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My Experience With Sleep Paralysis. Visions And My Cat


I stumbled upon this site in my search for understanding. I signed up to tell my stories because I found that many of you have had similar experiences, and those of you who have can agree, that it is quite difficult to dismiss these happenings as mere coincidence or your mind simply playing tricks. That being said, I must admit that I have struggled in coming to grips with the idea that this will probably never go away, and am now trying to embrace the idea that it could be seen as a positive thing rather than the curse it first seemed to be.

My first experience occurred about two and a half years ago when I was moving back to my college town, in a house that my good friend had already lived for a year or so. I was moving back in hopes of securing a job and saving enough money to pay my way through school (round 2). My parents had helped me move my belongings and left after hugs and goodbyes. Since it was so late I hadn't set anything up in my room accept for my bed which I placed in the corner of the room. The house was pretty old. It had hard wood floors and a old cellar door in the kitchen the way a lot of old houses seem to have. My room wasn't meant to be a room per-say but it would suit me just fine as I had been living on a couch for a year prior. I'd say it was meant to be a dining room or a family room or something along those lines as it had a opening that led into the kitchen, an entrance to the living room and the only bathroom in the entire house. It also had a door that opened up into the room of one of my housemates. This door in the corner is where I had chosen to lay my bed. I think I had a glass of Johnny Walker to toast to the new house and the new beginning and went went to sleep soon after. I had no experience this night but in the morning I awoke to my first ever (to the best of my memory) nose bleed. I had never had one before so I was a bit taken back but I had chalked it up as one of those 'first times for everything' kind of occurrence; maybe the air in the house was just dry.

The next day I spent catching up with old friends and fixing up my living space. I played a little guitar and was trying to enjoy being back in town. That night when I was ready for bed I found myself a bit restless. Tossing and turning, I found myself closing my eyes... Opening my eyes... Closing them again and becoming frustrated with being unable to fall asleep (but I have always had sleep problems). My eyes were closed and suddenly I felt petrified with fear. I heard a noise at the end of the bed that to me, sounded like a aerosol can being sprayed, and at the time I felt like it was this sound that had rendered me unable to move. I was stuck. It was then that I tried to open my eyes but just barely as I felt like there was someone in the room. I was horrified to see a face that was leaning over me. I can only describe this face as "scrunched up". The eyes seemed closed and there were many creases in the skin and the mouth was wide open. I immediately slammed shut my eyes fearing that there was someone watching me sleep. I thought to myself if I kept my eyes closed then this person may think I was sleeping and leave me alone. It hadn't occurred to me that what I was witnessing may not be a person, just yet. The spraying sound became louder and I could feel it moving through my body as it did. I decided to open my eyes slightly once again to see if they left and saw that they had only moved closer to my face. To me it seemed that they were trying to see if I was breathing by putting their cheek to my face... So in response I tried to steady my erratic breathing to fool them into thinking I was asleep. However this met no results and I closed my eyes once more. I decided that I should try and open my eyes all the way... Then I scratched that idea and decided to start with opening one eye all the way. The figure had moved back a little but only as far as it had first appeared. So I willed myself to reach out and touch it. I forced my arm free from the paralysis and when I was inches from touching it, the entity vanished and so too did its hold on me.

I was terrified. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I sat up in my bed with the covers over my head like a hood wanting to run but afraid to put my feet on the ground. I checked the time and it was almost 4am. In the time I sat pondering my experience I could only come up with one conclusion. This house was obviously haunted. Sometime later my roommate awoke to use the bathroom. Like I said the only bathroom in the house was in my room so he was surprised to see me sitting up in bed with the covers over my head. He asked me if I was alright and the only response I could muster was another question,

"Has anyone died in this house?"

"Uhhh... No... Why?"

So I told him what had just happened to me and he seemed a little freaked but went back to bed probably questioning my sanity. The next morning he had left for work already and I told his girlfriend what had happened and she claimed to have had some experiences there as well but with sounds in the house and doors opening, but nothing like what I had experienced. And come to find out someone had in fact died in the house. Or so they said. Some old lady who had lived there before and had died in the room next to mine. The one that my bed had been blocking access to. Well fast forward about two weeks. I have had no strange happenings since and had almost dismissed this thing as my mind playing tricks on me or perhaps just a bad dream. That was when my second bout of sleep paralysis occurred. It even happened around the same time of night is the weird thing. Only this time I knew I was asleep to start. I remember my dream fairly well, but it was interrupted by the fear and that crippling sound. Like a hissing. I was definitely awake then. I am sure of it. I spun around in my bed determined not to see the face again, and like before the sound came from the end of my bed and seemed to get louder and louder. I had pulled the covers over my head and was staring at the wall directly in front of me when, I believe I was touched, or something. I can only describe the feeling as similar to someone taking a rolling pin and starting from my feet, rolling it up my legs and to my back, all the while the hissing grew louder and louder, and when it was about to reach my neck I panicked and found the strength to kick my legs out and when I did... Like before, it all stopped. I had pretty much had it at this point. I called my roommate in the other room and demanded to know if he had been playing tricks on me and when he said that he wasn't I knew something otherworldly was going on. I had no other explanation. Well a week later I moved back home... I couldn't take it. I wished that I hadn't but I was just too freaked out. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. Honestly, I didn't believe in God, spirits, or anything like that at all, and after this all of my beliefs were thrown into question.

