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It all started when I was about three. I got a weird feeling in my body but I did not knew if it was good or bad. Then when I was about eight I could tell the difference between the good and bad and also see shadows. I always thought I was just crazy or over imaginative, but then in January 2009 I left for boarding school. I met a girl there who also had these feelings and also saw the shadows. She was wiser and googled everything and then taught me. When I felt a bad presence or dreamed of hooded figures she told me they were mostly something she called unspeakable. I told her about a stuffed animal that gave me the good feeling. Whenever I slept with it the unspeakable would not be in my dreams. He was like a guardian to me. Now he seems to be gone but the unspeakable do not hurt me they just talk to be to freak me out. Normally after a dream with them I have a slight fever and terrible feeling all over my body. Sometimes I somehow leave my mind open and tons of spirits share memories with me sometimes against my will. But they sometimes are their death but also just normal memories. It reminds me that everything in this world has a part and some spirits were just people when they were alive. Some don't have good manners but I think if I was lonely for maybe 100 years and finally someone to talk to I would be so eager that I would do the same thing. I think a few times I accidentally disturbed a peaceful spirit by calling it to me but I try very hard not to do that anymore.

In total I have learned many spirits were once good people and they could very well be lonely.

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firsteyeblind (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-27)
I have also seen the unspeakable more frequently of late. Do you think that these memories that people have could be from past lives or even latent genetic information? The loneliness reinforces the connection but it is always good to hear from another 😊.

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