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First Sleep Paralysis Experience? 2


Now this is what I think might've been my true first sleep paralysis experience:

When I was younger, probably in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or not even in school yet I would go to my mom's room when I'd wake up in the middle of the night. I think I did it because I was scared or something; I don't exactly remember. Anyways, one of the times I decided to sit on the couch that I always pass on the way to her room. When I wanted to get up I couldn't. My body felt literally glued to the couch. I couldn't struggle that well and I couldn't scream or anything. Just then, the light in the hallway between my brothers' rooms turns on. The view from the couch is like this: the hallway is in the Northeast direction and you can only see the restroom door, the other bedrooms are hidden at opposite ends of the short hallway. I then see shadows or black silhouettes of two of my brothers appear in the short hallway. One of the silhouettes came out of one end of the hallway and the other from the other end. They were slowly walking in the hallway and about to turn towards me, and I think I woke up before anything else happened. My theory is that I was actually astral projecting without realizing it, and the fear that came to me prevented me from moving and I finally snapped back into my body. What I don't understand is why I got stuck on the couch in the first place; I don't recall being scared or nervous when I sat down on it. I have another reason that I think it was astral projection, but I will reveal that in my next Sleep Paralysis submission. Comments and opinions appreciated.

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