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Feeling Of Presence When No One Is Around


I am 19 years old from Liverpool, England. I have my whole life had a feeling of presence when no one is around, have strange and weird things happen to me often and at times electrical equipment goes a little bit strange around me for example flickering lights when I walk into rooms. With having a strong Irish background I decided to look into it and visit a psychic to see if anything was happening to me or if I was just being paranoid. I told her nothing and straight away as I walked in she said "Irish descendant haven't you, a lot of them are here with you today" so straight away I freaked a little but composed myself shortly after when we went into the back room. She told me straight away when she grabbed my palm that I had the eye of hours if I have spelled it correctly, and also said to me that it was not my first or last time being here. After my family had came through to speak to me she then said I had a special visitor, mother nature herself she said I was a kind loving person and that I respect the world and everything in it but as she was telling me this it felt as if it wasn't her talking to me, as if she was harboring the spirit herself. She said that in time my guides would come to me and then left but as soon as she did the psychic told me that I was here to help she said it was also her last time here and that she will not be returning again, but at the same time she said she would return to me as my guide so I was a little confused but when I thought on I realized she meant not in human form but as one of my spirit guides. She had everything else about me right so I certainly wasn't going to argue with anything she said. She also told me that that I must see her again in 6 months she didn't say why she just said I would know. After leaving the door would not open at first then *click* I tried again and it opened, I went out for a drive with my friend afterward and as we were sat in the car by the estuary a flock of birds began to circle the car quite high but gradually getting lower as I began to feel a little bit nervous they left, I felt calm again and they returned for a short time. If you have anything you could tell me about any of that please please please let me know, thank you so much for reading.


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Believer2012 (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-22)
I always (and I mean always) feel a presence. I feel this shivery feeling in my spine. Is that what you meant? Because that's what I get too. I also see spirits and black 'shadow people' and stuff. Could be a demon or spirit of some kind.

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