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My Unlabled Gifts And Their Unlabled Curse


Do I have a gift? Is everything here the same type of gift or different?

I am 39 years of age. I have always had a keen ability to read people's character, or should I say, the character I would have trouble with (or find virtuous) should I allow this person in my life (or one of my sisters). It has never failed me. Over the years, I have discovered there is a little more to my ability of reading personalities. I don't know how to describe this without just offering an example. I have on several occasions, assisted my sisters with social situations, which they would explain to me as a person they've upset and feel stressed with how to handle the situation. After listening to the details, I would instruct my sister to approach the person with this statement "xx", I then told her they would reply with "yy", for which they were to respond "bb", and so on. This back and forth dialog was usually no greater than 6 to 8 exchanges total. The last exchanges would be those of resolution, after which I instructed her to change topic to something like "what are you up to today/tonight/or here?" I can't tell you how many times I tried to help in this manner before convincing one of my two older sisters to listen to me and follow my "advice" or "instructions". I will say that it was some time after this incident I will explain next. I was away from college, going to visit my sister. She had a new boyfriend that she wanted me to meet. I knocked on her front door and didn't wait long before it swung open with an attractive, tan male. I can't recall if he offered to shake my hand or if I did while introducing myself. Seems like he extended first. When I took his hand in mine, from my hand, up my arm, to my head and body together, I felt engulfed with evil, my body felt like it heated up to 500 degrees (exaggeration of reality, but always my description). It took a solid 30 minutes of trying to get my sister away from this guy she was too happy to show off to me, so I could explain my experience. I succeeded. She called me jealous and dismissed my experience. A week or so later, I recall listening to my voicemail in my dormitory room, and hearing my sister, sobbing the entire message while telling me he had hurt her son, one year of age, and asking "how did you know". I immediately called her in fear of what hurt she referenced and to what degree. My nephew is now 20 years of age, and ok. I won't go into more detail accept adding, I did not know. I told her when we spoke, I did not know. To this day, I never knew details, just evil. Moving on... I have felt that I can sense people's personalities to the point such as this... My boss and I cross paths, maybe heating up frozen entrees in the break room. We, speak, about nothing specific to each of us, maybe football, some team email we could expect, etc. During this encounter, I feel my boss isn't "okay" with me for some reason. So, at my desk, I rehash the last day, or week even. Have I been late, had an encounter with a coworker (Sales or their team usually - I underwrite the business our company takes on/or declines) or anything that would be viewed negatively if visible to a superior. Then it hits me, and I begin "clean-up" mode. The ways in which I verified my "hunch" were more pronounced or present when I first began doing this. Now, I don't question the issue, I just "clean-up". I am successful to the degree that, I feel I'm postponing the inevitable. If my boss has it in for me, it will get through. What I feel I'm able to do in situations with friends/acquaintances/co-workers/etc. Generally, is correct an opinion, recast a story in their mind where I'm in better light. I must say, that using this approach really makes people edgy with me over an extended period of time, which as I've read on a few other sites, may stem from my using this ability for personal gain. However, I must say, that my ability to read people's "opinions" of me or my "likable factor" with other is natural. It is when I use this to deflect or cleanup that I always get the edgy result at some point (whether it be a month or couple of years). Generally, know how people feel about me is quite hurtful. I immediately feel the underlying presence of "problem" well before they are ready to make me aware of it. It is the worst part of having an insight! I wish I could learn to not allow the senses I get affect me so much. But, I feel like, when you know how people truly don't like things about you, that you like, it just hurts. I can sense evil when it arises in a person, and when it leaves. I have been known to tell this as a warning to some I do not trust to be around (just a matter of situation, visitation, etc), as a warning that is strangely shocking, but deserved. Any input on anything here is welcomed.

Sorry, I know this is looooonnnnnngggg!

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AngelObr (4 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-28)
Well you def. Have a gift and it's a wonderful thing! I agree with Mel, make sure you are careful with it and remember that everyone takes things differently. I can read people's emotions and can figure them out with seconds of meeting them so I know what you mean. Mel, I also know what you mean about some people feeling that you do that. Sometimes when I meet someone I get this look and I swear I can hear them say I know you know, it's strange and I always know when I'm out and someone has this ability and tries to read me. Sometimes I swear I can have a conversation of just a few words with someone without any words being said. If you understand what I mean.
Mel33 (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-27)
Btw, I'm not perfect. I've spoken negatively over people and things quite a bit in the past. However, I try to think before I speak now days.
Mel33 (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-27)
I believe sometimes people can feel us sensing things about them. They may or may not be fully aware of this, but on some level they can feel it. Which would feel like an intrusion into one's mind and/or soul. Which in turn could possibly be why you're having problems with people. I would try to learn how to control it. If you sense something about someone upon meeting them and you decide whether you want to befriend them or not is one thing. However, if you continue to probe then that could cause problems. Also, if you decide that you don't like someone based off of a hunch please tell me that you don't go around saying, "I don't like that person or that person gives me the creeps?" That could cause major problems as well. Not saying that you do, but if so I'm sure you're aware of that. Plus, I just don't agree with speaking negative things over people even if I don't care for their ways.
Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-26)
Well my friend I may have the answer to what you got. It is a labeled gift, it has a name and its called psychometry. This is a thing even I'm researching on. Psychometry is when you touch someone you can feel what you are feeling and also know memories of that person or even what they are thinking.

How to control it be covering up your skin so people can't touch you. If I read correctly from your story that's how you felt things, if not please correct me so I can do more research for you.

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