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The Strongest Pychic Connection I Have Ever Felt


I am 21 years old and I have been psychic for most of my life. I have had dreams that come true, sometimes about worldwide events such as the Chilean earthquake that happened 2 years ago for example. I also have dreamed of people dying who I later find out have actually died. I am an empath although this is mostly only with my family or people I am close too. My great grandmother was psychic and my mom is a little bit too. I occasionally see spirits although it is much more common to me to just sense their presence.

The problem that I am dealing with is strange to me and it is making me think that I am either delusional or just crazy. A few years ago there was a boy and his family who made the news because of something that occurred that affected him and his family. I remember watching the coverage but not really thinking much about it at the time. I was 16 and promptly forgot about it. Several years later after this (a few days ago) he randomly popped into my head again and I looked him up on line. The family has done a few magazine articles and interviews over the years about the even that occurred but for the most part they keep their privacy. I was totally unprepared for my reaction upon watching the interviews.

I felt something that I have never felt before. The connection I felt between me and him was astounding. Like I said I have only seen him through the TV screen but I felt close to him in a way that I have never felt towards anyone before in my life. He is one year younger than me and is now an adult compared to the first time I saw him on the news. It sounds stupid but looking into eyes touched me in a way that I can't describe. I have watched every interview that he and his family have ever given (which isn't a lot) and I felt the connection the entire time. It was so emotional in a way I have never experienced before. It is hard to put into words how I felt and just how close I felt to him.

I am emotionally connected to my family psychically. I have shared dreams with my siblings, I know when someone is sick. I think of the connection I have with them as a sort of sting that goes from my chest to theirs and, when I focus on it, I can feel the string/connection in my chest linking us together. I was abroad all of last year and when I was feeling homesick I let myself feel this connection and I felt a lot closer to my family. It helped me feel less lonely while I was way.

I mention this because I feel that I have this same connection with this man as I do my family but I have never met him and the link is the strongest I have ever had. I cannot read his thoughts or receive his emotions but I feel extremely connected to him in a way I have never felt towards anyone before. The connection is so strong I can feel it sitting heavily in my chest. Since I fist looked him up again a few days ago this connection has not left me. He lives several states away from me. As crazy as it sounds I feel like we are met to be together. I know it sounds delusional but I can stop thinking about him and these last few days have totally overwhelmed me. I have cried over how strong this connection is that I feel. I am quite sure that he has no idea that this is going on and yet at the same time I am having these compulsions/ reoccurring thoughts that I need to move to his state so that I can meet him.

It sounds absolutely insane but I can see us falling in love and marrying. I can see us as we will be when we are middle aged and older. I can see the children we will have. I keep telling myself that this is just craziness but for some reason I can't get these thoughts out of my mind. This has all happened in only a couple of days which makes me feel even more crazy. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and confused. Last night I asked God to give me a sign if what I am feeling is genuine and he appeared in my dream although I keep telling myself that this only because I have been thinking about him so much lately. I have never been in love and yet I feel like that is what this is. I have always known that when I eventually find my husband that we will have a psychic connection.

Is is possible that that is what this is? That I have found the person that I am meant to be with even though we have never met or seen each other? This is what my thoughts keep coming back to but I can't figure out if this is my ability letting me know that I found the one or if I am just delusional.

If anyone could give me advice or let me now if you have heard of something like this happening before I would be really grateful. I am feeling very overwhelmed right now and hoping that some of you could reassure me that this is not as crazy/strange as it seems.

