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Welcome Sweet Non-existent? Intro to Me


That's what I say everyday when I wake up, after all what I am is supposed to not exist. Psychics, those with power over the world we know? I say ha! So then what am I really? Someone person, picked out of a crowd to do the impossible? Again I reject that title. So then one might ask what I am. If you were to ask me, not of my gender, not of my religion, not of my race but of what I call myself, what would I say? That is a tough question and yet the only answer I may muster "A Seeker."

"Blah," someone may say "Why not just say that then?" Well why would I? Because I cannot call myself a psychic, what does that do? Nothing but a title many have given themselves, and that is fine and it makes me happy that people can be satisfied but yet, I cannot. So why am I here? Good question and here it is.

Although I have been a Seeker all my life I had not discovered my ability to utilize the paranormal (If you can call it that. It has always existed scene life, so what makes it "Para") until recently. In truth I did not discover to my ability but rather how to access it; if we all have souls, in other words spirits, then why can't we all do the "impossible?" So if you would please allow me to take some of your time to explain.

I am currently fifteen years (I'm going to start writing "my age", so it doesn't take me to long) and I have just discovered my "abilities" as I mentioned above. I had always had "paranormal" experiences throughout my life; weekly deja-vu, things going wrong around me, electronics breaking in my area, shadows appearing around me. So to say the least I've had my fair share of the "paranormal" but hey most would say that I'm a bit "abnormal."

And then about 3 months ago I decided to turn the tables and chase after the "otherworldly" that bothered me and well.... I had a conversation. After trying to make contact with a spirit inhabiting my friends house (who is psychic; I use that word as that is how she identifies) we sat quietly pondering over it and me, meditating, heard a voice in my head. I asked it if it was the apparition we were trying to contact, the answer, yes. My thought was if I could talk in this manner then I should be able to channel it though my being; my speech was immobilized from the shock. So I asked the spirit if it would like to use my body to communicate with the others (3 of us in total) and it took me up on my offer. I was scared to death; suddenly my body felt frozen and my breathing reduced to about what you have during the deepest mediation. I wanted it to stop so I started telling this spirit to stop but it (I do not wish to revel any information about the spirit therefore I'm avoiding pronouns) refused to listen. So with all my might I yelled stop, it was out. I had forced the spirit out of my body. If that wasn't amazing enough the others heard my complete conversation. We then knew it was possible to talk from mind to mind. My first ability.

My next ability came from an idea. One of my friends became extremely gifted at opening the connection between her and others for communication purposes, something I am still having much trouble with and then I had an idea. When connected I can see the connection when I close my eyes, it looks like a thick blue wire moving freely in the air. My thought was "maybe I can follow the wire to its source." It took many, many tries but soon I got it. So now I learned how to do what I call "Tracking" it works about 80% of the time.

Other abilities have come and gone like the wind like Telekinetics and "third eye time travel," in both cases I had no or next to no control over. But there is one more I forgot to mention, one that has got me thinking.

"The Healing Pendent" as I call it is probably the most amazing thing I have accomplished (ok true saying I forgot about it was for suspense purposes.) What "The Healing Pendent" is, is exactly what it says. Two weeks ago I bought a pendent with a crystal in it and I decided to test my theory of putting energy into any object, something I could carry around with me. As I meditated that night I visualized my energy flow into the pendent as I chanted "Take my energy, store it for another time" I soon went to bed, never looking at the pendent and holding it my hand until and during sleep. The reason I did the second half the ritual is that more energy flows into your body at night though the chakras so I figured my body would go on auto pilot from my desires and as for not looking at it, superstition.

The next day I noticed the pendant's crystal had turned blue. It wasn't until days later that I saw it for what it really was a "Healing Pendent" not just storage for my energy. About 3 days later for the first time and noticed I felt drained the instant I did, upon putting it back on, I was reenergized. The next period (yes I was in school) my friend was complaining of a headache so I figured why not? I had him put it on, telling him I wanted to see something, I did. Instantly he said "My headaches gone." That got my attention.

Throughout the day I had various friends put the pendent on and all but one reported feeling stronger and more energized. The one that didn't runs on negative chi energy, which we had established beforehand, she felt drained. I could easily repeat this feat it is not hard but I want to make sure my body is full restored before I do it. I have drained the pendent, I learned that I should take it off during heavy activity (although my stamina was increased when it was on.) I have much more to say about this topic but I will reserve it for another post because I probably boring everyone reading this by now.

What is really on my mind thou is that I and my friend seem to be developing very quickly. Is this uncommon or is this normal for people in touch with these things.

I would like advice, comments, and questions on all of these issues if you would very kindly do so. Just so you don't have to look back, these were things that I have talked about.

Spirit encounter



"The Healing Pendent"

Come and go abilities: Telekinetics and "Third eye time travel"

Thank you for reading I will be active under this posting. And Thank you again!

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DragonAndFire (4 posts)
13 years ago (2008-11-09)
oh wow you are good, and I also tried putting energy in to rocks, and yeah this works very well. Even so, I have not done exatly what you by wearing them in my sleep, but I will try thanks to you.
Yeah I too thik that the teens of this generation are developing much quicker than ever before. I have noticed that a good few of my friends are also "psychic" and "seers". It does seem like to me that you are a "natural", which to me means that you are more intune with (I know this has to sound funny) but hunter skills, but in the psychic sense would love to work with yeah one day
M (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2008-01-14)
amazing, but it seems to me, that our generation, I am a teen as well, is gifted. Not only are we developing faster, but we're also more aware and embracing of our natural abilities than generations before us. Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone else think it's true?

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