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Results of the New Hampshire Primary


This dream was the night before the New Hampshire primary. This dream has been a very clear dream and it was quite fast but it happened and I remember it very clearly. It was a a blueish and greenish graph. The graph had lines on the horizontal plane and Senator Hilary Clinton was in the middle and she had the highest bar and it started to grow. Senator Barack Obama had the bar on the right and he was second and former Senator John Edwards had the bar on the left and his was the lowest concluding it being in third.

Hilary - first

Barack - second

Edwards - third

On the top it had a words but it was blurring and when I woke up I remember the dream and it had two words, the first one showed just as "New" and the second one long such as "Hampshire..."

I woke up and this dream has staying in my thoughts until now and surprisingly the next day it happened.

I have never really had a dream like this, this has been the first time and I often have wondered if I were a psychic. Maybe you guys could leave me comments on what I should do or what kind of dream this is because I am new do this stuff.

My other experiences were:

I predicted it was going to rain and a couple hours later it rained.

Also one time I was in my room and I hear someone call my name and I go to my dad since he was in the kitchen and ask him if he called me and he said no but he was going to right before I came.

Another time I have had my name whispered in my ear. Like it so clear like a male human but of course it was nothing I was home alone.


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