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The Blank Page is Giving Me Visions


Everyday I see more and more and today was no exception. I don't really know how to describe it or what it is that I am watching. I have learned to relax my vision and look through instead of looking at. If that makes since. The short story is this.

I am an artist who draws, paints or sculpts everyday. I carry a drawing pad with me everywhere I go. To pass the time or to capture something I would otherwise miss without the pad. The pad is 8"x12" with white paper. I was looking through the pad (not literally I don't have xray vision... yet) at the white paper and the movie began. I was looking at a movie in monochrome green. Believe it or not I was rather melodically about it. As if this is normal! What I saw however was very disturbing. There was a bridge. I saw a very large explosion followed by a mushroom cloud and finally very rough seas. The location appeared to be somewhere in California. I have no clue what I saw or if there is anything to it. My guess is Taco Bell is responsible.

The last thing I will share was last night. I saw what I thought was spotlights reflecting in the sky. You know the kind a car dealer uses. There were 4 separate spotlights in the night sky. The problem is there was nothing to reflect the lights. No clouds and the pattern was very unusual. There is no car dealer shining lights at 2am either. Keep in mind I am NOT hoping I will see the paranormal or the unexplainable, I want this stuff to have a logical scientific explanation. I just can't make it anything other than what it is, and what it is really scares the sh--- out of me


