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Blue Transparent Misty Human Shaped Figure Stood By My Bed


This might sound quite farfetched, but it actually happened to me. It affected me so much that ever since, I have slept with the light and TV on when I am on my own.

On this particular night (10th March 2011) I had gone to bed about 10, and spent an hour chatting to my husband, then for about the next hour and a half was struggling to get to sleep, I kept drifting off then suddenly waking, and felt very warm and clammy. At precisely 3.45am I was woken by this extreme cold, I was facing my husband who had his back towards me. Suddenly I got this overwhelming sense of someone being stood behind me, I turned my head and there was this fully formed figure stood leaning/floating over me.

The only way I can describe the figure (which I am aware sounds nuts) is it looked like Spiderman in his costume (all blue but with no features, but well formed with toned arms etc.) but unlike spiderman, this figure was kind of misty and transparent, and I could see what looked like red veins like I could see inside it. As I turned it started leaning more and I almost had a heart attack and was screaming so loud that my husband woke up in blind panic thinking someone (a burglar) was in the room. He was holding me trying to protect me and calm me, and the figure remained for a couple of seconds more as I was shouting at it to go away. My husband didn't see a thing.

I have had a number of experiences where I have seen people, and once a floaty orange mist hovering over my husband, and also where I was outside my body in this same bedroom looking down at myself asleep. All frightened me, but none of those where as terrifying as this (for me anyhow).

These things don't happen often, sometimes many years apart, so its not like I am psychic or anything.

My reason for writing this is to find some kind of explanation, I have searched the internet and can only find experiences of shadows, orbs etc. But so far nothing that tells me what this was.

The only other thing was, I felt I knew this 'person' but I didn't know 'who' I thought it was. I don't think it was going to harm me, I was just gripped with fear as didn't expect to see it.

Can anyone offer any kind of explanation?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-13)
ScardyCat no it does not bother me seeing the
Family. It has only reinforced the belief
That love never dies.
When we need help, family does come to support.

I believe I wrote this a post in a reply to some one
Elses story. I had been going through a lot and went
To a church near my work 7am. I felt this pouring
Of energy and love & thought,"hum An Angel", since I heard a choir in another church at a diff time.

So just obsorbed the energy turned to leave and saw:
5 of my mom's family, Gramp's,Gran 3 of my uncles
And then knew it was them channelling energy to me.
I felt quite refreshed. Since I've been in UK
I've known they have been there for me.
ScaredyCat (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
Thanks so much for the further insights, I shall delve into some of the things you suggested. I thought 'the boyfriend' was saying it was time to die 😲 so maybe that is why I panicked.

What will the crystals etc. Do? Do they protect you from having any more experiences like this? Where would I buy them?

I have just read AnneV contribution on prediction, I shall read more later, and carry on research some of the other things you mentioned.

I have had the floating out my body once before. I had gone to bed after working night shifts, and it was around 1pm. I woke up and was hovering above my body (by about 10 inches) and facing upwards. Again I panicked, as thought I was in the dying process or something. What was odd was the bedroom was decorated completely different, kind of Victorian, with a distinctive dressing table etc. I started saying out loud "I'm not ready to go yet, there are things I need to do" (believing I was about to die) and started bouncing myself back into my body until I finally did - like a lead weight. It was very surreal. I jotted the dream down in my diary, and scribbled a picture of the bedroom. About 3 years later I was reading my diary sat on the same bed in the same room, saw the picture and realised it was almost identical to my current bedroom, same patterns on the walls, same dressing table etc. (The Victorian look was a trend back then in the 90s).

It sounds like you have quite a few of these kinds of experiences (seeing your grand parents and other family members). Does it not scare you?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
This what the boyfriend was saying: it is time!
This saying more pointedly you are ready, and "look"
Your Astral projecting. The various experiences are
Items I had mentioned on the prediction of AnneV in
December. Its very interesting because the times
I've had conscious projections I've saw my grandmother and grandfather with other family members
And they prayed in a very old language. Now my gran
Was Catholic, but I saw her praying to the sun.
And this was not the christian version.
I've seen energy resonate and classes of people learning. It's a very interesting place.

You just verifying what I believed to be true!
By your 2nd response.
Many people are ready, and will receive many activities in a matter of hours. That is what happened
To me last year, it is quite mind blowing.

There are some crystals you can impliment.
A few suggestions are quartz, Angel light,
Azurite, celestine. But put your hands over them and
See what they feel like and if you sense they cann help. Look into a pointed one and see if that helps
As your vibrations keep changing.

We are energy in a physical body, when entering into
A transfering of your consciousness.

There is times there can be a mind-split.

During an OBE a perfect copy of your thinking consciousness shifts with the projected double.

For a go to the head of the class you can google articles and replies by AnneV the owner/moderate of
This site.

The paralysis is common, to panic is normal, but if
You do some digging with the books, AnneV has recommended you will be telling lovely stories.

The feeling I get is you as all of us project during
Sleep. The Egyptians believed in this, and had techniques for doors, Wicca people practice on certain tides of the moon. Indigenous people believe this is the door way to the ancestors and Old spirit
Methology to connect to the sacred songs and ceremonies. I just put that out there to let you
Know this has gone on since man could speak and walk
The earth.
ScaredyCat (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
Hi, I have done some more research on etheric double (thanks PathR) and found some images that closely resemble what I saw: and (this is quite close if you add some red and orange colours to it). I have become more fascinated (rather than scared) by this now, and want to find out more... So research is continuing.

The orange floaty mist incident was quite an odd experience. I was woken by a smell of tobacco smoke, I was facing away from my husband at the time. It was around 3am. When I turned towards him, I saw this misty cloud floating over my husband, I remember instantly thinking (in my half asleep state) that it was his deceased father come to comfort him, then I went back asleep - not feeling threatened in any way. About 30 minutes later I was woken by this crushing sensation around my chest, and thought my husband was squeezing me, and was calling out to him whilst trying to free myself. Next minute I saw my first boyfriend (of about 25 years earlier who had passed away approx 10 years earlier) stood naked at the foot of the bed, saying "it's time now" it felt almost evil. Then in a split second, I was hovering above the bed looking down on myself and my husband asleep. I was floating backward towards the a corner, I was terrified and felt I had to get back in my body. I was shouting "help me" at my husband, and felt like someone was covering my mouth to muffle the sound. Eventually the sound came out and in that same second I was back in my body as the final cry for help came out.
Fergie1 (7 stories) (35 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-09)
It sounds to me, that you have some latent talents that you should explore. I have no idea what your 'figure' is, but the orange floaty mist thing, could you be seeing your husbands' aura? Seeing yourself from outside your body, that has to do with astral travel.
Hope this gives you some leads to look up.
Lots of luck. 😊 😕
ScaredyCat (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-15)
Hi PathR,

Thanks for responding. I have never heard of this term and so followed your link, also did a wider search and found it fascinating. I am still unsure what it actually means in my case. Does it mean its not something I should be scared of?

I have noticed of late that almost every night without fail, I wake myself up in conversation with someone (but normally fall back to sleep quite quickly). I'm not scared by this, and have given it little thought thinking maybe its stress or over tiredness. I wondered if it was connected in any way? Or maybe its a sign that madness is finally setting in 😆
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-14)
Sounds as if you were seeing a humans "Etheric Double"

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