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A History Of Weird Experiences - Related?


I'm not quite sure where to begin in this, so I'll start from my earliest memory and move forward, though I'm not sure that all is related.

The first time that I remember sleeping in my own bedroom was when I was probably 5 or 6. (It was upstairs.) I lay down in my bed and in the windows across the room, I saw a shadow behind the shades, in the EXACT shape of a top hat. That was the last time I slept in that room, refusing to even though my parents said it was "only the trees." Even at that age I realized that tree branches do not form perfect recognizable shapes.

The next odd thing that I remember was when I was probably 9 years old. I was sitting in the bathroom, and looked up at the mirror in front of me. I saw the bluish-purplish face/neck/shoulder of a woman that looked like she was trying to struggle out of the mirror. It really appeared 3D. To my knowledge, I have not had any hallucinations in my life.

At some point in my life, I woke up (though it could have been a dream, I suppose) with the most intense fear I have ever felt in my life. It appeared that there was a black spot in the corner of my room. Not exactly solid, but not shadow either. Just, blank.

Between the time when I was 12-14, my electronics always acted strangely. It came to the point where we'd come home and find my stereo on, and BLARING, when it had previously been off. My tv would turn on sometimes, or refuse to turn off when I tried (the off part I think might have been the switch, I was the only one that could keep it off. It would pretend to turn off and then come back on as you walked away.). Also, the stereo would randomly switch volume sometimes when it was on. This has happened since then also, but only when I've felt extremely hyper-active or emotional. I brought my dad's laptop upstairs at some point, and was getting progressively more distressed at something, and the computer started buzzing louder and louder, and eventually froze. I was wondering if it was somehow seriously my fault, so I calmed myself down, and then it was okay.

Most of this went away for awhile, or at least I didn't notice it. What I did notice was the reoccurrence of the number 27, and then many other strange coincidences that are too many to recount.

Skip forward a few years, and I went to visit a friend in Bangor, where in the house that I stayed at, both the other people that lived there did "spiritual work." One of the nights there, by myself (also in an upstairs bedroom) I saw a shadowy figure outside the window, wearing a top hat, except this time I saw almost the entire man. (I'm assuming it was a man.) The strange part is, that finally I looked this up on Google and typed in "shadow man w" and the first thing that came up was "shadow man wearing a top hat."

In Bangor, everything seemed to come to a peak, then I lost it for quite some while afterwards. At some point I was sitting in the dark, with two colored pencils, seeing if I could discern which one was which by feeling the colors (didn't work) but instead, as I was waving them around, I started to feel a magnetic energy between them, pushing and pulling! Only for about a half-inch around them though.

Also, walking around, I would suddenly glance up, right into the eyes of someone that was in a corner, or in a store, that was staring right into my eyes. (That's just creepy, probably unrelated.) But at certain places, I started feeling apprehensive even when there was nothing apparently going on. I felt like I was in danger, for no reason. And there would be almost a border of that area, where I would start feeling normal again.

The weirdest part, to me at least. I began to feel like there was an entity with me, or multiple possibly because I felt uncomfortable at some points, and very cared for at others.

This part might sound dumb but, I was about to try to fix a tattoo that I had made years before, with a safety pin and ink, and I was debating the best way to do it, and it flew out of my hand and across the room. It seems that whatever this is tries to protect me, because quite often I've gotten myself into predicaments that should end terribly, and then something "random" happens and I seem to get the best possible outcome.

Above all, I gave up trying to tell my mother this because either the phone would die, or she wouldn't be able to hear me, and twice her alarm system in her house went out for some reason. I'm wondering why I'm not supposed to tell her all this.

I just remembered something else, being maybe 4 and playing in my backyard, I heard someone or something whispering my name, and I tried to climb over our fence because I *knew* it was important. (I never made it.)

Also, quite often when I'm in a dire emotional state, sobbing uncontrollably or whatever (I can't just be sad, it has to be INTENSE.) the weather ends up POURING rain. And a few times when I've been angry, fighting with my boyfriend, the winds outside would pick up to a scary degree. I can't do any of that on purpose.

I'm basically asking for advice, as to whether I can somehow tie all this together, or if it's random and jumbled and unrelated, or I'm reading too much into it.

Thanks to any and all who actually made it this far.:)

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