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Dark Cloud In My Aura


when I heard about auras I knew I wanted to see them... So I looked at some stuff and saw that I have actually always seen the first layer of my aura. It always came easy. The second layer, the emotions layer, I hadn't really tried yet though. When I was lying down I saw it... It was emerald green. It was so amazing the colors are beautiful... I don't think I'm good enough to see the rest of the shades in it yet but that's all I have done so far...

While I was looking at it, I saw a black/grey/really dark cloud. It was spreading... It was so strange. It was spreading through my aura... And them id blink and get a small headache. I'm not sure what this means but I'm not depressed or suicidal...

Recently I have been getting major headaches as well. It has nothing to do with my eating or drinking habits so I'm not sure...

Ive always had the feeling of something following me, like shadows in my room at night. I knows somethings there, and sometimes I see shadows moving.

Also, has anyone ever noticed the temperature in their room suddenly dropping and getting colder? And getting the feeling somethings there with you but you can't see anything? Its happened to me many times and I'm so puzzled about it... It is so strange.

I'm really confused right now... I don't think its normal. Can anyone help me?

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Faithless (23 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-06)
Hey, I too see the first layer of auras around people and objects everytime; and the colours if I focus for something like 5 seconds. The dominant colour in my aura too is emerald green (which means healing powers), along with lavender.

There are 2 possibilities for the dark cloud. First, some sorta disease (like a sore throat) is soon going to manifest you. You should get checked medically by a doctor. The headache happens if the energy vortex in your forehead is beginning to function. Second, some stress upon your mind or some sickness is causing the headache and the black cloud. Don't be afraid, black places in the aura don't mean anything really bad. I can even mean a sickness as simple as cold and sore throat. Since you aren't really a pro yet, focussing on objects too hard could also be causing headaches, and the black cloud could be an illusion to you.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-03)
Natasha Storm when I've seen clouds it can
Signify blocks.
On Dark you have have look at where this is appearing. Is it by the face, or the chest.
Black can signify disease, it can also signify emotinal or mental pain and scars that a person has endured. It does not
Mean the person has a spirit a spirit is more prominent and has an image plus can mix with additional colors.
You also have to ask if this aura is reflecting someone in your life. Aura's do mix and we can show reflections.

Now there are items referred to as attachments: but when I've seen them they can be red, green, or just be a grey cloud.
These have a vibration to them and can be removed with the hands
During a healing session. As the other person stated protection is important to use.

I did a reading on a man while staying at a B&B. He had dark grey with black, this also had a pattern. With the aura I see it moving even when the colors are not vibrant.
At this same location I spoke with a young woman. She had green on her chest, and the dark color went up and as it moved up the color of dark was lighter. I interpreted that she was moving into health and the illness she suffered was leaving her.
She confirmed this is what she had been told
Before, and this is what I saw.

I just had one that showed me a male.
But this came in a dream form.
He had various colors and they were uneven, even patched. This I felt was outside influence affecting him. As the conversation continued after the healing.
He confirmed he had broken sleep, due to an X spouse sending thoughts. This was mixed with thought forms as well as Vows that required spiritual cutting and healing send to both parties.

I recommend a book by Judith Hall.
How to see and interpreter the aura's.

If people want to put their little red arrow who do not agree.
Instead of red arrows they need to put constructive experience and words of encouragement. I've been doing this a while in
Healing and wish you well in your journey.
If you have any question after getting the book.
Just email me.

Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-02)
Hello Natasha

I was quite surprised to come across your little story! We have a few things in common.

Spirits do not have "scents" as far as I'm aware. However, they can project certain scents to individuals around them. A few weeks ago, my mother could smell fig jam in the house. For some reason I immediately thought of my ouma, so I asked mum whether ouma used to make fig jam. My mother responded "Yes, ouma used to make the best fig jam..." my mother, however, does not believe in ghosts, so I didn't say anything, even though I felt in my heart ouma had paid us a little visit:) There are many stories of people smelling the perfume or favourite food of a loved one that has passed on.

I think you're clairsentient, which means that you can sense the presence of spirit around you. If you don't already, I recommend taking up meditation and practicing shielding techniques.

As for your aura and headaches, I think you should see a GP (probably best to mention JUST the headaches) and get a physical exam to make sure everything's alright. If that checks out then the problem may be spiritual. Meditation and shielding should help to ward of any nasties.

Hope this helps, peace and blessings
Natasha_Storm (2 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-01)
At times, I smell scents which shouldnt be there. For example at night I could smell vanilla, which reminded me of a women with red hair and green eyes. I have heard of her but I never met her (she passed away a while ago). Or the other day when I thought of someone else, (a family member that passed away) I could smell her scent... But I wasn't sure if it was hers or not because don't remember...
I read somewhere that it is possible for spirits to have scents also...

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