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My New Gift


I live in Ontario Canada.

I always wished that I had the gift to talk to ghosts.

Well a couple days ago I went to visit a friend who has the gift. She told me a story about a ghost that had scared her. I will not repeat the story or the name of the ghost for fear she will come to someone else.

We talked about ghosts and stuff and they came to her. She said "its odd that so many ghosts are coming here since I turned my gift "off"" Turns out that I have the gift and never knew about it.

I have experienced ghosts before but my parents never seen them and I had wondered why.

Anyways a ghost ended up coming to me. I called her Mime. It was amazing we took pics of her. (she was very polite, she was careful not to scare us) She is someone from my friends family but she was also my Mime too. It was very good to see her again.

We then talked about the evil ghost that my friend had experienced and we kept taking pics. I have never seen anything more frightening in my whole life. We could see the trail she left behind. She distorted the clock and everything.

And then my friend was talking about her children in her past life. And a daughter that she had but had died at the age of 2. I believe that it was her daughter who kept playing with my hair and poking me. She thought it was quite funny.

I then met my spirit guide and she is totally awesome with a great sense of humor. She even laughed at me when my friend's cat scared me half to death.

So far its been fun and I think once I get better I will help people on the other side.

P.S if you have the gift I could totally use some guidance

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ZiShu (129 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-22)
Interesting, I may be able to help you strengthen this gift. Send me an email.
Can you see these ghosts or any other spirits fully as if they were like the living?
sar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-20)
Well it sounds like clairaudience, which is the ablility to hear sounds from the spirit world.

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