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I'm Having Bad Feelings


My name is Chrystal, 20 years old. I have always had feelings about things but I thought I was just super smart but my younger sister has been able to predict when bad things happen on the dot. I recently found out it is called precognition. So my mom is always asking if she has bad feelings and stuff. I get the same feelings but its not always bad like hers. For me its personal things, or while I'm working I know who has cash whose debit or credit, little things like that a lot though. But my life right now is not perfect in fact stressful. And I had a bad feeling today, when the phone rang and it was work and it was. They would let me know if they needed me, but since they didn't leave a voice mail, I have been having a bad feeling to the point I was having some anxiety. Making me feel very depressed and nervous. I wish I knew how to stop these cause I'm so stressed out already, and I'm afraid I'm going to go into depression like this. It seems I can never see something when I want, or push it away when it comes. Any advise would be great... Or advise how to strengthen it so maybe I can handle this all better. I also took a ESP Test and my results were high. If that helps or means anything.

Thank you.

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light20 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-28) can help you to laugh at your thoughts more and lighten up in the process.

:) who are you behind your 'story' of yourself? Lol

Pure love ❤

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