However, after a year or so, even after something as crazy as that happening, the skeptic in me had dismissed my experiences once more. I had pretty much decided that it was a weird ghost story, and everybody had one to tell and that was mine. I didn't think much of it after about a year, which was when I had my next episode. I was living in a apartment/townhouse with two of my buddies from high school. I had a real room this time around and had lived there long enough to have no suspicion of the place being haunted. So when I awoke in the middle of the night at the same time of night as before with the same fear as before, I didn't know what to think. This time tho, I didn't see a face in front of me. Instead I saw what I can best describe as floating liquid. Sort of like water but moving more like mercury. This time I didn't hear hissing but I did hear whispering that I couldn't make out. It sounded like it was all around me. I closed my eyes and this time must have fallen back to sleep, but my dream was of my room, and when I got up to leave my room, which I was doing with urgency, as the fear had not left me yet, I opened my door, and had somehow stepped into my parents house. I was no longer in my apartment but was now walking down the hallway of my parents house. I wasn't surprised by this at all but I instinctively went to their room and didn't find them there. This left me with a sudden rush of concern for the well being of my mother, for reasons I can't explain. It was then that I woke up and called my Mom. It was maybe 5am. The phone rang and my Mom answered,


I immediately asked, "Mom are you alright?"

She was surprised by the call, and I was shocked at her response when she told me that she had just gotten back from the hospital. My Dad had taken her there earlier in the night because she was having trouble breathing and had terrible pain in her chest. I told her I just somehow knew there was something wrong. After this experience I decided maybe there was something more too this than just a few strange nightmares. I researched it and discovered what science has been saying about sleep paralysis. Once again... The skeptic in me let their opinions sway me from any other possibility... Until 3 nights ago. When I experienced my most recent sleep paralysis.

I was at my parents house trying to get some sleep in the guest bedroom and when the fear came on me once again. I opened my eyes and there was the liquid floating about a foot away from my face. I heard whispering, no hissing, but the most disturbing part about this time was, when the liquid clearly spoke to me. As it did I could clearly see every annunciation, ripple through the liquid as the words were spoken. It said, "I'm watching you." It was a mans voice. It spoke plainly but powerfully and I could feel myself wincing as it did. I snapped out of it right after that and while I was startled, I think I am sort of getting used to it, I just went back to sleep. That morning I woke up and like many mornings I just kind of laid in bed for a while. You know how sometimes you wake up before you really want to and so you try to get back to sleep but you really can't, but you still just lay there? Well I was doing that. I was laying on my stomach when I started to feel my cat walking on my back the way she used to do when she was trying find a comfortable spot to sleep. This went on for several minutes. This was only odd because we put my cat to sleep earlier this year, which was traumatizing for me. I cried for the first time in probably 5 years. But the feeling of my cat kneading my back was unmistakable. I didn't freak out tho. I kind of just laid there enjoying it. It was comforting. That was when my dad opened the door to wake me up and tell me that my brother was on Skype to talk to us from Afghanistan, which was the whole reason I was staying at my parents house in the first place. The excitement of hearing from him had made me forget about what my cat for a while until later that day. I was reading 'Breakfast of Champions' by Kurt Vonnegut in the guest room, my mother was napping on the couch in front of the TV in the other room when I suddenly remembered my cat from earlier. I got up and went in to the living room and found that my mom had just woken up. I asked her if she ever felt the presence of Speckles (my cat) in the house, with the intention of explaining what I had felt earlier in the morning. I wasn't surprised but she certainly was when she explained to me that she had just felt her jump onto her lap and crawl under the blanket next to her as she was waking up. It had just happened. And I had just walked in seconds after. She said she got chills when I asked her that. Whew.


