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Psychic Feelings With A Lover?


Ever since I met this guy, it was random and some funny and weird things have been happening. We got together, you can say in an unthought romantic endeavor and I began to realize I had these extremely peaceful and complete PURE feelings AFTER seeing him. I could be in the biggest stress ever and after meeting with him, I felt light and just at peace, PURE. I can't even really describe it, I just felt "complete". When we first kissed, he pulled back from me saying I gave him "chills"- I had no idea what he meant, but this one time I went to visit him because he was sick and that same night I got home, I had done such a good deed- I just felt "love" inside me, this energy in my heart. A WARM energy and as I fell asleep, I remember seeing a white orb making me open my eyes. I never knew what this orb was but it didn't scare me. It felt positive, I thought it was my feelings in physical form. I also noticed when we finally pushed the barrier and we hugged, he held my hand and I felt the most amazing connection ever. It was so beautiful I swear I cried (after thinking about it). He seemed to blend with me and we sort of became one.

Other things happened as well, such as coincidentally running into each other unknowingly places but I would always have these dreams. At first they didn't seem important or I thought it was me, but I always seemed to dream of him whenever we speak that day and couldn't see each other. They would be SO real, I'd waking feeling the same as if I had seen him. When things seemed to just get to be too much from me, I called things off. The day I called it off, he had called and my stomach felt like I had just been punched. I felt such guilt and just "BAD" but couldn't explain why, I couldn't stop crying and it didn't seem serious to him. I don't know if I picked up on his reaction or what?

Can anyone tell me what this might have been and why I may have experienced this with him? I've NEVER in my life experienced anything like it.

I kept dreaming of him even after the break up, around the days he'd usually call me. I even dreamed his final goodbye, I dreamed he wrote me a letter and professed his true feelings for me but how I wasn't accepting them, he left me alone. In real life, we had a discussion if he was really interested or not and he left me with a passionate kiss. I never saw him again. I broke up with him soon after.

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Kim23 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-06)
aww 9xthemantis, that is so cute! I'm glad I'm not alone. I really do feel that this guy had been a prior life mate of mine. So then both people do feel it then? I was always too scared to bring it up to him but I could just sense he "knew".

Hdefinition- I feel you on the premonition parts, I experienced them but it was almost as if he was trying to tell me his feelings towards me in my dreams- what I guess he couldn't do in real life.
9xthemantis (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-01)
Unbelievable would be an understatement. Afterwards, though when we had to go back to our separate lives, things have gradually changed -
9xthemantis (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-01)
!Things advanced to the level where she could easily astrally project to me. When we were truly focused at night, I could literally feel her touch or kiss on my skin! We also came to understand that we had known & loved each other in past lives (we both. When we did get to meet, albeit briefly- it was the greatest time of my life.
9xthemantis (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-01)
& although I wasn't even sure of her gender, at the time, I felt I could help & started to write her a PM. We had no idea, but she was doing the same to me! We grew so tight, so fast-knowing what each other was going through at any given time, even though we were 1100 miles apart! (cont.)
9xthemantis (6 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-01)
I am new here but oh so familiar with your situation, Kim23 - as, although I am much older, a few years back I met the 'lady of my dreams'. We met on the same website, where I was a Moderator. As I read some of her posts, I quickly realized she was going through many things that I had previously been through (namely head trauma).
hdefinition (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-30)
I sort of know where you're coming from... The whole seeing energy thing, that never happened to me. But I've had at least 10 premonition dreams about him and all of them have come true... And I'm waiting for the last one (which was a part of a spot-on streak of dreams that lasted 3 days in a row that all came true--except for the one where we get back together--but who knows, that could just be a part of my wants affecting the premonition:P

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