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A Bit Of Precognition In The Mix


It is yet another long story.

Since my last story things have been both slow and at the same time a bit fast paced. My gifts, instead of being constant as they were days before my first story, come in small less frequent bursts but some of these bursts are worth mentioning I believe, the most common thus far would be my ever present claircognizance. For those who don't know because I don't see this mentioned often on this site, claircognizance is where you just know things even if you have no idea why you know it. Fun little gift to have in my opinion... And a few events of what I guess would be precognition. However I might be wrong and if any know what this should really be called then feel free to leave a comment I would like to know what others think.

First, on my way home one day a few months back I had thought briefly on my dad and stepmother and caught an image of an infant that was greyish in color and I guess my claircognizance supplied that it was either dead or dying because that's immediately what I was thinking. Now although I knew that my dad and stepmother where having a baby soon I had not been thinking about that and for some reason only have suspected that it was their unborn baby I was seeing. Well, not and hour after I got home I get a call from my stepdad saying that my mom was in the ER, and had given me no further information at the time. No surprise I was worried about what could possibly have happened. It ended up being that she had had surgery years ago so that she wouldn't have children, but after about 12 years I guess it decided to malfunction, for lack of better words to explain this. Basically she was "pregnant" and the baby was growing where it shouldn't. I'm not certain what all that means because I really didn't care for that in depth answers just knowing she was ok was good enough but I did not miss the fact that it was an unborn being, because it hadn't fully formed yet from what I had heard. Much like my vision. Was that what my vision was saying? Well before you answer there is more to the story. About a week after this event, my dad called me and said that their baby had been doing poorly and in the end it either died or had an abortion, I am not sure which it was because my phone is crap. The weird thing about it though was that he said it happened two days before my vision. Now what do I do with that?

Another event, the next day to be exact, I was walking to my normal seat in the commons, (front entrance in my high school) and I kind of like blacked out but didn't. I was still half aware of my surroundings but not physically because my eyes were seeing something entirely different. The vision was rather odd, it looked like a piece of machinery of some sort with gears here and there and a four digit number on in the middle. The numbers kept changing and then stopping and then changing again and stopping the last one I saw and the only one I remember is 1674. While one of the few friends I have told I am psychic ruled out that it was a date I was not so certain. As soon as I had a computer available I went searching and found nothing that would be of any help. That is until I had the sudden urge to add the Salem witch trials with my search. I found something that is quite odd. A man, most likely a preacher/priest by the name of Increase Mathes I believe, had made a sermon. The name of this sermon... "The day of trouble is near."

That was the end of the visions but not the end of the events. About a month later there was a series of things that just spooked the crap out of me. I don't think that I have seen ghosts up to this point and I thought I would be pretty sure I would know if I had but I have no clue anymore. First one for these that I recorded, I volunteer at the zoo, and while behind the scenes I get to clean. YAY... Not the point, anyways I don't know who else knows this but Norfolk is an old place, and the zoo is right next to a cemetery, so this really doesn't surprise me as in I didn't expect it but at the time it was quite a surprise. While I was cleaning behind the scenes one day, I was the only one in that particular building and I felt this random sensation which I now just say was me sensing someone else in the vicinity because shortly after out of the corner of my eye I catch sight of this being that I believe was a small child around 8 to pre-teen, not sure why that range of age honestly this is just what my brain said to put down. I only caught a quick glance of him so I didn't get much details but it looked like he was wearing tan colonial era clothing.

