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I am now 23 years old and I've been having these premonitions since I was like eight. It started out when I was sound asleep I had a dream of a dog getting hit by a red ford truck, well okay I just thought it was a bad dream so I told my dad and then a few hrs. Later we went to the store and well needless to say it happened my dad was like didn't you tell me something about you dreaming this I told him yes daddy and that's the truck well he thought that was strange and so did I. But at 12 years old I had a dream his car caught on fire and well first everything was fine but then a week later his car caught on fire so a lot of my dreams came true now as I said I am now 23 and I still dream a lot sometimes they come true and sometimes it's almost as if I think about that dream long enough it won't come true every now and then I will say things to someone and after I do I will look at them and be like "did I already tell you that", and they would tell me no so once again I knew that I was dreaming it this hole time. But it's not just dreams sometimes it's like I do things that I thought I had already done earlier in the day or the day before at first it was real weird but I kind of got use to it at about age thirteen I think that maybe it a coincidence or maybe it a sign that we need to figure out on our own so in our mind we are reliving a moment when in all reality we are living our subconscious and living that actual moment that we dreamed or saw for the first actual time it's a gift but it is not fun

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