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I Don't Know What's Happening I Feel Like I'm Going Crazy


All this crazy stuff started happening when I turned thirteen. At first it was little things like quiet whispers or things going missing but end up being found after like a half an hour. But a few months after my birthday things really started to pick up. I'd hear voices and I would be the only one to hear them. Sometimes I'd feel really sick and smell soaper but once I would walk away I'd feel fine and the smell would go away. I could sense people around me but have no one even near me, occasionally I could feel when something was going to happen, one day I told a guy that I didn't even know that one of his family members were going to get into an accident and the very next day it happened... And lately I have been seeing people and some look like they should be dead because of their injuries and I'm the only one that can see them! Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy so I deiced to tell someone so I told my mom and she told me about me coming from a long line of Pagan witches, would that have something to do with all these things happening to me?

Do I have a sixth sense or am I just going crazy? Please I need some major help or some kind of help, any kind of advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

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Leeanne (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-13)
Im thirteen also and have had similar expiriences. You're not going crazy. I promise. Its just who you are. Feel free to talk to me if you need a friend
w31rded0ut (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-18)
I've been able to see and hear spirits, hearing more than seeing, and the few I've seen appeared to me in white orbs in photos or in the air. I don't think you're crazy, your experiences are your realities and no one can take them from you, so don't let nobody tell you you're crazy. If you're sure of what you saw and heard, there's no one else to tell you otherwise because you know your own truths. I believe babies have sixth sense. Babies can see spirits. I'll never forget it: I held a 4month old at work and she was staring at my right shoulder and above and behind my head. Then a few moment later she looked horrified and started sqiriming. She was staring at my shoulder and reaching for her daddy... I believe to this day she saw a demon on my shoulder and it was frightening her. I have an uncanny feeling it was making weird faces and gritting its teeth while playing around my cheek, nose, and in my hair. She was the most frightened looking baby! So I put her in her craddle. I felt bad and knew of nothing I could do to rid of the demon playing on the side of my face. (I couldn't see it but I knew something was there.)

Anywho, I believe humans have sixth sense, but either loose it or keep it depending on their interactions.
sar (guest)
13 years ago (2010-10-20)
You have clairalience, the ablility to smell things from the spirit world, clairaudience, the ablility to hear things from the spirit world, and environmental empathy, the ablility to feel an emotion for an certain area, and the ability to see ghost.

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