Has anyone witnessed this floating liquid during sleep paralysis? It seems to be reoccurring for me. What is it? Is it a ghost? Is it a spirit? I have a theory that it may be a portal or window to another realm or dimension that is only visible at just the right time or only in certain conditions. Could it be my guardian angel? Could it be a demon? I don't know. Thoughts?

Could I be getting warnings from the liquid or was it mere coincidence that my mom turned out to be having a health issue that was quite urgent? Is this common in these cases? Could it just be my own sensitivity to my environment and the people in it that made me aware and maybe this is how it manifests itself? Does it sound like a obe that I seemed to move from my room at my apartment and suddenly and so vividly seemed to step into me parents hallway and then into their room?

Does it matter that in the most recent experience I actually heard what it was saying to me? Does that mean I am learning to better understand it? If so is it a good thing or a bad thing that it's "watching me"? If it's a good thing why am I always so afraid?

Since in the first experience, I could clearly recognize a face, does that make it a different being than the liquid? Was it a being at all? The sounds were different as well.

In regard to my cat the following morning, and my mom having the same thing happen to her later that day... And being pretty freaked out that I brought it up as she was experiencing it; Could I have just been feeling my cats presence again and that is what suddenly reminded me of my earlier visit? That would explain the coincidence of being urged to bring it up as my mom was experiencing the same thing. Is it a coincidence that this happened following the night of my sleep paralysis? That's why I felt I should mention the cat at all. Maybe she was letting me know things were okay? I don't know. Any thoughts would be helpful and appreciated. I just know that I am beginning to rethink my beliefs in a lot of things.

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-13)
right stu feelings, but people have individual skills and I don't know you so I can't say what yours are. Only you can tell us that. But empathy is the noly one I real feel like I have a good handle on. The others come and go depending on the person I'm around. Therefore I think I might absorb some of their skills to help them figure it out. So really its just another aspect of my empathy. The ability to borrow others powrrs briefly to help them understand what it all means. I only do it upon request and I like the person because I tend to absorb all their emotional baggage too and it takes a while to really "feel myself" again. Like 3 day cleansing retreat after an attempted healing session. So like I said I don't do it very often. Hope you are doing better. Ck out my profile and story about my own experiences. If you need anything just email me:)
Alex77 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-13)
I have heard of the old hag. What I find so odd is that I didn't know about any of this prior to my experience. How is it and why is it that so many people have this old hag visit them? It's strange to me that this is a reoccurring phenomenon. It seems that now, the old hag has been replaced by the floating liquid. Its all very interesting to me. I have been able to control my dreams for the most part, for as long as I can remember. It would be really neat to be able to control myself during sleep paralysis. I suppose I simply need to lose the fear and embrace it.

AnandaHya: Empathic? I don't know a whole lot about what that is. Is that like being able to feel what other people are feeling?
stu (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-12)
Well, here is my opinion on some of what you are experiencing.

The sleep paralysis and the hissing sound are sort of normal. Some us that attempt to have astral projections/oobe's (out of body experience) are familiar with both and in fact welcome both as they ae a precursor to a possible oobe. The hissing sound in some circles is referred to as the "roar of the astral plane. It's different for everyone that hears it but your description leaves no doubt.

Both the sound and the sleep paralysis occur in a condition when the physical body has fallen asleep but the mind it still awake. Again, for those that practice and or desire to have oobe experiences and or lucid dreams this is a welcome state once the fear factor has been dealt with. The first few times I had sleep paralysis I though I was dead or dyeing. This went from being simply annoying to me now hoping it does happen.

As far as the fear and the frightning presence you experienced the first time around, this is known as:

The Lurker or Old Hag

Google both for detailed info. They are a byproduct, so to speak, of early sleep paralysis events for many people and can from what I understand be extremely frightening. I have yet to find a clear explanation of what this phenomenon is but it seems that one simply has to confront the "lurker" and it will go away.

I guess I'm not one to say because in all the many sleep paralysis events I've had I have never once experienced the Lurker or Old Hag. Knocking on wood as I type.

I am on my lunch break and running out of time. I can't finish all of what I wanted to say. But do this:



Astral Projection

Old Hag

The Lurker

And also go to:

I think they have some free stuff up there that may help. Also check Youtube for saltcube videos. There was some stuff thee at one time.

I closing... Really have to get going now... I think you will be fine and are on to some seriously amazing experiences if you learn enough about what happened to you and choose to have more.


AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-10)
ok I can't answer all you question and hopefully some one will chime in and help. But as for the fear thing, if you have even a little empathic ability the emotions could be someone elses. Or it could be to keep you alert, a survial instinct to increase your awareness and prepare you body and mind for what is to come.

Check out my profile and story and email me if you think I can help. Peace, light and love.:) 😆

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