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I Used To Have Precognition And Some External Questions


I'm currently fourteen years old, but I'll tell you my story, which isn't exciting and interesting like the other stories I've read here. Six years ago (when I was 8), I found out that I had precognition and it was pretty good. But not useful in a real way, as I don't remember helping anyone out of a bad situation. The things I used to predict weren't very deep into the future because they didn't come as visions, but just as feelings. Like I used to sit in class and I knew that somebody would walk in now and who. Or I'd know who would be calling before picking up the phone. Or when I'd say something, and I somehow knew what the other person would respond. You may think this was telepathy, but it wasn't. I didn't hear a "voice" in my head saying their thoughts. I think I also had empathy as it was always easy to receive people's emotions at that time. Either way, as I completely over-used precognition, I lost it. And it started decreasing rapidly. I also used to see auras, but now it's much harder to spot them. I've been depressed for the last two years, so I had no interest in getting my disappeared precognition back. But now I want it back. So badly. What do you think I should do?

Now, I have some few questions:

1) Is it possible to practice to master telepathy?

2) Are ghosts real? Is it possible to practice to see them? If they are real, how to overcome the fear of them? Are ghosts dangerous?

3) What are the shadow people that some people here are talking about? I did read the definition, but I didn't get it. Some people here said that these shadows tried to "touch" them. I don't get it? And some even said that those shadows were coloured. I thought they were black...

4) In what ways can OBE's be useful? I don't know, like, escape from physical danger?

Sorry if my questions seem so dumb, but I'm serious. Thanks in advance!

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Leahlove1399 (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-19)
Hey thanks with that site that might really help. I will try it out a.s.a.p. And I have been losing my sight to but now hopefully I will find it agin
Lemara (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-21)
Thanks a lot to everybody who answered my questions.:)
I hope one day I'd be more confident about my knowledge...
Onyx13 (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-09)
1) like pegs_deborah said, meditation may seem silly but it's a great way to get them back. Learning to truly concentrate will help as well.
Http:// is a great way to learn to properly concentrate. You don't have to follow trough with the rest of the site but you can.

2) Ghosts are definitely real and pegs_deborah is definitely right.

3) shadow people aren't necessarily demons or evil. They may simply be spirits who love the dark. There's good light, evil light, good dark, and bad dark.
A spirit can try to touch you but it might not be able to physically do it, so it's the same with these shadow people. Remember, shadows are only a darker color of whatever surface they're on. If a shadow falls on a white surface, the shadow is white but just a darker shade of white.

4) Leaving your body can't make you escape from physical danger because it's your spirit or mind wandering out of your body. It can be useful by letting you see where someone is to make sure they're safe and the things mentioned by pegs_deborah.

P.S. Your questions don't seem dumb 😊 you're asking for help because you want to educate yourself. I applaud you for asking!
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-04)
Well, I would imagine as far as getting your precognition back that it depends on several things. First, I would imagine, that it depends on how badly you want it back. I would think that the stronger your desire the more likely it would be to come back. I would also think it would depend a lot on how much you value your gifts. I also have precognitive abilities but to be honest I've been getting very frustrated with them lately and hence I've lost them. Second, my understanding is that our psychic abilities wax and wan. In other words, you will go through periods where they are very strong and then you will go through periods where you seem to have lost them. I think these are growth periods - usually when mine come back after being gone for a length of time, they are stronger. Third, I think that one way to get precognitive abilities back is to meditate. Everyone says to meditate and while it may sound trite I do think its true. Fourth, feelings of depression and anger or anxiety can hinder our psychic abilities. Thus, work on your emotional state because the happier and more content you are the better. Fifth, I know I've read some places that if you try too hard to make your psychic abilities happen then they won't. Just relax and let come what will come.
About the others, I can't answer all but here's what I think on a few:

2) Yeah ghosts are real. I don't know how to practice to see them but that abilities is called mediumship. I would imagine though that the desire to see ghosts and the continued growth of your other abilities would lead you in this direction. It's also a good idea to read as many books about this subject as you can. To get over the fear (not easy I know) remind yourself that though these are no longer living people -they are people. I don't think ghosts are dangerous per se. In other words, if the ghost when they were alive was dangerous then they are probably still that way in the afterlife. Death or becoming a spirit doesn't necessarily change our personalities. Yet, I do think that even after death we still have the choice to continue to learn and to grow.

3). I'm not sure what shadow people are. I thought they were ghosts. Well, actually, I thought that sometimes people aren't able to see the ghosts too clearly and so the ghosts look murky like shadows. Yet, I seem to remember reading somewhere that shadow people were evil creatures or demons. I don't really believe in demons so I don't know.

4.) I don't know all the uses of OBE's. However, I have had OBE's that led me into the future and in turn when the events really happened I was able to validate my abilities and experiences which was pretty cool. I have also encountered ghosts during my OBEs. These weren't frightening at all. I know of people who have had OBE's and have visited family members across town or across the nation and that was pretty nice. I have read about people having OBE's and being able to help other people in distress. I have also read about people having OBE's and connecting with their spirit guides are angels and such. I know that one of the editors of this site, Anne V, has a website dealing strictly with OBEs. I don't have the link but I would imagine that the link would be hanging around on this site somewhere.

Good luck!

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