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Do Dreams Come True?


When you're asleep, you shouldn't be aware of your surroundings. You should be unconscious and at your peace. You can dream, and sometimes dreams will come true. Britney Spears became a singer didn't she? David Beckahm got all the girls didn't he? Well, some girls can dream about them marrying the guys they want to marry. But I have darker dreams, sometimes; I don't even understand what they're about.

I had a dream about blood and deaths. It had to do with me, my best friend Alison, sisters (Jessica and Stephanie) and that's it.

We were invited to this cute little cabin for a whole week. (This is still in my dream) There was a lady at the office sorting out all of these keys to cabins. She looked happy to do her job. We asked her for cabin number 132. She said that cabin was not available. Knowing that something like this would happen along the way, I showed her the envelope that stated we were invited to stay in cabin 132. She wasn't happy about it, but she gave us the keys to go in. I wondered why she had refused our demands the first time, but I didn't want to say anything, because I was too tired. I opened the door, and saw dust about almost everywhere. I asked the lady why they hadn't cleaned it in a while. But she didn't dare walk into that room. She was just standing there at the door, holding the doorknob as if she was ready to slam it in our faces. She said these words with a straight face. "Death doesn't act alone, sometimes it has its devils little helpers, and this is one of them..." She threw the keys on the floor, and stated that we're not going to want to lose them. And to value them as you do to your life, which might just be the best advice for us now.

She slowly closed the door on us, and we were left with some pretty horrified faces. Alison and I went through the fridge to see if any of those overpriced peanuts were in there. All we found were black widows making more cobwebs in the corners of the cold fridge. It was about 5:00p.m., and we were tired from the long drive, so we decided to go to sleep. I shared a bed with Alison, while Jessica and Stephanie shared another. I couldn't sleep all night because I could hear people talking, like if they're going to get me or something.

I woke up everyone at 9:00a.m., so that we wouldn't miss out on any of the adventures of the outdoors. Since there was no food in the cabin, we needed to go out and buy some. It was a while before anyone woke up, so I decided to shower first. I heard the same voices that I heard last night as I was washing my hair. I was afraid at first, but then I conquered it by singing. Anyway, everyone was ready to go out, and remembering how I left the key to the cabin on the table, I put it in my pocket.

An hour later we returned, and I reached into my back pockets and front to check where I had left it. It was gone. I knew that I had slipped it into my back pocket before, but I guess I was wrong. I went to the office lady to see if they had a spare. She put on a straight face.

"My dear child, that's the first sign to saying that you don't know what you've gotten your self into. Leave now, and never return..." Knowing that the lady was lying, I said, "You've either got another person coming here that is placing unneeded money on that room, or you're on drugs..."

She gave me a smile, and crinkled her nose. She said that she didn't have any spares for that specific room. I asked her why, and she said, you'll find out soon. I didn't think that was good enough reason, so I placed a 20 in her hand. She went to the back room, and came back with a box with many locks, and a chain with many keys. It took her 30 minutes to finish unlocking everything, and she opened the box dramatically slow. She handed the key to me, and I was on my way to cabin 132.

Jessica, Stephanie, and Alison were waiting on the steps of the cabin, and looked like they were dead from boredom. We went into the cabin, and Jessica suggested that she'd get some movies, and buy some food for the rest of the days. She went out again, and it was just me, Alison, and Stephanie. We all waited around, and were a little scared by how creepy the cabin looked. It was just plain old. It needed a fresh coat of paint, and a total makeover in the rooms. The only things that looked new were the knives in the little knife holder thingy. They were rusted with what looked like blood, but I guessed it was from someone cutting meat or something. Jessica came back, and we popped a movie into the VCR, but all we saw was static. She popped in another one, results were static. We decided to see what's on the channels. STATIC! We turned off the T.V. and we would probably go to the movies instead of watching whatever in the cabin.

I began to reach for the door when my shoes began to feel like they were being held down by a force. I reached over to turn the knob, and the locks just all of a sudden turned to lock us in. The rusty knives flew everywhere, and we all ducked. I felt like I was going to die in that place, we all did. So we all ran for the door, not even packing our things. But when we tried to open the door, it was still locked on us. If the key worked outside, maybe it could do the same inside. I put the key in the key hole, but it didn't turn. So I tried to kick the door down with my hardest kick I could ever do. Nothing happened. We had to survive in there for another 6 days. It felt a lot like room 1408, only that movie wasn't scary, and I watched it 2 months ago. We all ran to the room, but it was difficult due to the force keeping us down. Maybe there was a fire hydrant or something even heavier that we could use to kick the door down.

