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Pre-smelling Precognition


This has been happening to me since approximately last year, and it's kind of flattering and exciting to be psychic. Or at least, that's what I think I might be. Very often, I smell things that are not there. But the thing is, I don't actually smell them, I just think of the smell. I smell them in my head. It happens involuntarily. I'll be fourteen in May now, and this started a few days before my thirteenth birthday, as far as I remember. I was in London on a holiday, and it was before lunch. We were in our hotel room, and I smelled whipped cream. You know, the stale, fermented kind. I didn't think much of it. But exactly that day, a while later, we went to this pizza place, where I ordered a knickerbocker glory, and it had that stale whipped cream in it! Exactly the same as the one I had smelled. It wasn't really stale, I just don't like that kind of whipped cream. This has gone on. I smell something magically before I eat it. It's creepy.

One more really weird thing that happened to me was that the day before my maternal grandfather died (and we didn't know he was going to) my Ma and I were crooning this funny song. It's a pharisee song called 'My name is Jijibhuoy Jamsherjee' and we always laugh about it. There's this part in it where we go, "One day I was in bed, the doctor thought that I was dead, He brought a coffin and put me in, But I jumped out and he jumped in!" That day I was crooning it, and my hand mirror was on the table around which I was dancing. I don't remember if I was thumping it, but as I sang, "The doctor thought that I was dead, He brought a coffin-" At that point my mirror fell off the table and crashed into pieces. I wondered if someone was going to die.

That night while I lay in bed, I thought I could hear people wailing in my mind. I was scared and restless. I woke up at dawn the next morning to my mother on the phone, trembling in shock because her dad had just passed away at the hospital.

So am I psychic?

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-13)
Yes you have some psychic powers and if you want to keep learning about it practice more and meditate and more of go to see a psychic to find out what kind of psychic you really are. For me I have some experiences to I can smell, feel, and see sperits all the time. I do have a psychic friend and she told me that I'm clairvoyant so your best bet is to go see a psychic to find out what you are.

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