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dorarosenbaum (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-12)
I think it is very cool you decided to send a letter. I also like your approach to the internships. Que sera, sera, as my mom says. Your post really resonated with me. You seem so much like me! I just wanted to add a little different perspective to these already great comments. Sometimes people come into our lives, and we feel a very powerful pull to them. I don't think this automatically means they are the "One," or our soulmate. I think sometimes it just means there is something we need to do together. That for whatever reason our paths must cross. When whatever has happened that needed to happen, then these pulls can weaken. This doesn't mean that you aren't meant for each other. Maybe this young man is your soulmate. Maybe he will be a good friend. Maybe his girlfriend (if he has one) will become one of your best friends. Maybe he will inspire you, get you a job, etc... But for some reason, you are being pulled to him. Take a deep breath, and embrace your empathy candidly. Explore all the different possibilities. Eventually, the right answer will come to you. You will feel it, and know it.
Bre (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-12)
Hi. I hope I helped you. I have always been known to give it as it comes to me. No sense beating around the bush. You sound like a very smart woman and you have so much ahead of you. Always remember... You are the prize. Never have someone in your life because you need them. Have them there because you want them there. The desire in you to find love, or that connection is closer than you think. I do see you moving and starting a new job, but guess what. I give it less than two months before you meet someone and less than six months before you are in a relationship. Its going to go really quick after that move, but it's going to be fun! Take care... God bless and good luck.
psygirl21 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-10)
Bre thanks for your comment. As regards to what you see I believe you are right as there was a small mention hinting at something like this back in 2010. I think they are still together. When I heard about this it upset me terribly but I've come to conclusion that this is something that I can't change. For whatever reason I feel this connection and that's all I know. All I can do is put myself out there by writing a letter. If he feels something he'll wright back, if not he won't. And if he doesn't, I still feel like there is a reason that I feel this way I do although I am not sure what that may be. I'm leaving it up to fate; whatever is ment to be will be.
psygirl21 (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-10)
thanks for both of your comments. As both of your advice was so different is really made me think. I have decided to just send a letter with a picture and leave it up to him if he wants to respond or not. As for moving, before all of this I already knew for a fact that I would be moving out of state sometime this summer although I have not come anywhere close to deciding where exactly. The reason for this is that I am looking to apply for internships. I hadn't even thought of looking for internships in his state before this. What I have decided to do is look for internships in his state as well and apply for some. If I get accepted I will go there, if not I go to wherever I get accepted. I've decided to tempt fate a little by sending the letter, whatever happens after that is up to fate. Thanks for replying, both of you, it really helped me calm down and actually sit back and think about things for a bit
Bre (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-10)
Well, sweetie, I'm with AnneV. I believe we never forget those we love. I also believe we are capable of many loves. What you are feeling is from your point of view. You expect he will understand your point of view and reciprocate. Please, please, be careful with assumptions and expectations. You expect he will feel the same. He may not. Then he may.
What it comes down to, don't look for someone else to fulfill you. Do your best to find what you want to do and soar. If you are happy with yourself, the right relationship will be there. You said you've never really been in love, so you don't really have anything to compare to.
I'm going to throw it out there for ya. I get good information (I have fans). I am not trying to persuade you for or against. I am going to tell you what I see. You may or may not find out if it's right, but when I reach out I feel like he's in a relationship with a young woman who is going to college. I wouldn't be surprised if they were engaged, but waiting until they are out of school. I could be wrong. I might be right.
Before you jump into this dream take a real good look at yourself. What you are feeling is real, but it's yours and fate may have a reason for you to remember a connection, but don't live your life assuming he will know you and change his life for you.
I'm with AnneV. Write a letter. If he answers it was meant to be. If he doesn't that does not make what you feel any less real. But it will give you something to compare to when the right man, whoever he may be, comes along.
megamrsadams (7 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-09)
wow this just puts a big ol grin on my face. I also feel we have a lot in common. I am 18 years old and me and my mother are both psychic. A couple years ago I met this guy who now is my best friend. I had never talked to him in my life. When our eyes connected I felt, drawn, almost like reconnecting with a very old friend. I told him about this feeling a year after we had met and he told me he had felt the same, that somehow our souls knew eachother and that it was like a reunion when we first met. This connection you talk about I have never fully experienced it the way you are but I am experiencing a soulmate. What annev describes is this unbreakable love. And that is something everyone should have. My advice, act on it. Start an adventure. Life will work it out. You just have to put your but in that rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. One thing I would say differently then annev is don't start out with a letter. Or if a letter send a picture of your face. In our world today people think the worst of others (insanity). The first time he hears from you he should see you. Your eyes. Good luck on your journey girl!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2011-12-09)
In my 46 years on this planet, I've come to see a few trends when it comes to relationships. The ones that are meant to be, you can't separate the two no matter what and usually from the beginning. The ones that are not, simply fall away and usually there is much fighting, discord and even abuse. When the two people meet that are destined, it just falls together. Sure they will have their ups and downs but the bond between them is undeniable and usually unbreakable. You can separate them, put obstacles in their way but they will still come full circle and unite.

Is this scenario you and this guy? Only time will tell. My step sister felt this same way about Val Kilmer, moved to his state and even met him. But in no way were they destined to be together and that's as far as it went yet she felt in the deepest regions of her heart that he was her soul mate.

It has always been my postulation that soul mates do not exist. We have soul favorites and soul groups and we continually reincarnate to spend time with them, but we are all part of the ONE so ultimately, there is no one soul more ultimately connected than another (not to mention the life scenario where you reincarnate as the same sex, or as siblings or one is a parent - then that kind of puts a kibosh on the soul mate thing). After eons of life experiences we can even merge back to the whole. So why do we pursue with such passion those we want to complete us? Well, many reasons. Karmic ties that have to be lived out. The destiny of bringing life forms into this world and that partner fulfills part of that destiny. Because we think we're not whole and we need to work though that lesson, companion ship and so on.

Do what you want to do. If you want to move then move. Personally I'd start with a letter but I'm more moderate in romantic terms because my viewpoints come from a different place. But destiny will play out. You can be all gung ho and he may or may not reciprocate. These truths will become self evident. Take a time out and look at you and not him for a day. What is it you think will be fulfilled? What is inside of you that seeks him out in particular? Are you whole unto yourself?


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