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miles (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-17)
a guy told me he was a medium and a spirit was stood at the side of me ringing a bell
does anyone know its meaning
GRR (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-13)
Isn't that what happened on Heroes when Isaac painted? He could paint the future
kathleen (guest)
15 years ago (2007-10-23)
OH my Gosh! IT just dawned on me. Perhaps your visions were a preminition of the fire that is ravaging california right now?
dreamcatcher (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-21)
Your account REALLY caught my attention. First because your an artist and I'm trying to start my art again now that my children are older and no longer need so much attention. I have been interested in psychic drawings, but I haven't heard of this. I've been plagued with nightmares all my life but now that I'm older I am just starting to welcome the visions instead of supressing them. (The only things I now fear in my dreams are the occasional incubus'.) I pay close attention to my dreams and have had some come true. Usually hurricanes and weather catastrophes. I use to live in Florida (I am currently in Okinawa) and would dream of hurricanes coming and I would see a map in front of me showing where it's going. Lately, I've had crime related dreams of child molesters and terrorists. Well, one of my dreams I had over the summer sounds very similar to yours. In my dream I am on a trip with my mother-in-law and two children. Well, we get off of a school bus at a shopping center or a very small mall. I asked my mother-in-law to keep an eye on the kids, because a child predator is looking for a child somewhere near. I leave to go inside the tiny mall and as I walk down the walkway inside the building I head to TACO BELL EXPRESS on the right side (there is a food court on the left) to let them know there is a bomb. It was Sunday and AM. The mall wasn't busy since it had just opened. I looked at my watch to see if I had enough time before the bomb exploded. I got there and everything seemed fine. I waited up front for someone to talk to and then woke up. That was it. I always thought the TACO BELL thing was weird and felt kind of dumb relating that dream to my husband. Who would want to blow up a TACO BELL? What made you think TACO BELL had something to do with your vision too? I would love to know. Plus, I've been doing research lately on right/left brain dominance. I am right brained and art was my life before my children. I also have psychic intuitions as you. It kept me from staying in my home with my son before it flooded during Hurricane George (tropical storm when it hit). A flood came 4 feet into our home. I have been studying on my own to see if there is a link between psychic intuition and the use of the right side of the brain. It all started with a book DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN. I have been using it to help my left brain dominant children learn to draw better. I think there may be a link to the right side brain use and psychic intuition/premonitions. Please post a response to this if you don't mind. I have also had a dream of a teenage homosexual white male who will attempt a school shooting and an unbelievable one of a world change that will happen soon. About four planets align including ours and then mix. The earth will colide with something else that looks like an unknown planet and the earth will shake and wobble for many days. It will then settle tilted and another planet will sit next to ours. A new, very different planet we can inhabit. The earth will be inhabitable again too, but VERY different. COLD on one side (the sides that sits closely to the other planet) and warm and humid on the other. There won't be many survivors, but life WILL prevail. It's not the end of all times. The Virgin Mary gave me this vision October 10th from the Heavens in my dream. She pointed it out and told me to watch for the astrological signs. I am telling you these because I am looking for anyone else who may have shared this vision. I am VERY worried about this one. I have never dreamed of the Virgin Mary. I was raised southern gospel style. I was never raised catholic and NEVER had any divine beliefs in her, so this really shook me up because she would have never entered my subconscious as my vision of a divine messenger. Your "vision" in the sky of four lights. Was this a vision as if it was there and then gone? My dream also involved a scientist born May 5 who will help me. He is a college student right now I think. He will be involved in the space program. I have strong love and faith in the ALMIGHTY and JESUS. I am just worried that my visions are from the dark side. I have been questioning the "Why me?" lately, and if my visions are from Heaven or the dark side. My visions have helped me in my life so much though. I think the dark side is just trying to confuse me after my visions maybe. I sense a similarity with your post and me. Please post any responses of nea or yea to my inquiries if you have the time. I too am looking for answers. Blessings...
Pierce (3 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
To Cvt6702
Thanks for responding!. I had the same vision again however I it was a little different. The large explosion was thunder the mushroom cloud looked more like a funnel cloud as in a tornado the rough seas had to do with the funnel clouds... I thought it was California however that is unlikely as California rarely if ever gets a big storm so I really don't know... As I said it might be indigestion from the burrito
Pierce (3 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
To Martin
Thanks for the insight. The first thing I did when all this began was have my Eyes checked. My vision was 10x20... I can see clearly both far and near. Trust me this is not my eyes. If I had to choose between my eyes being the cause or the paranormal... I would seriously consider choosing an eye isue... This has not been pleasant however it is getting easer to accept... I have been able to interpret and in some cases validate what I saw.
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
I was just thinking, I don't know when you had this vision but I just thught about the bridge collapse weeks ago where structural damage caused it to collapse and of course people talked about the dust rising and the clamaty that followed and if I am not mistaken didn't that bridge collapse happen in California in the general area of where the Earthquake damage happened some years ago?
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
I know the first thing others tell you is to have a checkup and you can do that, but chances are the bridge you saw blowing up in the future could actually be a psychic look into the future and whether it happens or not depends on whether someone takes action to do that.
I am a Psychic and I know this so these kinds of looks don't disturb me now what I do when I see these things is ask questions as a psychic trying to get answers and see if I can get more details on things like this.
I will give you one example of my looks into the future.
Back in the eighties when I first began developing my Psychic Gift one morning I saw a ship in the persian gulf hit with a missile during the first persian gulf war and a few hours later I learned via the news that the U.S.S Starke had been hit by such a missle and the picture they showed on television and in the paper was are a replay of what I saw in my dreams.
Another example it was in the late eighties that I had another dream and in the dream I was in the middle of a Nuclear Plant explosition which devastated our area and I instantly thought of our nuclear power plant down the road.
Fifteen years later there was a problem at the nuclear plant which could have led to such a disaster and when they showed the pictures of where the eruption could have occurred if not caught in time it was just as I saw it.
Thank God they caught it in time.
Back then I told someone about this connected to the facility and they said they would keep a check on it but of course it happened fifteen years later and when it was discovered they learned that some of the inspectors had been negligent in reporting the problems and were covering up this situation and now they are on trial for doctoring safety reports that could have led to a plant explosition much like they had at three mile island years ago.
I would think perhaps your Psychic Gift is becoming more pronounced and you are seeing some of these visions on your drawing pad to get your attention so don't think you are losing your mind, watch these things very carefully and time and date notes on what you are seeing and you might be surprised to see some of your visions in the news.
Martin (129 posts) mod
15 years ago (2007-10-19)
Pierce, not to alarm you or downplay your possible psychic abilities, but, considering your age (I think you mentioned being 57 in one story), have you thought of doing a medical check up for your visions? The sooner you can discard medical reasons, the better you can investigate paranormal solutions...

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