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I Never Thought It Was A Gift, It Was Normal. Any Ideas?


Ever since I was a little girl I have experienced what I call shadows moving around. In my childhood home there was also a poltergeist who would lift and move objects in front of my mam, dad and brother. My mam too had psychic dreams.

In this childhood home: One time I woke up 11am during the day and I was paralyzed and a black hooded figure of a woman was stood beside my bed, I never saw face or hair, you might not believe it but I just sensed she was female. In the reflection in the mirror she has white swirls or circles in a triangle shape of 3 on her cloak. She was gone.

I have seen many over the years, had psychic dreams that have come true, have tarot readings that come true and can sense things others aren't aware of. I used to think I was alone until I saw this website.

The last 2-3 years I have lived in the same house and saw them frequently, I was pregnant when I moved in and my son experienced something in his room at age 1 year old. I'm getting quite concerned now as I have never experienced anything quite of this scale, as I am being stroked and nipped, stroked on face and feet and nipped on feet. It hurts. It went on for 6 months so I sat up and said "Please leave me alone, I know you have every right to be here as I do and your welcome to be here, but please do not nip me and leave me alone." I laid down and went to go back to sleep, I felt one nip on my right foot and then a huge big pain shot through my left arm! It lasted 30seconds or more, just pulsating scolding burn and nip sensation. It had hit me!

My husband jumped up and we called a spiritualist and we placed a prayer and the star of David in a circle under our mattress and our sons. It calmed down for a while. It's coming up to my son's 2nd birthday and he has been screaming out at night and pointing in the dark towards corners of his room saying 'dad', he is at the age where is doing 'word grouping' using one word to describe certain things, like Dog, refers to a cat or a dog, mam means a woman and dad means a MAN.

I'm scared that my son may be being attacked too. I have never been attacked before and I don't know how to fight something you cannot even see at times? We feel there are at least 4 shadow ghosts in our present home and this is the 2nd time my son has had to sleep in our bed, very rare, but we are beginning to be frightened. I made it through, graps, pushes, noises, moving objects, and even me being hurt, but my son? Its breaking my heart.

I have never studied my psychic abilities, they have just been there, and I don't know anyone else who has similar abilities etc until I saw this website.

I am wondering what experiences people have had with shadow ghosts and if they have ever been hurt by them, if so how do you stop them from hurting you, and the spiritualist referred to 'it' as a Demon, but I'm not sure?

Thanks so much and I have millions of stories to write up and submit of my experiences in detail and I look forward to expressing them on this site.

It's not a one off ghost sighting or story, its real and its pretty terrifying at the moment. We're ready to leave, so anything that could help would be appreciated!



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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-03)
I feel for you, because I know how much demons hate us, and if we're not protected by a higher power (for me it's Jesus and the holy angels), they will stop at nothing to haunt and oppress us. Especially if we, or our ancestors, have opened a door to them, through practicing the occult, or other sins. For advice see my previous posts, and profile. God bless+ As you see, the spiritualist couldn't help at all... I would suggest you get advice and holy water, from a greek or russian orthodox christian priest, he'll be glad to help you, because he can! Trust me! I know! And you won't have to pay him thousands of dollars either! God bless!

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