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Premonitions And Possible Past Life Memories?


I've had dream premonitions, and strange feelings right before bad things have happened (E.G, knowing before someone would fall and break their arm) since I was 13.I'll be 18 in May, as of now.

But recently, something that has seriously stuck out was my dreams. The first strange one was a few months back, I was playing with what I presumed was my sister in front of an older victorian house. We ran inside and the dream ended.

Several days later, I had a dream inside of the house hiding in a hide-a-way hole near the attic of the house. I started to hear shouting in German, but I don't speak German, so I couldn't understand it. After I heard the shouting I started to run down the main hall, and the dream ended just as I entered the dining room. This was the last of that dream so far.

Just a week or so ago, I had a dream that was like memories flashing into my mind about meeting a 15-16 year old girl behind an older brick building. At the time of seeing her, I felt that I was deeply in love with her, as the only way to explain the feelings I had. Next it flashed to an area with some of my friends in a muddy area, but the strange think was I was calling them names I didn't recognize.

There was someone shouting orders while we tied and un-tied our boots over and over again. The only thing I could call this was military training.

Next it flashed me holding out my hand to the girl, and she disappeared.

I woke up half crying and horribly sad wondering where she was. Two days later, I had a dream repeating the same dream, only at the end of the dream this kind, an elderly German couple were consoling me. Once again, I woke up nearly crying.

Just a few days ago, though, I had a third dream regarding that. It was a poor area of brick buildings in a large city. New York was what came to mind. The newspaper I'd looked at said it was February 17TH, 1970.

I felt like I was floating through a living room, where the same elderly German couple sat in a large leather chair staring at a lit fire place.

In the next room over, I saw the girl submerged in an older steel-toed bath tub in an extremely small bathroom area. I could tell that she drowned, and realized that was where she went.

I woke up in full tears, convinced it was a true memory. I was depressed for days afterwards, so much as people seemed seriously concerned when they asked what was wrong. I didn't really have an answer.

So, is it past life memories? A spirit trying to share with me? Or am I just crazy and thinking too much into it? I've just never had a dream that felt so real before.

If it helps to know, my family has a history of premonition ability.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-05)
Disguised22, what I mean by physical pain.
I mean a pulsating affect one feels.
Much like one would feel hours or following day after a phys fight when one refects on the event.
Disguised22 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-04)
I felt no physical pain. I just felt like I'd never be happy again when I saw the girl go away.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-03)
Disguissed22, my experience of a past life,
Upon awakening my body still felt the blowes and trama up to death. I knew this was a past life, colors, images are vivid and I also knew the man whom ended mylife in this life time. I was also aware that 2 girls with me were siblings in that life and in this life are my daugters.

I believe the difference with past life is a keen awareness of the pictures, emotional and physical pain which comes through so clearly.
Disguised22 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-02)
They seemed unaware at the time, hard to know for sure though.

I have looked a bit through obituaries, nothing has stuck out yet.
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
Question, was the elderly couple sitting there with knowledge the girl had drowned? From the way you put it-it sounded like the couple knew she was dead and left her there...
It could be a premonition. Although you might not come up with anything solid, if you researched the date at all maybe a death was recorded? I googled February 17, 1970, there was a major crime. If you think it was in NYC you could browse obituaries, see if familiar names pop up. Just an idea, its always nice to have things verified to a minimal amount. If your dream matches up to the way things happened during the time period--

I wish you luck.
Disguised22 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-29)
Thanks a lot, I'll make sure to write it down if get another.,
Day2Day (1 stories) (31 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
Disguised22 - Came across your story and found it interesting. Let me first say that I can only offer my opinion and have no real answers to anyone's experiences.

It seems that your story is about a past life you might have had. The date you saw, (February 17,1970), appears to be an important part of this dream. You spoke about orders being given and military boots. The Vietnam war was still in full force in 1970. I don't come across many people that see dates in their dreams.

All I can say is if you continue to have these dreams, calling out names, (even though German), try to remember these names and write them down best you can when you wake up while the dream is still fresh in your mind.

You might be able to do some research that way using the names and year to find something out. I have heard other stories like this, but it is very hard to figure them out.

Good Luck to you.

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