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Am I So Strange


For as long as I can remember, I have been having/seeing things that some have considered to be unusual. If it weren't for the fact that I have been dealing with it most of my life and talking to others who have experienced the same, I would agree with the others.

It has been going from what I recall as me being about 3 years old. But, that is just the start of this tale of my life. The very first time I remember anything, even though I have been told by family members that I was doing it much longer, was when an Aunt of mine was in an accident and I thought I was dreaming. I ran into the kitchen and told my mom and grandmother. I remember telling them that I saw my aunt being pulled out of the car and being rushed to the hospital. They both told me it was a bad dream and that she was fine. They got a call roughly about 20 minutes later from the hospital asking my grandmother to come to the hospital. She got off the phone and looked at me like she was saying, "no way. There is no way you could of known that." My mom asked what was going on and my grandmother told her, she then looked at me as well and shook her head. When we arrived at the hospital, the police pulled my grand-mother off to the side and explained in detail what had happened and what was going on. Later that night when I was supposed to be in bed, I snuck out and heard the adults talking about my aunt and what had happened. My grandma just kept saying that there was no way I could have known such things.

This is just a start. I have more to share with whomever is willing to listen of help me to either settle with the choices I have made in my life or tell me "Am I So Strange..."

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rtomlink9 (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-22)
hey you can email me at rtomlink9 [at] yahoo if you want. I have had visions of places and people my whole life and have been spot on with every single thing and it freaks me out. Feels like my body is on fire when I see things. I've only talked to my mom about these things and need someone to talk to that doesn't consider me wierd.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-03-20)
If being psychic makes you strange, then a lot of us here are strange. However, being that I've conversed with hundreds just like you, it's not strange at all. Society is just now coming out of the dark ages of fear based religion. You're free to be whatever you wish to be and your choice is personal to you. Why you need validation from anyone outside of yourself is for you to reflect on. You sound like a strong person with a clear mind. Be true to yourself! This is your life, experiment, have fun, and be the boss of your own life and not fold up and live under the mental rule of others. You'll be in a mental prison otherwise. All of us should be free to be our true selves. I personally wouldn't let anyone tell me who to be, take their closed minded opinion as some validation into a reality that has nothing to do with me. You, me and everyone on this website is a microcosm of 'All That Is' and is capable of miracles, time travel, out of body travel, telepathy, healing and so much more! No one is any less special than another person. We are all equal, just unfolding at different rates.

Stories differ but the inner Being qualities are all the same. It's just a matter of degree as to how much a person releases the barriers after having grown up in a very limited, mind controlled society.
Thanks for sharing.

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