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Bad Dreams Followed By Earthquake


To make it simple, for quite some years I'm having nightmares about 2 to 3 days prior an earthquake happens. It really started with the huge tsunami years ago around Christmas. Since then it happens quite often, specially that earth quake are happening even more often than before!

My dreams are not about earthquake but about people being scared or I'm actually feeling their pain after their loss. I never been dreaming about any earthquake, but I see the result. The other night I was seeing a baby being saved, and it happens that they shown that on TV during the earth quake that followed my dream.

The worst was about the Tsunami, this was the strongest dream I have ever felt, I was in between people crying their loss but I was also feeling the pain of each single person around me.

The latest one was last week prior the earthquake in Turkey.

Wherever I am it happens, I'm travelling a lot for work and either I'm in Europe, Asia or the US I'm still having those dreams (or nightmare shall I say may be).

I usually wake up shouting in my bed and having this very bad feeling. At the beginning I thought it was due to what I had been eating but when I started noticing what the news was reporting I made the link. And so far it happens almost all the time.

Did you ever have those kind of feedback? If yes then any explanation? I'm not asking help, I'm managing it quite well, except my partner who has to hear me middle of night waking up and shouting;-)

I would love to have your feed back or if you have had such experienced or how could I try to leverage it by trying to have it during day time or try to have it for other type of event?


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Wiccanlight95 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-03)
I can relate to you alot. I haven't had so many dreams about earthquakes though, except one.
It was the earthquake that hit New York not for a very long time ago, followed by the storm Irene.

And another thing I can relate to your experiences is that whenever I have a really vivid dream I feel everyone's emotions and pain, and I just know it's going to happen.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-11-02)
Interesting. I wonder why it's earthquakes, and not say, hurricanes? Maybe because earthquakes are worldwide versus specific regions like other disasters like flooding and tornados.

I too dream on a global scale but it isn't restricted to earthquakes. I dreamt of planes flying into buildings prior to 9/11, earthquake dreams like you have, but I also see events that I think are going to be in our future like some type of large scale magnetic issue (electrical currents swirling against the ground perhaps from a large solar storm or pole reversal), a large uptick in tornadoes, even in cities that are not accustomed to having them, and even bigger earthquakes to come, like more 9.0's. I also dream of some devastating volcanoes going off.

It seems your empathy is strong enough to breach your own circle of relations. I have no doubt with the way things are heading, your dreams of this nature are going to increase ten-fold.

Thanks for sharing.

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