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Is It Possible To Lose Your Gift?


My mom when we sat down and talked, she had told me that she had been able to see spirits but now whenever I see something or I experience something she doesn't see it or hear anything. Is it possible she lost her gift? My grandmother and great grandmother (her side) were able to see them when they were my age as well.

We come from a strong blood line of Native Americans and Pagans I didn't think it was possible to lose it but seeing as what's been happing these past few years I needed to ask.

Since that's all I needed to ask and I still need to fill more in I might as well tell you guys that I'll try to post my experiences sometimes and see what you guys think but since it's so hard to post things on here it will probably be really rare.

Also lately I've been seeing flashes like memories but they are not my own, most of the time they belong to dead people, am I just imagining things? Or are they showing me their past?

Will music effect my living environment? Like calm and peaceful music cause lack of activity?

And thank you people who have given me advice about the man in the attic, you guys have been awesome. I'll look into it and I guess pray it will work. I'll try to reply to anyone's questions and I'm up for any suggestions you guys have.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent any other attacks on my family and myself? People say salt wears off evil spirits but I'm not sure if that's true, anyone have any advice for that?

Last thing, when I smell sulfur does that mean a demon is nearby? Anytime I smell it I start feeling sick and dizzy.

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adrianm80 (25 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-17)
moonbell iv had my abilities since I was 3. I was soo scared. I'm 12 now I will be 13 in December 21. I have been trying to lose my abilities since I got them but I never have. But my abilities are very different to your mothers. (read my profile to see my abilities) but moonbell your mothers abilities could be a spirit inside her. But he is sleeping now and waiting for you to be strong or old anought.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-15)
Hi there,

Everyone has a choice when it comes to there abilities. You can embrace it or shut it out. Each of us makes our own decision. But, we can also bring back our abilities if we want to.
In regards to the flashes of memories from the dead. Yes, it is them showing and communicating to you about their experiences in their life. They respect you enough to show you these flashes. If you do not want to see them any longer just tell them so when you see a flash. But, sometimes they show you these so that you can help them in some way. Some are showing you why they are are still here and why they are still connected to this plain. It's up to you now for what you do next. Just remember that you are in control at all times and you will be fine. And, the ladies in your bloodline with the abilities have a very good reason why they chose to shut out their abilities I'm sure. Maybe you should wait until they are ready to tell you first before asking them. Just my opinion.
Watcher909 (12 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Yes you can lose you gift, thought the only time I remember someone losing it is because of their own choice. If a person makes a decision to NEVER use the gift again as it was too much of a burden to them at that point in their life, there is NO going back, it's a life decision.

Like a radio it needs a solid connection to receive and transmit a signal, if a person chooses of their own free will to severe this connection forever they can. Like a radio the circuits need to be working in order, if they choose to severe that "circuit" it's their choice, though I would not recommend it since Remote viewing is so much fun!

I know of one person that used to be able to remote view but she made a choice early in life to lose that power because she sees it more as a burden and curse than a blessing or gift. Naturally with the help from some of the "others", she was hypnotized to forget it ever happened and now leads a happy life as a "normal", which is what she wanted anyways. I would never reveal what she forgot, as it is better this way that she doesn't remember.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
For gifts they can go dormant if not used.
As with my husband seeing aura's as a child but not
Using it so it's not prominent with him at age 57.

If your in your early teens 10-13 the age has moved
Due to hormones in the food. This age group has
A high activity with spirits referred to as
Poltergeist activity.
Some spirits can sense calming and do appreciate
Calm music.
Music can calm us. Some individuals when overly stimulate can short circuit electrical equipment.

For anothers past memories they do come to our minds.
Some refer to this as the third eye.
The key to this is to test the image and ask your guides for verification if this is the case.
Our mind can also interfer so its important to

For sulfer smell this can indicate a jinx or hex.
But if it is affiliated with a deceased person they may be indicting they died to a gun which one can smell after the firearm was shot at them. Or that they
Eventually died from insecticed or by gas explosion.

Good journey so keep on your path
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-14)
Dunno if it's relevant or not but I tend to smell sulphur on the currently rare occasions that I witness spiritual activity:/

Also, I was always able to see and speak to spirits, feel presences, sort of mind link with my friends and more but I got scared a few years ago when my room was full of spirits all talking to each other it drove me crazy and I refused to let myself dotice any of it and it went away pretty much completely.
Recently (within the last year) I started thinking about it again and have been wishing for it to come back, I try to keep my body and mind calm as possible at all times and make myself completly open to all possibilities and anything that may happen. I'm unsure whether it's doing this that has brought it back but I have started seeing spirits again and am getting closer to being able to speak with them again I think.

Unsure if it will but I hope that may help in some way. Since shutting everything out I don't feel I know so much about it anymore so am still quite confused but I hope that could be of some use.

the_k (38 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-13)
Sometimes abilities go dormant because they don't get embraced. Music effects a lot, and the sulfur could be a demon nearby, or within a few 100 feet of you. You may want to get a paranormal investigation team to come out.

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