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A Mother's Advice


I hope I am posting this in the right place if not let me apologize now and please someone point me in the right direction.

Well I guess to start this I will tell you a little about me. My name is Melanie and I have more people I love and care about on "the otherside" than here in our physical realm. I have always throughout my life been what I just call "connected" to certain things and people. My Ex-husband being one of them (we are still really good friends and have 2 beautiful daughters together). It would drive him crazy sometimes to get home and find out I knew something had happened or he had done something before he even opened his mouth to tell me what had happened. He hated it and still does sometimes.

Anyway, I just thought it was because I was so connected to him. Over the years things have happened and I would just do a double take and be like whoa how did I know that, of course then I would shake it off and go on about my way. Well over the years at about age 27 I lost my mother. She was the one person in this whole world I was connected to. Around the same time I also lost my grandmother, my husband's grandmother (who was like mine). I also lost my natural father and 2 grandfathers within 2 years. Then my marriage split. Anyway I was pretty numb for awhile I had to be. I just went through the motions of living, and would cry myself to sleep more than once.

My mother (her name is or was Betty I still think of it as IS). Of course gave me advice after advice through the years. As her daughter sometimes I would listen sometimes I wouldn't. There has ALWAYS been one piece of advice she gave me she would repeat all the time and it was so out there I sometimes I would just agree and say yeah sure and then sometimes I would just ask her what does that mean? As a mother I guess she wanted me to figure it out or at least that is what I thought. The advice she always gave me was. "LEARN TO BE STILL".

I was watching a show on T.V. Here recently about a medium. I had been wondering through the years if I always thought sometimes I am more open to things around me why the hell didn't she try to communicate with me or someone if she can't just me. We both always believed this is possible. Why? Well, I just started crying watching this person on T.V. Wondering why not me? And then I don't know if I hear it feel it or what but whatever it is it is as clear as day, I hear BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT LISTENING. LEARN TO BE STILL. So I guess it has been me all along so now I am here and I am listening I don't know if I will ever get to communicate with HER. But now I know she is here and one day I will see her again. And finally I am "still" and know what you meant all these years. Now to find out if the abilities I have had through the years get stronger or what they do. But I will keep you posted. I LOVE YOU MOM!

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-28)
melanie_1974 I believe the point your mom said
Is very profound, "Be Still".
In many eastern thought the psychic senses
Rise to the top when we clear the mind.

Some people use prayer, or chanting, meditations
To clear the mind, and emotions. And that's when
We connect to other spiritual planes.

That is my daily aim: Stilling the mind, and also
To train it.

It was lovely to hear you re-connected with your mom.


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