One night while I was laying on my bed my cat seemed keen on keeping me on the bed despite the fact that I had to go do something, not sure what. She was lying on my legs and staring at me like you shouldn't do that. Yes I probably sound crazy but I do trust my cats. Cats are known for their sixth sense and they have noticed things before when I also sensed something so I trust them. However I get off the bed and the second both feet were on the ground I heard a variety of different things. First I head the sound of a kitten mewling from downstairs or maybe under the stairs (I'm sure I can sense something under my stairs and try to avoid that closet there... Spooks me to no end), and we haven't had kittens in the house for almost a year and both cats were in my room, I heard a distance noise kind of like old timey music, and I heard something hit/ thump against my wall, and I am the only one home other than my cats... Later when everyone is home I had to get up again to fix our washer because it leaks every once in awhile and very briefly but enough to scare the crap out of me I saw an arm that was braced against the wall beside our dryer as if whatever it was, was bending down to look at it. Yeah these past few months have been interesting. Long period of silence, Bang one psychic event after another... Longer period of time... Waiting for what comes next.

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IronMoon (2 stories) (29 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-08)
So do I.
I wouldn't necessary I skipped over it all together just I have always been interested in the supernatural, and I just don't let it get to me. But I can definately understand how it can frighten people, especially anyone with the skills for medium, that has to be kind of freaky seeing spirits. I have more of cliarcognizance, I believe though. I just know things and its both helpfull and annoying especially when you don't know if a thought is true or whether its just something random your brain came up with.

Yeah, I think it would help if I could find an easier way to meditate but itll just take time to find what works best for me, ne? I haven't been back to where the meditation first worked in a while but I'm hoping to go back soon, maybe its just a matter of where I'm at rather than how I go about it.

Thank you for all your help:)
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-07)
Hi again, sorry for my late reply!

Im glad you are not scared, I think that the barrier people find the most difficult to get over. So its good you just skipped that all together!

Its good to hear your also feeling more in control and comfortable with them! Yes meditation is tricky but being calm is the key! So glad this all turned out well for you and hope it stays that way!

Isha 😉
IronMoon (2 stories) (29 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-16)
[at] isha395
I'm sorry for so late response to your helpful advice.

No, you needn't worry about me being afraid of my gifts, it feels right when they make their appearance, which has been occuring more frequently thanks to yours and many more's advice. I've always had a problem with meditation but last friday when I went to my boyfriend's mui thai practice something just clicked. Since then I've gotten better at sensing things. I guess the feeling within the building was calm enough to focus on my gifts.
isha395 (3 stories) (21 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-19)
Hello IronMoon, I hope this hasn't scared you to much! I know it would have scared my half to death!

I think clairvoyance is a funny one, having it myself, though still have quite got the hang of it yet. I think its a great gifted to have:)

With your step mothers miss carriage (which I'm awfully sorry about) I don't think there was anything you could have done about that, but its very interesting you saw it. Maybe in time you could tell your dad and step mother about it. But you said you saw it in a greyish color, that would make sense, for people who see the aura, they will know grey is a sign of illness or depression, this this case illness

You seem like a person with a great gut instinct, so you tell me, do you think it was the child? Because I think your right, you might have seen there unborn child.

Ah, I like to call what you had walking in to school a 'flash' only half there, and half having a vision as you described, I would keep a notebook or something with you so if it happens you be able to remember it clearly.

Im afriad I can't say what it means, my friend saw a date she could retrace to a past life, so maybe it you might have been there? Like I said you seem good with instinct so if you don't think its a date, then I would have a think on it, but I see where your friends coming from, its most likely a date. Look out for it, where ever you are, you don't know it might come up anywhere, you could try meditation to try get a better answer if that might help?

With the ghost (or that's what you think they are) I wouldn't be to frighted, when I used to see ghost, I always said the dead can't hurt you... In a sense. I don't think most ghost mean you ill. Thats not really my strong point, it was a long time ago but try recored all of them you see.

My over all advice for what you have experienced is:

Meditate, I can't stress how good that is for you and helps to understand your abilities

Keep a journal, that's another great thing, you can record it all and try make links between things and you might even for see something you just though was a dream or day dream! Happens to me all the time!

Keep calm, When seeing ghost or find out something has come true, the best thing is to stay calm, especially with ghosts

Hope this all helped 😉

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