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My Thought's Manifest And Becomes Physical


Hey everyone, Before I start this I just want to say thanks for reading and any ideas of what may be going will help a lot thanks. Ever since I have turned 17 strange things have been happening to me during my sleep. I am 21 now but the experiences still occur. When I sleep, I sometimes wake myself up within my body. Pretty much like the "Mind Awake, Body Asleep". When I wake up like this. My thoughts become things. It is difficult to explain. But I will continue so you guys can get a better idea. When I woke up like this. I have thought of a female on top of me. Next thing I know she really is on top of me, and then it becomes intimate. I understand that some may think it is a "lucid dream". I use to think these occurrences was nothing but dreams. Until the following morning my Sister said "Who was that girl in your room last night?". She said she heard a girl in my bedroom, and heard us talking to one another. In fact me and this female did have a conversation. She was able to respond to the things I say. She was even speaking full sentences. Now not only things like this happen to me in my sleep it is starting to happen while I am awake now. I was talking to my family downstairs in the library and I was thinking of this tune. I caught myself thinking of it and started thinking "Why am I thinking of this?", So eventually I shrugged it, then it got to the point that it was playing?. We had no tv, radios, games or nothing on. My family said "what's that?, do you hear music?, where is that coming from?" the music was not coming from any specific location. It was like the music was just there. Has happened 3 times, only when I am around. I have had objects that I think about in my head appear in front of me without me really noticing. When I do take notice I'm like "okay?.", I once needed a pen to fill out some paper work. I had no pen. I thought about the pen I usually used. I looked everywhere for it. Asked my siblings have they seen my pen no one has seen it. So I sat down at the computer a bit disappointed that I had no pen. Then I moved my arm to try and open the desk drawer and my arm hit the pen I was looking for. I know for a fact that the pen was not there. Because I cleared the desk to find it. When I was younger I always wanted a I-pod. I was never allowed to have one because of grades. One day I came home to seeing a I-Pod on top of my tv. Later on that day my friend called me and asked have I seen his I-pod because he thinks he lost it during class that day. The I-pod had the same songs on it and I realized it was his I-pod. Now recently I have had another experience. This one I want to see for myself if I am really doing this or not. So for a week or so I created this female in my head. I gave her a name, a personality, and thought of a clear image of her in my head, and thought about how I really wanted this being to be. After a week or so, tonight I woke up again inside my body."Mind Awake, Body Asleep", I heard my name. I heard "Corey" in a females voice. I even smelled this perfume and my mind jumped a little bit because it was familiar, Very familiar and I opened my eyes and I saw her. This being I made in my head was no less than 2 feet away from me. Her image was the exact one I created in my head. Now this sleeping state I was in felt heavy, it is like having gravity push down on you so you can't stand up, I sat up and asked her name. She said her name. The exact name I have given her. I had a conversation with her for awhile. I asked her what does she want. "To protect you" the same thing I created her for. I chose protect because I just wanted to see if what I was experiencing is real or not, and I rather be safe than sorry. I touched her and when I did, I knew I wasn't imagining. I asked her to sit, and the bed sank like someone was physically there. Her skin was neither cold nor warm. I talked to her for awhile. Maybe 40 minutes until she was gone. When she left I was still in the same position I was in when I was talking to her. And I remember vividly of what we was talking about. She has no past memory. From what I understand she only knows what I gave her?, but she does have free will and she can learn. She is exactly what I made her. It is who she is. What do you think just happened?. I did some research and the only closest things I can find is about a old psychic medium who was able to play and manifest music without needing a instrument. I also found a article about a young girl from the past who was able to somehow take objects from a certain location with no ability to control it, and the object would manifest itself in front of her with witnesses around.

Even now I can see the girl I created clearly in my mind and following me. I can feel her presence.

What do you think this is, Manifestation? A bit of Telepathy?

I have many experiences but maybe I will post them another time.

Thanks for reading guys

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-09)
I've got your answers. Basically, you are using your mind to create at will your own protector. She is very real. And, she only will listen to what only you tell her. She has been developed by you and for you only. You can ask her to do many tasks for you. Just keep it simple. Ask simple qustions and make simple request at first. She needs to learn and develop herself. And, you are creating many other things too the same way. Ex. The pen & I-pod You have a great gift so use it in a positive way. If you need answers to questions you can ask her to get them. Ex. How does so & so feel about me? Or, you can request things from her. Ex. Go to so & so and give him/her a hug. Just give her exact instructions on how to comunicate with you. When your alone she can talk to you but in public maybe she should tug on your ear and than whisper the answer to you to let you know that she has completed her task. The possabilities are endless. Basically, you are creating a PSI ball with your mind. Once it (PSI ball) is created you can make it anything you like which you have done. That is basically it.
Now, you feel her presence because she will not stop following you until you tell her what to do. Tell her to stay in a place that you choose unless you call for her. Choose a place that she can stay that others won't walk into her or see her. And, just call her name when you need her.
Now, if you ever grow tired of what you have created you need to do something about it. You can slowly push her into the ground or ask her to dispose of herself. But, once disposed you can create a new one. The reason I say this is because you shouldn't have a lot of PSI's lying around. But, if you want to keep her that fine too. She can be your protector/helper for as long as you like.
Remember not to be afraid because it is you who has created her and other things. Also, be very careful who you share your information about your gift. Most people won't understand. Hope this helps.
Alcyone (3 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-08)
I read somewhere that our thoughts creates our reality, more like mind power I guess. So we must be careful in what we think about 'coz it could manifest.
Which reminds me of a quote from Buddha:

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."

Good luck with your ability hope you can use it for good:)
Snow333 (5 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-06)
wow this is very cool gift you have, I really hope you only use it for good. I don't know much about this one but if I was you I would try to find as much info on manifestation and maybe telekinesis. Go looking far back... In india they called people who could do this Gurus and they called the power siddhis. They described it as the mastery of the cosmic law of attration. If you can create the world create a better one.
Anonymity (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-06)
I do believe we have a similar gift and In writing this I think I discovered something that about a dream I had. (I can manifest things from my mind into the the spirit realm and create beasts of any size and number to protect me). I had a dream I was mad with power a city was burning people dieing and I was just looking unafraid when at the end of the dream I saw my self looking from afar inside a roman pool that was filling with blood the city now burning and I the one controlling these creatures with an almost insane grin clothed in what looked like embers from the city began to laugh insanely and other me looked right into my eyes and I got this feeling that this other me was real and it new it. Along with LuminousFlow I ask what is this power. I am afraid of what I could become.

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