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Visions Taking Over?


Good Afternoon, everyone. Ever since I was a little kid, I could sense the paranormal. I have been able to see auras and have been able to tell when something was wrong. But at this time, I thought this was normal; that everyone could see what I could see. I was wrong.

It all started in middle school. I was a first-year (6th grader) at the time. I had met a classmate in gym and we began talking. She had to explain to me that not everyone could see what we both saw. She told me that we were different. A 3 months after we began to hang out for some reason, my abilities advanced or upgraded. I can see and sense more things. And I started getting visions.

At first, everything was fine. They came whenever it was time. But then, I started getting visions more frequently. I am a third-year now in middle school and the visions are continuously. My so called "gifts" upgraded again. I am now able to touch things and have visions. I can now step anywhere and have visions. Many would think this is good. To me, it is not.

The visions make me live through everything. They have become more detailed. I'd be in the middle of class and then one minute I'm having a vision about being under a wooden floor the next I'm falling from a cliff. They over lap. When I stepped into the airport in New Orleans, I sensed death and saw blood everywhere.

It's really scaring me because I never know when they come. Whenever I try to suppress them, they end up giving me a headache or take over anyway- making me black out, causing me to become tired for weeks. Is this happening to anyone else? Advice is needed ^.^.

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Musician001 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-03)
Kasha, thank you for the advice. I'm glad you told me this, but I have a question: How is one chakra under energized or blocked? And how does one clear the blocked chakra?
kasha (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-01)
Hi Musician,

I'm not sure how to help you but I can give you some things to try.

One thing you could try is to ask that what you experience and your gift be filtered through your higher self. Your higher self is a part of you that is strongly connected to God, therefore the things you experience will be limited to that which is good for all including you.

There is a prayer I posted, which I think would be worth a shot.

Also someone with abilities that seem so strong would probably benefit from aligning yourself with Goodness. This means things as simple as declaring that you belong to the Light, going to holy or peace oriented places often and doing small acts of kindness regularly. As well be careful of the people you associate with, the music you listen to, as well as indulgence in drugs or alcohol. These things can make you weaker and expose you to more negative experiences.

The third eye headache, may mean that there is too much energy in your third eye chakra. The chakra associated with vision. Usually an imbalance in the chakra system is due to one chakra being under energized or blocked so another has to over compensate for it. A great way to balance the chakras is by focusing on developing your base or root chakra. AKA becoming more grounded. A great way to do this is pretty simple, eat clean healthy food, exercise regularly, and do simple household work, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening. Have some routine in your life.

Try the chakra test


I don't know how accurate it is exactly but I do feel it can provide a basic idea of what they may look like.

Well I hope you end up finding what works for you. As long as you stay positive and keep trying to help yourself you will find it. It is only a matter of time.

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