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House And Place Negative Feelings


I am very curious if others have had similar experiences and, if so, is there a term for them.

My sister and myself have always been very "in-tune", but we have always believed we have very active imaginations or are a little "out there". Recently, I have been delving into ancestry accounts and have found some things that convince me there may be some psychic elements to it all, including basic telepathy, sensitivity, etc.

I will just recount one specific aspect because it is what I am more interested in and have found less research on.

We have always had strong feelings about houses/rooms/places that seem to go beyond being "a little creeped out".

I remember there being times where we did not want to go into a certain part of my dad's house, even though we lived there all the time. There would just be times that we were almost terrified to enter a certain room. It was a similar feeling for the both of us because once we moved out we would recount similar experiences to one another. The house isn't extremely old and no one has passed away in it, so we always thought it was crazy that we were so worried. Even now, we have both moved out and I still have trouble going in that house when no one is home...

I know this could be explained in a simple way if we had bad experiences there, but we didn't. It is just a normal, everyday house and we were happy there. However, it has always bothered me. There have been similar occurrences with other rooms and areas of houses.

Until now, I had just thought that maybe I had too active of an imagination, but I found out my grandma and her sisters have had similar experiences that are even more extreme.

Anyhow, I would really appreciate it if anyone could relate or at least comment.

Thank you.

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Geena_PsychicStudent (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-12)
Hi There, A friend of mine had the same feeling in her apartment. It turned out that her family really likes to travel, and on one of their trips they picked up a statue that had some sort of a spirit attached to it.

She had someone come into clear the apartment and take away any negative energies, and they noticed that the scary/angry atmosphere was originating from this statue. She threw it out and everything was OK after that...

Anyhooo, it happens but I guess since you don't live there anymore it's not a problem you need to fix. But good to know that these things happen, and they can be remedied =)

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