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Atmokinetic And Aerokinetic? And Very Sensitive?


Since I was a little girl I had always been able to make the wind blow. I never thought that there was anything such as aerokinesis and I thought I was the only one who can do it or that I am just imagining things. I first discovered it accidentally. It was a very hot afternoon and me and my cousins were outside. We were very irritated about the hot weather so we decided to play a game. It was to try to make the wind blow. Of course we didn't exactly expected anything. My younger cousin tried it and the wind hadn't even blown for a bit, but when it was my turn I only said "wind" and the wind started blowing so strong that the trees were swaying so much! Of course me and my friends were delighted about it and they asked me to make it stronger. I did as I did before and said "wind" then it grew stronger. It went on for minutes until the previously sunny and hot weather became dark and cloudy. We went inside since the rain unexpectedly started. Years pass and I can feel the 'emotion' of the wind, so much that they sometimes make me cry. I know they're sad, and it was because the Earth was sick. Global Warming.

Another was about the weather. Since I thought I could control the wind, I tried making tornadoes that I would send far away from our home since I was smart enough not to tear away our house. I would make it during the morning then I would await the news at night. I always knew that I had succeeded because of, well, the news. I live in the Philippines and it seldom has tornadoes so it is not just some natural occurrence that I decided to do it that day then a tornado will take place somewhere in the country. But then again, I cannot be sure enough. So I am an extremely lazy student and I love it when classes are suspended. So yeah, I make rains and storms or low pressure areas so that classes will be suspended. I know it is a selfish reason but I guess I cannot help it. Since I thought I could make rain I thought I was hydrokinetic (by the way I only discovered about kinesis this year, I always thought it was some kind of power since I always weirdly had a calling for war and the need to protect my family. My dreams always involves killings that it was normal for me to have those that some might label as nightmares) but then again, I was not. I can't make the water move like magical water bending. I can only influence the weather into being bad or good or whatever.

About me being sensitive, it was because I know stuff without you having to tell me. Like intuition or something? I know my 'feelings' were always right for people would tell me a secret or anything then I wouldn't be surprised anymore for I already knew it beforehand. This includes knowing whether you are lying or hiding something, whether you are good or bad or pretending to be like this or that, and knowing if you have a crush on someone or on me.

And oh, another weird stuff, you know about our pulse right? And that doctors or whoever take our pulse through our wrist? Well, in my case, you don't really have to press a finger down my wrist because you could literally see it pulsing! There are two visible pulses on my wrist and when I use ANY kinesis 4 more visible pulses appear on my palm! I was worried about it before and I thought I had some heart failure but I had myself checked and the nurse said my pulse count was normal, it was just that it was so strong. I don't know but I find it weird because I told my classmates about it and they are not like me, tired or not. Also sometime I could see my chest pounding and my friends would see it too. I don't know, maybe I should post this one problem on a Health/Medical site. Sigh...

So I guess what I am asking was, do you think I am hallucinating? Or can I develop more than aero and atmo (my little brother was aero (by the way and my grandfather is a psychic and a telekinetic just for added info in case it is important)? What was my 'sensitivity' called? And who else have the same abilities? AND does anybody else have a pulse like mine?

SORRY for it being long but I want to post almost everything. Though this is definitely NOT everything about my strange experiences.

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Kruller12 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-09)
I'm like you with the whole controlling the weather and wind bit but I don't have the wierd pulse my pulse slows when I use my "power". I'm looking for answers because after a storm or lots of wind that I cause I get bad migraines and I become very tired.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one though.
jdrkdr (10 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-02)
the sensitivity just comes with the abilities. You could learn how to go a lot further with that if you wanted to. I like to refer to it as "specialty with people"
crystalwind (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-30)
wow! I didn't know that many people have the same pulse as mine. That made me think, maybe it was just normal? I dunno. And thank you guys for the answers! Though does anyone of you know what my 'sensitivity' is? And also more advices, comments, etc. Are gladly appreciated!
supremedudeiou (guest)
10 years ago (2011-07-28)
Your not alone. I have the same thing down to the last detail. My heart beat like crazy when I sit down. Its like I am running at full speed. And when I am running at great speeds it is like in the 2 hundreds. You can see it pulse. I can also manipulate the wind. I have premonitions and epic deja vu. I also think I brought the tornados to alabama and the hurricane to maine. I just moved back to alabama and then a huge mile wide tornado hits. And before when I moved to maine I brought hurricane earl all the way up. I think they are along the same line. I love the weather and the wind.


Email/IM me at ay2u [at]
lilangelcakes887 (1 stories) (12 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-28)
You're not alone my friend... I have a pulse that is similar as well... My fiancee' actually has seen my puls through my chest and woke me up to make sure I was okay... I also have been able to see my pulse in my neck without needing it to be touched... I just tought it was normal too... I've always loved weather so I think that this ability is awesome to have! I'm an empath and I have some clairvoyant abilites-more like premonitions in my dreams and about people... I also am a medium (My grandparents have visited me many times- on 2 recent occasions it was to relay a message to my mom.) I also have on occasion been able to know what people were thinking and that was by accident. (I didn't realize they weren't talking). I don't think you are hallucinating at all because some of what you've mentioned is what I have experienced... I also can "read" people very well.
jdrkdr (10 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-27)
youre not alone! I actually have a pulse that's similar. You can see my heart beating through my shirt which freaks people out when they see it. And I have similar abilities to you, controlling weather and such.

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