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My story happened while working several years ago, there was a woman older than me in my work that attracted me, I saw every day and one day I just decided that I would talk to her, but the day I decided to talk to her, something stopped me, when I was five feet in front of her something happened, It was as if an invisible sword cross my chest, it was something that paralyzed me by one or maximum 2 seconds, was a strange pain that I had never felt before, something that would not let me talk or move, like I died in that moment. From that moment everything changed completely, I felt like a living dead, and began a period of bad luck, was a period where things just did not go as I wanted. I never knew or wanted to know if she had had anything to do with what I was experiencing.

Shortly after that, I leave that job, and I never saw her again.

This experience really affected me for a while, some people even said to me that a I looked really sad, and I really felt dead, for a time I was feeling that things happen too fast in front of me and I just watched and could not act.

I did not know what to do, to wake from that state in which I was, and I started to have other experiences, I was hearing voices at night, in one occasion I remember hearing a voice that told me to "open the door", in other times I felt as if something press my chest while was sleeping, in another occasion I felt as if something took my feet and threw me against a door, in that moment I woke up but it was not a normal dream.

I need to mention that since very little could control my dreams, and I was aware of it "lucid dreams", in some of my lucid dreams and I remember received warnings from people that I meet in my lucid dreams, these people were clearly more advanced than me at the controls of dreams.

Some of these experiences occurred before I meet her and others later, so I can not say that she was responsible for what happened to me.

I wonder if someone knows what happened to me?

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Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-20)
daviro... The combination of you two probably would have led up to something that would have seriously comprised you on a spiritual level and so you were blocked. The dreams afterword and the feelings that you had with them were of a darker force that wanted you to explore that option.
kensche (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-19)
logically any & all human sometime just stops when a big turn of events is about to occur in their life... Remember ever actions lead to different roads that affect yours & others life... For example: if you ignored that mental-pause that occurred as you went to approach the woman, maybe, seriously "may-be" instead of bad-luck good luck would have follow or thing would have been the same... Well I have a lot of explanation for that but let's skip to dream part- well dream tell people many this, it leads from fore-sight to death, observe you dreams let it flow the way it wants but if you want to gain control of your dreams, try solitude meditation in darkness... But a piece of advice, the realm of dream also affect the real world in certain ways... Anyway, just remember to be happy; don't let a little bad luck time ruin you life! Then, smell y-a later 😉
daviro (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-19)
Thanks for the response and the information, I do not know much about the chakra and karma,
I'll get started reading about chakras to see if I can solve my problem of blocked heart chakra. 😁
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-05-18)
These experiences are hard to peg. Were you prevented from approaching this woman or was it simply coincidental timing of the sword feeling? I don't know if anyone can say for certain.

Hearing voices at night (or when you first wake up) is not all that uncommon and is why they associate intuition with the three B's (Bed, Bath and Bus) because we're near or in an altered state anyway (beta).

If I were to put a finger on this, I'd say you've got a blocked heart chakra. We can experience that pain in that region and "feel" sad because of it. If we have a hard time emotionally it can be due in part to this. This is going out on a limb here, but if you had some past life karmic tie to this woman that was unresolved, you may have had a resurgence or strengthening of this block as you tried to resolve it (by approaching her). We are attracted to people for a reason as it's often for either a lesson or because of karmic ties. You're not conscious of it, but humans have not only auras but within the layers of their energy body is their karmic past that you can subconsciously see (or if you're very developed you can "read" it). So you may have been drawn to her karmically, then blocked as you moved toward doing something about it. This is like someone who drowns in a past life and then has an unconscious dread of water.

Ideally, we'd know how to work through our past lives so that we're not affected in this one (as this can lead to 'dis-ease' - disease). Since this woman is out of your life, and you've no proof either way her role in your past, I'd at least invest a bit of time into your chakras. There is nary a person over 10 years old that does not have negative residual energy in their field so any kind of work would be beneficial even if for overall health. If you really want to pursue it, you can seek out a past life hypnotherapist and see if you can unlock some of these memories (assuming there are any that you've not worked through). If there none there that are impeding your progress, it's at least very interesting.

The experiences around your sleep, are classic etheric anomalies. Some people call these night terrors or hag syndrome. They are just you in either the lower astral or etheric. More can be read on my other site


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