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A Not So Thin Black Fog Possibly Covering The Whole World


Lately I have been noticing a black thin fog in the air. At first I thought it was my eyes- (I actually when to my eye doctor two day ago for this problem and turned out I have perfect vision) so I knew it was NOT my eyes. Second I thought it was the weather since it was raining and the sky was grayish, but it is not the weather since we had a nice/clear/sunshine day and the fog was still there. I asked my parent if they can see this fog and they said NO. A week has passed and I went outside just to get a quick breathe of cold air and noticed that fog and out of nowhere I was struck with this question "Can that be the astral plane or some sort spiritual plane". As I'm typing this, I feel a strong presence behind me, giving me this burn feeling inside me, feels like it doesn't want me to write about this and to make this worst I'M AT WORK! Also, there are this whitish/blush spark in the air. I know I have read some post about some people able to see them as well, and honestly I don't know what they are, but they might be either spiritual energy, life energy, but since I have become more aware of my surrounding, I am asking myself, "can this spark of energy be keeping both our plane and fog- which I think is another plane- for colliding with each other". If you have had any experience like this, please share or if you know something, let me know. Also I am pretty sure I've seen this "thing" or maybe people move on that plane. As of right now, I just remember, the news about some people disappearing from plain view, some people said they were drug to another plane/world and they can be heard screaming and asking for help. GOSHHH I am scaring the heck out of me.

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Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-20)
from what I been reading, it seens that earth uprising vibration might be causing, other spiritual plane to show. Sometime I ask myself, if the human race is ready to face w/e is on the other plane, knowing how people react to the unknown, is going to be SHOCKER!
air24aceshawn (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
Do not let death bother you. For I have dreamed of him myself. I was dead for 10mins. I have bad lung problems. Ever since I have dreams of peoples death. My exgirl friend died with me in my dreams. An so have others. I have had dreams of being death himself. Hes will is. So do not fear it.
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)

About 3 weeks ago I was on the turnpike on my way to my sisters. Well, right after the airport I noticed a black thin whispering fog in the sky. It was sort of in the shape of a small cloud but black. Not moving much as a normal cloud would do. It was also a windy day too. I became curious about it and started to try to see what it could be. The best I could find that it may be the wind spirits. Most planes leave a whitish trail so I don't think it was that.
Also, the earth is surrounded with a magnetic field that all living things interact with. Maybe there was a clash of water and electrical current that we are not aware of. I did see it but like you I'm still not sure what it was.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
Hi, I was just thinking about the same thing this morning at 6:07am as I saw the sky.
My feeling is a mixture that the energy
Has to do with humans aura's radiating this in the
Atmosphere. This is depicting the stress all people
Are sensing and going through due to economic change.
Some of this depicts the conflict and shades of spirit
We as humans radiate.

As for it being a specific fog to keep back the tide
Of change that is to be ushered in.
Nothing will hold back the spiritually change.
When it rips it will come in bucket loads, to those
Whom have prepared.

AnneV had replied to a different post and stated that
She thought demons would be more common.
I too believe this will occure, since during
These days, we can choose to move toward the light, or
Toward the dark.

I do carry hope and anticipation that even though
The world as we know it will change: the change is not
All bad. With this will come Large steps in the spiritual realm, easy access for those whom choose
To to press and overcome. This is a difficult road
To travel to gain acess to light/love/and spiritual.

I really believe we as humans have such potential,
We have to get past the fear and any type of thinking
That puts us in a fear and helplessness.

I'm not saying there will not be disasters, and loss of life, this has always been with mankind and will
Continue, and at times, there will be many crossing
Over. As odd as it sounds it is like the circle:life,death re-birth into spirit from which we

We'll I'm sure others will give your their feelings.
And they will differ, or possibly add.

Good journey

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