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Whispers Of The Correct Path In Life


I want to share some of my experiences so I can help others that are the same, as I have received so much help from this site! For 20 years now I have been hearing "a voice" just outside my head. I remember the first time. I was riding my bike home from work and I heard a firm but gentle voice say "You are going to do this... (left out for personal reasons) and Terry is going to have a car accident". I was shaken and fearful and did not understand. So I shoved it from my mind. Two weeks later Terry (my boyfriend) did have a car accident and a man was killed. The other instruction was a certain path in life that I had to choose between 2 years later. I chose not to go that direction, and have only suffered and struggled in life in certain areas because of ignoring it.

I have had many different experiences since then. Death is always involved. I also have visions, little movie clips that come on in my mind. All of those visions, whether it is something in my own life, or in another I know, have manifested at a later date. I also "feel" others energies and have telepathically picked up on their thoughts in my dreams. But I would say that I am stronger in the visual and hearing, more so than the feeling. I was warned and told of my own child's death ever so gently. I also have a "knowing" inside of many things, without hearing a voice or seeing a vision.

There is one thing that has caused much sorrow in my life since I heard it, and I feel I must just wait for it in it's right time, because I am sure it will eventually manifest itself. I am married with 5 children to the man I chose over my "true" life path, which was told to me 20 years ago. Seven years ago I met a man who I felt an instant soul connection to, something I do not have with my husband. Before I, against my will, fell in love with this man and he with me, I heard the same "voice" tell me that "he would be a father to my children one day". The proof in this amazing bit of information is in being told BEFORE I had feelings for him, not AFTER when I could be sure that my own wishful thoughts were included. There has been no physical relationship, only secret, painful love. Many years on, I have to live with this everyday, because there is absolutely no way I will leave my husband and break up my beautiful family unit. I have prayed and asked for help continually with this, and have received much help. I was told to "love my husband until the end."

With me, so much of the information that I am given, has to do with sorrow and death. I have appreciated being able to talk about it. I would love to hear from others (especially women my age in their 40's) who maybe have experienced similar things. Who maybe have been told of who they would marry before they actually fell in love? I have only gone deeper with this gift (sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse!) and have just recently had 2 prophetic dreams of the flood destruction that has hit Queensland, Australia. I know this is not a dream site, but with what I experience and feel and know, the premonition that is given me, is either by a "voice", a vision, a "knowing" or in a dream. I feel it is my guardian spirit or angel with the "voice". And the most beautiful thing I have ever heard from them was a gentle voice in my right ear that said "we are lights to guide you home". And they are only guiding us through life, showing us our "true" path in life. Thank you for reading and any help. God bless.

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TheRose (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-13)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the four of you! I cried with relief at being able to receive and share your wonderful help. You all have mentioned the very things I truly believe, that my husband is one of my soul mates in this life (because the lessons I have learned have been incredible, and for him too!), this other special man is a twin flame (there is no other way to describe the recognition of seeing and feeling that in his eyes), marriage is without a doubt until death do us part, and that to focus on the now is what will bring the most joy. So for a while now I have been doing that, and receiving so many blessings, and letting everything just be, including the future. Meditation has been my biggest help. I truly believe that my husband "knows" on a soul level, because of the things he says in a very teasing way regarding my "next" husband and even more children (which he can't give me) and also this other man said two things after we met which just sent chills up my spine. I have even dwelt on the thought that it is a very beautiful love triangle which was preplanned before we came to this earth to teach us all lessons in divine love, forgiveness, patience and spiritual strength. If I am to be the one that helps these two men grow in their souls in this lifetime I am truly happy to be that. I will share more a little later. I want to thank you again for your replies. Blessings.
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-12)
I sometimes have feelings as if I should do something or not but have never heard a voice (or at least not from what I can remember). From my experience, I have learned to trust it and follow it. It alows me to live a more peaceful life and help out people when they need it and with what they need. Right now I do feel as if you need the information that I have to offer even though you may think otherwise. I follow the feeling and do try to get a feel of what it wants me to say or do.

I agree with all of the comments that have been posted on this website. As AnneV said what's done is done. There is nothing we can do to change the past. Live in the now and possibly make a better future for yourself and your family. I think that the person you have felt the connection with is your twin flame. Many people have accosiate this to mean soul mate but the difference is that you have many soul mates but one twin flame. Live your life as you are and remember that you will reincarnate into a different body and meet new people. You will eventually run into your twin flame again and can possibly be together then.

Live as you are and you will meet up with the people you are meant to be with. Remember that you are never as alone as you may feel.
Tortilla (42 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-12)
Your story made me get a little weepy cause I identify with it so much. I've been with my husband for 8 years and we have a lovely family. But my whole life I've had visions of another guy. I finally met the guy in my visions and felt an instant connection with like I've known him my whole life and I could almost call him a best friend. This guy and I can feel each others emotions from other states, hear each others thoughts once in a while, and share past lives. Not to mention a ton in common and an intense physical attraction. I've even had visions of what our life would be like together if I left my husband. But my guides through channeling and tarot readings have been very specific that I am supposed to be with my husband until death do we part. It is painful and confusing at times. Just trust your instincts and if its meant to be it will happen.

warsage (7 stories) (39 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-11)
theRose, I admire your strength, you remind me of my mother. I also have a voice like that, I am seventeen now, and I hear this voice less, but when I was younger I used to hear it almost everyday, it was calming, but it never was like yours, it never told me what to do, it merely tried to calm me when I was mad and give me wise council, sometimes it would tell me that the problem that I was facing was my own fault and that I had to be more humble, others it would explain things to me that I wouldn't understand.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-02-11)
This story rather reminds me of Bridges of Madison County where she picks her family over the man who would have provided her romantic bliss.

What is done is done. We can waste away our life on the 'could of, should of' but there is little to be gained there. Who hasn't made a decision that they later regretted? We all have. The lesson for all of us is to always, when possible, follow our hearts. I am 45 and have lots of those from my past. I grew up poor and instead of pursuing my passion (art), I pursed a logical career that would put food on the table. So now I have money and I do my art on the side.

This too shall pass. You WILL be with this person but it may be after you shed your physical shell. Till death do us part is just that. For inner peace sake, if you can, you might consider focusing on the now and what is right before you. Obviously your current husband isn't horrible if you're still with him. We can still enjoy a very loving and fulfilling relationship with a partner that isn't necessarily our soul favorite.

Thanks for sharing.

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