood, I can't read your post because of all the grammar errors...
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-28)
This is very very importent There is som good people on here but I want to let some people know that there has been some people who have gotten shorten life spans latly for the fact that god and angles are fed up with a lot which I truly see now and just want to for warn some of you that some one let some thing bad out and it already hit here and its working its way around first it started with a bunch of people geting sick around here then a block on me talking to angles and last night was the last night it was here and it made the night air so still and black it has nothing to do with shadows its not strong as people think its just got gifts like my self and other which I don't want and it is going around and trying to get people to except it and the suck thing is they used a spirit how used to fallow me around that way it would act like me and other stuff for the fact I can do like a lot of diffrent things with my voices which was a gift from god for I did a lot of good in the past and stool bad things voices. Please be carefull this thing will claim its self as sickness and as a horsmen and a bunch of other stuff it isn't as strong as it tells you it is but it wasn't aloud to use its full stregnth around me. It can make your eyes hurt, feel sick, vomiting, ear ringing, runny nose, black out power ones and body ones, and it will atract as meny bad spirits as possible just ot ruin your night trust me. The it saddens me for this is the some thing that used to attack me as a child in the night and day watch while your sleeping when I was younger it used to beat on my chest in the middle of the night or try to smother me or throw me off my bed this is some thing very bad and it needs to be stopped when I was younger I devolped night rerror because of this thing and so much else like insomia that's why that let me use shadow energy because shadows where used to protect me when I was younger and other good and bad thing which explains why I was so devided growing up I was close to both bad and good just because of this thing. This thing will claim it hates lucifer and loves god but it will also twist it all about. This thing dosnt work for lucifer or some evil powerr and it dosnt work for god eather and right now its had towards arizona because it went through some of my thoughts and stuff and it is trying to get some body to let him in them he has two spirits with him he uses for tricks one named michael and the other who will try to go by meny names they mimiced my powers because I was to sharing with people on this site and around me and every time some one would get close to lerning one they stool it from them. These things must be stopped. They attack phyics and people with power and the ones aorund them there just looking for a week minded fool to use or let in and they found one of here who lives in arizona oh yeah just dandy. Prayers are importent right now becarefull using your gift for if you do they see they will aproch. Our spiritaul leader jesus and more have there hand full with this one. When these bad things are around your weather will fluxtate to rain a lot because the good lord is try to sanitize every thing. These things will ussally go by several name michael, sinister, minister, craven, jesus but he won't claim him self as god son, and there is a few more the big one will go by sickness or pinelopy. These things arew very bad they made all they people around me sick and some depressed. Prayers help trust me and if you can use force fieleds well use them and the angles and I found one little thing that works to and it is a spiritual sound proof field it blocks out spirits and any gift or lttle to large noise they will make. These things have killed of 3 animals around me in the last two days but please be carfull about leting your animals out side they killed of my dog the lead it straight to the road. 😢 and these thing will also use telepathy to try to get you to here little voices in your head, they can make you cough a lot and if you are a smoker I suggest you quit now because they have away to raise your addiction and other things to if you are a very sensitive medium with lack off other gifts if you gfeel some thing funny in the air refraim from talking to spirits they will make the air heavy and and extream dark at night. I will stay posted.
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-27)
You have the gift of premonitions. You can see into the future and tell when things are going to happen. To get control of your gifts, you need to meditate. Think about what will happen in the immidiete future then build on it. You may get some "wrong" because the future can always change. Meditation does not always deal with God or any other dieties. Just focus your mind. Block out any thoughts and feel your way in.

I have the same problem with the "gap" in my gifts. I can normally use them anytime I want to but sometimes I am not able to access them. It may just be because I am blocking them out or something like that. Make sure that you know what you are doing and that you believe that you can do it.

I think your fourth gift is just premonitions though you may not know it. I can do the same thing. Now that I think about it, it may be clarvoyance as well. Probably not but you may want to check in on it.

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