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Becoming Intact With My Past Life


Three weeks ago, I had been involved in a car crash. Thankfully no one had been seriously harmed, and we all made it out alive. Although from this experienced I have felt more drawn to my past life (s).

It's strange to say, that maybe my old self died in the crash, and my personality from my old self had formed. I remember it clearly now, unlike the cloudy images I used to see before. Initially, I could only point out the dates of 1864 and 1962, and could see various images of ho I had looked. I was a young male of the age of 18 in my image, and wore my dark brown hair just above my shoulders. I had come from a poor family which struggled continuously, causing me and my to siblings to scavenge for food. My ambition was to care for my sick brother Paul and my sister [her name I do not know], my father would beat us which made me feel worthless.

Before the carc rash I decided to meditate and try to find out more of my follower, Thomas. Despite him no longer visiting, I have discovered that he holds a strong resemblance to my view of me in my past life.

I guess what I want to find out, is how do they have a link and if anyone has any sort of relation to what I've had.

If anyone has any questions or answers for this, please don't hesitate to comment, I need all the advice I can get.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-07)
AbnormalLaura, with a past life we have the information within our aura.

Accidents,trauma,meditation and healing all open up memory.

Depending on how connected we were to people in the past some of us travel in groups. Example myself and my 2 daughters have all had related memories while dreaming and knew when comparing stores we have traveled with each other. But my husband knew we traveled in another life when giving a reading.

Now you mentioned possible a part of yourself died.
When people speak of not being their self, it is normally due to a soul loss, but in your description is sounds like an awakening. A combining of present memory and seeing the past. This is important because your subconscious has let you know the scenarios. For most of us this allowes us to know what path of growth which puts you at a good advantage.

Accidents can also open up portals when seeing deceaseed people involved.
I am just describing 3 diffent scenarios. 1 soul loss, 2nd awakening and 3rd a portal.

I'd encourage you to keep meditating and also ask yourself who you are and what is your main purpose.
These questions bring growth.

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