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Am I Going Crazy?


My Sophomore year in high school, I worked at a haunted bookstore. My coworker had told me that weird things happen all the time. One night we were closing up, a book fell off of a shelf in the back of the store. I was terrified! I just stood there for what seemed like forever, staring towards the back. Then all of a sudden, a white orb shot across the room. After that happened, we went home. But the weird thing is, before she told me it was haunted, I would get a weird feeling in the break room. I always felt like I was being watched by someone when I was the only one there. The store is very old. It is one of the original buildings in my city. I think it followed me home because one night towards the end of summer, I was watching tv in my room. It was around 4am. I started getting a feeling like someone was in the room with me. I have a long mirror on the wall behind my bed and the tv got really bright for a brief second. I had my sight on the opposite wall, in front of me. When the light got bright, I saw a dark shadow figure of a person on the wall. I swear, it looked like it could've been a man, but I'm not certain. So I just blew it off. Later, I felt someone sit on the bed right next to me. I felt the "body" against my side. I didn't know how to react, so I just moved. I decided to go to sleep. I left my tv on. I was laying on my stomach with my feet hanging off the edge of the bed and I felt 3 taps on my right foot. I acted like I was asleep. Then I felt a hand go up my left thigh. I ran out so fast! After that, I had my mom sleep with me a few nights when I wasn't comfortable. And one night she was with me, we were both asleep and then I was woken up by I don't know what. A millisecond later, my bed gets kicked. My mom of course didn't wake up, It almost seemed like the ghost was taunting me... I would get poked all over my body while I was trying to fall asleep and one time it blew on my face. On random nights I will feel a presence in my room, but it is my room only. I don't get that feeling anywhere else in my house. And now I'm having even weirder experiences... In the middle of the night, I'll wake up, but not really and I feel a tingling feeling throughout my body and I'm paralyzed! It happens several times. My vision is blurry, but I know my eyes are closed. When I first started having these I would get a painful prickly feeling in the middle spine area. Now I just get a tingling sensation and I'm paralyzed. If anyone can relate to this please email me and tell me what is happening with you or if you can explain what is happening to me: mslindsaykovaly (at)

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Eagleclaw (386 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-15)

My childhood home was also one of the 3 oldest homes in the city. And it too was very much haunted. So, I understand what you are experiencing.
This spirit has most likely taken a liking to you. You are probably very sensitive to spirits. For some reason he is really trying to get your attention. Maybe he has something to say or ask you. Maybe he doesn't know what happened to his home or himself. You can always tell him to leave you alone if you want to. He will listen. I also think you should look into the history of the building to see if he lived there or worked there. You may find out that the building was something else many years ago. Hope this helps.

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