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Confused About My Gifts


I am 20 years old. I have known since I was a little girl that I was different. I have been having dreams that have been coming true. They don't come true right away but days later they do. When my dreams come true they don't always happen the way it happened in my dreams.

I always get flash backs of dreams I had when I was little, they pop into my mind and I remember things. I had a dream when I was very little about a camp ground. I was never to this camp ground until this year. As soon as I seen it, I knew right away it was the camp ground in my dream.

I also have moments when I know things are going to happen and that I'm going to meet certain people. This doesn't happen as much as I would like it to, but it does.

I'm also a bit confused of what I'm seeing around peoples bodies. Its The best way to explain it would to be say that it looks like a fog, or haze that would be on the highway sometimes coming from the road.

I'm not sure what I'm seeing, I was told I was seeing peoples souls but how come I can only see it on certain people?

I could go on and on about little things I can do, but if anyone could just let me know what's going on that would be great. I would like to be more connected with the universe so these gifts can become stronger. If anyone knows how I can do that please let me know.

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ScarlettHollow (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-10)
the haze you see is called an aura it is a way of seeing peoples souls as in you can see what there like, pratice at looking at them you should see a color look online at the colors and you can see what they are like by what color there's is
Cleirical (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-10)
My mother has told me she sees a foggy haze around people who are very ill or about to die in some way. Then, later, they do die or they become ill. Could that be the case?
tjana87 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-10)
I ALWAYS have dreams becoming true For instance, My friends birthday was coming up I had a dream that night about a house but I could only see it from one angle, The next morning was her birthday I on my way I saw the same house from the same angle, But I had never seen it before. Also like I said I have dreams come true even if its just little things like my friend putting her hand up to ask the teacher something! I get it atleast one every day
joyy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-09)
divine lightbeing [bundles]:)

You see the fog only around some people possibly because those people have brighter auras. At first, in some cases, people see only the stronger auras. Other times, you see the auras that the guides highlight for complex reasons. Again, these are some of many possibilities. There are always an infinity of possible explanations for anything.

You wrote: "I would like to be more connected with the universe so these gifts can become stronger. If anyone knows how I can do that please let me know."

Feel free to email me (see my profile) if you want to learn some simple methods to connect with the universe. I can give you a method every week, for a few weeks, you try each, and then see which one works better for your psychic-spiritual structure.

Thank you for being you, joy


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