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My Best Friend And I Have A Connection


My name is Scarlet. And I am empathic and I can feel ghosts around me.

One of my best friends, Rain, happens to be able to see ghosts and visions. Funny thing is, I do too.

Well, when she was spending the night with me one night, we got tired and went to sleep. She told me she woke up in the middle of the night because she felt a disturbance in the room.

There was a dark figure standing over me. She describes him as a tall thin man, with a jacket and a hat, sort of like a hat a pilgrim would wear. The figure looked at Rain, and she freaked out, and then he disappeared. She tried waking me up, but I wouldn't get up. What if he controled me to where I couldn't get up? I have felt spirits around me, but I never see them like Rain does.

I'd also like to know why I see things in my dream, and they come true. For instance, I had a dream my boyfriend had broken up with me, and this other guy, who happenes to be my friend was standing there smiling at me, and someone kept repeating his name. What happened in real life was that my boyfriend had broken up with me, and my friend asked me out. I politely said no. My boyfriend and I got back together afterwards.

Another dream I had was of Rain. She was wet and her eyes were closed. Something told me she died. But the very next day, she told me she tried drowning herself.

Can anyone tell us what this means?

And why this is happening to us?

Please, any information will help.



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ScarletMarie (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
Thank you so very much Julie!
I have tried Rachel's technique, and sometimes it does help. It's also great to have friends with senses and certain abilities like we all do. It's proof that we are not alone in this. Thank you Julie, and best of luck to you and Rachel!

WindyJuliette (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
Hi Scarlet, I'm Julie, and I think I can relate to this. I get dreams like you do, theyre symbolic, and sometime in the day, something I dreamt will come up. I don't exactly know how to help with the ghosts, but I know what youre talking about... Two of my best friends can do things just like that. My best friend Rachel sees ghosts. Its kind of scary to think about, but Rachel told me that if you tell the ghosts to leave you alone, they do. She hasnt had any issues with them for awhile. Personally, I think that we're supposed to meet people who are like us and can understand what we do. Good luck, I hope this can help you and Rain!

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