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I can See the future, to be simplistic. I can feel and hear spirits as well, but I can't see them YET.

I've always been able to See. I've been able to as long as I can remember. I had my first vision (real 'Seers' can only See in their dreams, or unconscious, I'm told. Don't believe what Hollywood tells you.) when I was in the sixth grade.

I can feel spirits, so I know they're there, but I block them somehow.

I don't know how, exactly, and I need to know.

Once I heard a girl screaming (nobody else in my house heard), and I'm told it was just me Getting Older in the Sight, which means I've been Seeing for a while. However, whenever I do See its really hard for me to remember what I've Seen. I KNOW I Saw something, but I can never remember exactly what.

A week ago I heard fuzzy, whispering voices for a second, and then my ears started to ring. The ringing in my ears was me blocking the Spirit, somehow. My friend (she's just like me, but more advanced) told me I was blocking it, and that's how I found out I could block the Spirits. I want to block and unblock them at will, but I don't know how.

Because of how Hollywood is these days, with 'powers' and all that completely made-up crap, I don't know what to do. This website, I believe, is the only one that can help me.

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A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-15)
Search Psychic Quiz and click the link with that title. It's a good site, roam around it a while. (glossary, etc.) I trust it for the most part.
You're right, Hollywood needs a reality check, and most of us can See things while we're concious. That's how I got away with not telling anyone in school. They just noticed I was kind of pale. I lied and said I was just tired.
Ghosts are usually pretty cool and make for great friends. I don't know how to block them out, ususally I talk to them. Try, it's not really scary and most ghosts don't hurt people anyway. Sometimes they or you need help and it works out either way. If you want some privacy, or alone time with your thoughts, just ask.
Hearing things in the Future makes you clariaudient. Hearing someone calling your name or music playing can be from the ghosts nearby. A relative may need to ask your help. Spirits who have no one to communicate with can be depressed or frustrated. Unless they try to harm me in any way, I generally just say hi and it's nice to have a conversation with someone wiser that most living humans.
I've never tried to block out ghosts before, but I hear it's possible. Some of them might leave if they find it rude.
Hoping this helps

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