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Experiencing Unusual Happenings


Since I can remember I have always heard voices, not in a psychotic way but more as if I was hearing peoples conversations. I have also always seen "People" or "Figures" that quickly disappear after my first glance. I am very skittish and on most days I feel a presence of someone with me. I am actually experiencing that right now. As I have gotten older I am less frightened by the feeling but I still do startle easy. My Fiancé has stated on more than one occasion he has never met someone so skittish. I have never shared any of these things with anyone before except for when I was younger I confided in my very religious mother. She then preceded to pray every night that the voices come out of my head. That never worked and I never talked to anyone about it again. I have also experienced many unusual things in my childhood home. Lights turning on, cabinets opening, and even the drying door opening. Since moving I do not have those experiences anymore and the voices have quieted but I do still experience the voices from time to time usually when I am trying to go to sleep. I also still see things. My sister is very open about her experiences she seems to see things but not hear anything and my father has had some very intense experiences with both seeing and hearing. I have not shared my experiences with them. I feel like I'm crazy but I know I'm not. Anyone else experience these types of things? Any advice you can give me? Is there any way I can harness this ability to have something good come out of it?

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iScorpio (guest)
12 years ago (2011-10-17)
Can you explain the voices a little bit more? Are they from other people or people that passed? And do you hear them in your head? Just need to know.:)

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