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Scary Vision


When I was 10 years old (I'm 13 now) I had this scary, sort of dream-like vision.

It was night and we had gone to bed, but my brother woke up and he and my mom went out into the kitchen, and I went with them. After a few minutes, I got bored and ran back to bed. I literally ran and jumped into my bed. As soon as my face hit the bed, I went into some sort of dream.

I saw this dream in a few different point of views. In the dream, I was still with my mom and brother in the kitchen, and we were talking. My mom stepped over to the cupboard, and I noticed the front door's knob jiggling just the slightest bit. No one else noticed, only me. After a few moments of nothing happening, I looked back to my mom, thinking it was nothing.

Then the knob shook again, harder, and my mom looked at it. Than the door was pushed open, but we couldn't see anything. My mom said something about my dad coming, making me know it was a dream or vision or something, but I didn't doubt it anyways.

My mom stepped a few steps toward the door, but my brother went to the living room, looking at the door, when a guy stepped inside and attacked my brother. I don't remember what he looked like, but my mom yelled something, and ran toward him. I was in panic, and I started viewing myself in 3rd person. I saw myself run over to a desk and hide underneath it, then I was back in to myself again. About three seconds later, I was back in my bed.

I was scared. My brother and mom were still in the kitchen, but that left me thinking something bad was going to happen. I hid myself under the covers and kept telling myself over and over it would be all right.

Since then, I've moved, but I think about that a lot, and I'm still scared by it. It never actually happened, but I don't know what it was. It wasn't a dream, because when I got into bed, I was wide awake, and it takes forever for me to fall asleep.

I want to know if anybody can figure out what it was. If it was a vision and what kind. It still scares me and I haven't told anyone about it. When I had a counselor, I almost told her, but then my mom walked in, and I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Anyways, if you could please help me, thanks!

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kaseyj97 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
thank you guys. Yeah. It was scary and it was weird because it takes a long time for me to fall asleep, I even have to take pills to fall asleep. But thanks.
LeaMay (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything as bad as it was taken for. Often times, as said in comments above mine, many times dreams don't mean what everyone thinks. Like when someone sees a death in their dream, the normal reaction would be to assume that the person will truely die in reality. But in dreams death normally means a close tie to that person is cut. I'd check some dream interpretation sites, some of them give very good responses, I've used some before, and after you read what it really means, you'll feel much better. Take your time, research and use small details to put together the meaning of your dream. Good luck to you:)
Siannie (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-30)
Sometimes we love people so much that we make ourselves scared "what if something dreadful happens to them."

Relax, it was a dream, it was your deeper psychological being just acting out a fear. So have courage, have faith, it will drive out fear from your life. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen and it can move mountains. So you can believe yourself into a new future.
ScarletMarie (guest)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
I'm sure you were scared and it was just one of those dreams where they mean somethimg different then they seem you kind of see what I mean. But yea I hope that you will have a great life and don't think about it much and it won't bother you thanks a lot.

-ScarletMarie & Kirstann
Onyx13 (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
It might have been just a dream. Even though it typically takes you a long time to fall asleep it doesn't mean that it'll ALWAYS take a long for you to fall asleep.

If it bother's you, just keep it in mind. Relax and tell yourself, "Ok, so this might happen. I'll be ready to call 911."

Don't be scared. Just be prepared. Enjoy your life, stay in the moment 😁

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