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Realising Strange Things Happen To Me And Not To Others


So originally I had come on this site to read other people's stories of empathy. I've been thinking that I may be an empath for a couple of years now but I've only just realized that more things have happened to me through-out my life that actually don't happen to everyone.

So firstly the reason why I've been thinking I may be an empath is that I seem to absorb other peoples feelings. I've been this way forever and I even pick up on small things. For instance when I was 18 (I'm now 21) I was seeing a counselor and I could tell something wasn't right with her. I asked her if she was ok and she casually, and convincingly, said she was. I asked her a couple more times during that hour and she continued to say she was ok. The next time I saw her she said it was odd that I kept asking her if she was ok because she actually had a headache that day. So I pick up on small things like that but I can also pick up on the feelings of a house or... Any kind of area really.

Another thing that happens to me a lot is I seem to be able to give advice on things I have no idea about. Thoughts will just pop into my head. It sounds like my own voice when these thoughts pop into my head but it's almost a different tone and the thoughts come through sounding a lot more intelligent than I am.

At night time, and this may be purely crazy, I seem to have things visit me and talk to me. They keep me awake! They will sit and talk to me about anything and everything. I've had this happen since I can remember and always thought it was imaginary friends...but...they haven't left me yet. Every night it will be a different person (sometimes it can be like a crowd of people) but I don't physically hear them or see them. Their conversations with me come to me in thought and the way I see them is in my imagination... If that makes sense. I have a very vivid imagination and it's like a silent movie playing in my head but I instinctively know what they are saying. Also from time to time I will wake up and think that someone has left the T.V on only to find they hadn't. When this happens I don't hear anything but a muffled conversation somewhere distant... Usually in the lounge.

When I was around 5 I remember seeing a man (this was physically seeing him, not in my imagination) standing at my bed side just staring at me. He was from a long time ago when they wore those top-hats and small coat things. My mother told my that my fathers sister was also visited by him when she was younger. Apparently I saw him more than the one time and he was supposedly standing in the doorway then suddenly he stretched so tall that I saw his face through a bit of glass above the door. I do not remember this but my mother remembers me telling her about it.

At the age of 13 a friend of my passed away. I remember the earlier in the night before she had the car accident I started feeling very strange. I was hungry but didn't want to eat, thirsty but didn't want to drink, bored but didn't know what to do, angry to the point of wanting to throw a tantrum... And so much more. It was like when you get that feeling like "somethings missing" or "I've forgotten something important but I don't remember what it was" but more intense. Later that night a golden light came through my bedroom door. It disappeared through the wheels of my wheelchair (I do not have use of my legs) and then a few seconds later I saw my friend. It was like she was made out of those black and white things when a T.V station isn't tuned in. I could make her out but she wasn't quite 'right'. She was walking with her arms swaying as usual then drifted through the wall. The only thing is that she died an hour later... Not at the time I saw and felt all of this.

Through-out my life I have dreamt of things that were later to happen. My dreams always seem to be worse than how they turn out in real life. One time I kept dreaming that there would be big tornadoes when I went to visit my father but before then my house would be taken out by a bigger one. When it came time to visit my dad and we were driving to his place (which was 4 hours away at the time) we passed a mini tornado so small that it was hardly noticeable but big enough to be on the news. While I was at my dads there was an article in the newspaper about two half-built classes at my highs cool had been taken down by another tornado. The school was two streets away from my house. I also dream of conversations that play out word for word in real life but only on the phone. So I will dream of a phone conversation with someone and a few days to a few weeks later that exact conversation with the same person will happen in real life (I know they are exact because I've made a habit of writing down my dreams).

There have been so many other things that have happened and still happen to me but those are the majors. I just don't know what's happening to me! Am I crazy or gifted? What kind of crazy or gift do I have?

It would be much appreciated if someone could shed some light on all of this, even if it's just to tell me to go see a doctor:P

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valentinebaby (2 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-31)
I enjoyed your story. Maybe thinking of what I'm about to say, may help you with your mixed Emotions... I truley believe in my heart, this one thing... That we are not Humans having Spiritual Experiences, but that we are first, Spirits, having Human Experiences? This is what gets me through the good and bad in life... Wishing you well...
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-21)
No problem, happy to help:) and I thought that for a while, but if you were 'messed up' then I don't think you'd be aware of it

Well meditation doesn't come easy, but you know, keep at it! Its great for your kind of abilities! There are different kind of things you can try out, candles (sometimes smelly ones:P), music, whatever help you relax, you can even get some ideas of the internet about what to picture!

I have to say, I found the more I tried to tame my abilities, the less I noticed it BUT, I think you have just unintentionally given me (and you really) the answer for that!

You say your getting the same feeling when meditating? It might be that your learning to control it, so you can chose when, if you still like to hear them, then you can try meditating to see if you can still tap in to them
Does that make sense?

While in meditation try tap in to the voices, see if you can reach them instead of the other way around, if not, it might mean that all you powers are just taking a break (I get that, sometimes it strong, other times less frequent) or it might mean you simply need more time to get it together

You say your not sure what to do? Well I guess there's no rush, focus on whatever you like! If you feel there's a stronger calling for one or one interests you, the work on that one 😊

Thank you, I'v been puzzling over why there going for ages! When really I'm just getting more control, or that's the theory anyways 😉
Deepthoughts (3 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-19)
Thank you both for your comments. It's nice to hear words of encouragement and support, I truly thought I might be a bit messed up:P

As far as the meditation goes I've been trying it out the last couple of weeks. I definitely do not have control over anything I've written about in my story so it will be interesting to see what comes from it.

I have noticed since I wrote about the things that talk to me at night that they aren't talking to me as frequently... Which I'm a little confused about.

I usually can't get more than 10-15 minutes worth of meditation in before I'm back to the 'here and now' but maybe with practise I will be able to make it last longer. And actually... Even though the things that talk to me at night don't do it as often, I have been getting the same feeling in my meditations instead...

If this is a gift, as you two have said, is there anything in particular I should be focusing on? Or would it be best to just meditate and see if one takes on a stronger role than the others?

Thanks again for your comments, I truly appreciate it.
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-19)
Sparkle I have to say said it perfectly! Couldn't have said it better myself! Defiantly gifted, defiantly not crazy (though if it would comfort you to see a doctor, then whatever puts you at ease) but I really don't think that is necessary, you got gifted written all over the story!

Its great you have a habit of writing it down, anything you have a slight feeling might come true, write it! Keep track of it see if it come true, and if it does, see how long it takes, how soon or fair away can you get? Challenge yourself!

My advice is meditate, challenge yourself, trust yourself and don't get to good or you'll make us all look bad! 😉
sparkle (1 stories) (28 posts)
11 years ago (2011-04-19)
You're definitely gifted! No question about it! You're quite powerful, too.

I would suggest meditating as often as possible. It's the easiest way to get all that energy flow under control so you know how to handle it.

But you seem like you already have some good habits (you don't freak out when the spirits talk to you at night, you write down your dreams, etc.) Keep that up. You've got strong instincts already, so listen to them.

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