We couldn't find anything that could help us now, so we all rammed the door, and it hurt a lot. You could see all these ghosts walking around the place. Like they had something to get even with you for something you did to them. I guess we had disturbed their resting place or something. Jessica had gotten up to run for her life, but where would she run. Then suddenly, her leg was cut off. Stephanie went to go help her, and her arm was slashed. Jessica was in a lot of pain right now, and there was no end to it. Alison and I stayed huddled near the door. A knife was thrown before me, and I grabbed it. But you can't kill a ghost. I had to go help them, but I didn't want to die. I turned to Alison and told her that if I die, to tell the guys I liked that I like them. I wasn't alone because Alison came along to help them too. We both huddled over them, and hoped that Jessica wasn't going to lose a lot of blood. I asked Jessica where her keys were. She said that they were in her pocket, so I had to pull them out of there. Why hadn't we been cut yet? Why'd they go for my sisters and not me?

I was going to be an only child soon if we couldn't get out of there. I had to sacrifice myself to save my sisters, and so I did. I walked to the middle of the cabin, and stabbed my heart. It was all a blur, I couldn't see anything, and I had to do this in order for my sisters to live. But I didn't die, all the souls of cabin 132 sucked into me to give me life. I stayed awake long enough to get out of the cabin. I looked around and I could see the outside world again. Jessica and Stephanie were driven to the hospital, Alison and I were scared to death, and when I went back to the front of the cabin, it didn't say 132 though, it marked the numbers 000. 0 lives had been killed in there now. It used to be 132, but that changed when I survived that room.

I woke up, breathing heavily, like I finished running 2 miles. I was shivering all over, and when I looked out from under my covers, I saw someone with no eyeballs, just looking straight at me.

I then woke up again. It as all a dream. Every little aspect of it. But it had to be real because it seemed so real. Is this a sign to if I'm going to die soon? What did that lady with no eyeballs represent? Does that mean that there's a message I'm getting from the dead? It just seemed so real. If you have any comments on this story, please write them down. Or if you want to talk about your stories, feel free. I'm always here.

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ninja (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-10)
I'm surprised by the physical sensations I have been experiencing in my dreams. I've been recording my dreams every night for about three months and they have become more vivid. I can taste, feel, read thoughts and feel pain to a certain degree.
I ate this cake made of grass in one dream (from the ground) and it tasted horrible but another time I ate a cake that tasted delicious. I've felt pain when I was stabbed by a magical assassin in one dream and then last night I had a dream I pulled my tooth out and it felt like my tooth was getting extracted and it has been the realist sensation yet. I mean on one level I think it is interesting and quite accomplishment to reach this vividness but at the same time I don't want it to be too painful that I fear going to sleep. Its not every night though and it's not like I wake up with a pain in my tooth or to find someone is shoving cake down my throat. I need some advice from someone who has dealt with this before so I don't have to experience this uncomfortable effects.
helena_way_rox (1 stories) (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-13)
I have always been good at interpreting dreams, it happens to be very helpful when I have my psychic dreams.
It seems to me that you will go on an adventure, in the case of your dream it was a holiday, it might just be a holiday with a few friends.
The death was not in any way related to an actual death, but more of a life changing event. Death in dreams means a change of life, death of a particualr personality trait a change.
The injury of your sisters might mean that the people close to you may be hurt while you undergo this change. But all will be well in the end. The knives represent quick, sharp; in other words the even will not take long and that the transfoirmation will take minimal time.
The lady with the no eyeballs represents you, you are her. There was a partial death in your dream, it was your spirit acknowledging that change is iminent.
The lady was the part that died, but I cannot say which part it is. Only you can know.
How was the days post-dream? Did you feel light, heavy, like there was any type of change, any loss?
By answering this and pinpointing what it is, I will be able to give more detail as to what you are in for later on.
Whatever you do don't fear what is to come, it is all good.
Feel free to email me on miss_i_think_im_going_crazy [at] for any further enquiries or to have any more dreams analyized
someone (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-26)
sometimes when you dream about stuff they come true. Like me when I was 8 I had a dream that one day I would go camping with my family and have a great time. And that did happen because me and my family went camping and it was so much fun it was 1 year later that I forgot all about it. So I'm saying some dreams come true and some don't so don't really get scared ok!
yup (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-25)
dreams have literal and metaphorical meanings to them... Its doesn't necessarily mean that your going to die. Its might symbolize that you need to take notice of what going on with you, and the incidents that occur in your life at the moment or at that specific time
renton (guest)
17 years ago (2007-11-24)
a similar thing happened to me but I can't rember all I know is that somone dead dosent want me drive down a cirtian road

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