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Real Or Not?


About 2 months ago I started talking to a young lady on a site, I sent her a nice comment related to her photo, and then our conversation grew from there. And now we text talk all the time, all what you would call normal, yes?

Well I am not sure what is going on but it is like I can feel her, I need to know whether this is real or not... I was talking to her on the phone and out of the blue I asked her about a necklace her recently passed mother gave her, I told her where that was in her room. I then told her about a ring her mother had left her also, but most recently I saw a vision that was very disturbing, it was her ex trying to do something to her and then beating her. I rang her and confronted her, and she said that is exactly what happened. Is this real or? I have also told her what she is wearing and how she is feeling it is like I can feel her, am I going a little crazy? Or is she just saying this. Having said that why would she? The more we talk the more I feel I her, her mother has recently passed, I never got to meet her mother, and I have yet to meet the young lady this is about. I have had other visions in the past but just brushed them aside and thought nothing more of them, but after reading some of the stories here I had to add mine, here is a small example... I was talking to my friend who had popped over for a coffee, we were talking about cars and things, and all of a sudden I could feel this woman lying on her bed relaxing, so I text her and said "are you enjoying lying on your bed relaxing?" She rang me and said get out of my head with a little laugh.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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NaturalScience (229 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-03)
You described that you sort of know what she has experienced, or what she is doing, and when you tell it to her it is found true. This ist not illusory, and probably not even "supernatural" (miraculous).
It's the thing called Telepathy - a higher sense which is rudimentary in most humans of to-day but said to be still strong in Australian Aborigines and other "savages". In former times when people still were few and living in scattered small tribes in the wild Telepathy provided them possibility to find each other, although their lower five senses most of the time could not tell them where other humans were to find. The savage people who still are telepathic still live in a similar situation, or at least have parents who still lived thus.
To-day I suppose Telepathy to become more important for leading a satisfying human life again, thus being reacitvated in many, for the following reasons:
1) the things that are expressed in words, and also through the signals of clothing and behavior, are more and more tainted with cheating and lies; in mass media the majority of "information" which is given is a fake. Thus how can man still recognize where he can put his trust in? He needs to look behind the veils - by a way different from words and external impression.
2) this time, being one of extremely rapid evolution of consciousness, tends to call up rudimentary and un-evolved potentials in every human that is not too dull, or too brain-washed, to perceive how "unnatural" and unusual life circumstances are to-day. We sense that some end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it is near - which does not have to mean that Doom is near to the Planet but which surely means that there is danger of Doom for many human individuals, and near end for the cultures that exist to-day; they will be replaced by something really new. Only "sixth sense" can lead human beings through such a time of insecurity. This is what the Bible means with the words "At the End of Times I will pour out my Spirit over all Flesh, so that even your little children will have visions, and your tired old men will have lucid dreams." The Spirit comes to Man in times of great danger in order to save all those open to It.
Now back to you. Don't doubt your sanity but be sure that you have a natural sixth sense and accept it as a gift that you should use in a reasonable and good-hearted way. Say to yourself: OK I have telepathic sense and this must have a higher meaning. If the woman in WWW is a potential lover, if you sort of feel for her that way, GO AND MEET HER in real world and check out if you love her then too and if yes - no more comment! If there is no such reason for your telepathic sense to have turned on about HER, then perhaps you and her have been related closely in a past life, as siblings for example. Then too it would be of use to see her in reality. NB: it is said that identical twins are often telepathic as to each other!

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