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My best friend is named Alison. We've been through everything together. She also knows that I can see ghosts. Sometimes she's a little freaked out about what I can do. She found out I was psychic though because I've told her a couple of things were going to happen, and then they do happen. But she's more interested with what ghosts I have on my hands.

My friend Jessica, and best friend Alison, both have boyfriends. And that kind of gets me jealous because well, I don't have one. My visions usually come to me when I'm asleep, like in a dream kind of form. I dreamt that Alison and her boyfriend Pedro were really going to hit it off, and they did because that was the night before they actually got together. Then I dreamt that someone else was going to get together, and of course it was Jessica. But I didn't see the guy she was with. She knew that I liked this guy named Diego, and she was totally supportive of me trying to get with him. But the next day I find out that she's with him. I want to cry, but don't because I know the pain inside me is nothing compared to the pain of the knife that was stabbed in my back by my friend.

2 days later, I find myself dreaming about my friends keeping their distances from their boyfriends. I go up to Alison, and ask her what's happening between her and Pedro (Pedro = Alison's boyfriend). She says that she doesn't know what's happening because they're not as great as they were before. Then I suddenly feel another pain in my back, it could mean that someone's going to get hurt, or another friend is going to get stabbed in the back by one of their own 'friends'. I call Alison after school on my house phone, and she tells me how her friend Tiphany is acting allweird on her. Alison found out it was because she liked her boyfriend, and they've been mad at each other ever since.

And then 5 days later, I dream about how people are getting back together. So I didn't really know if it was about Tiphany and Alison making up, or Alison and Pedro being close again. Maybe it meant that Jessica and Diego are getting to be more that just a boyfriend and girlfriend to each other. I'm still not sure what's happening because I haven't returned to school from the weekend yet. And yesterday night, I had a dream that Diego was flirting with me, but then Jessica showed up, and he didn't look at her the way he looked at me. He looked at her like something that he would look at as a friend, and nothing more. But when he looked at me, I saw compassion and care. So maybe it means that we're getting together really soon, and Alison and Pedro and Alison are going to really hit it off.

Whatever it is, I just hope no one's heart is broken in the process.

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immortal_alia (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-11-20)
so you don't have any other friends that are gifted. All most all my close friends are. I envy you because you can tell what your dreams mean. For me it has to be a dream from long ago and it is was for what happened like 5 years later 😨

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