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Why Am I So Weird?


I was hoping that you could share some wisdom. I have dreams every once in awhile that come true. A Long time ago I was meditating, stopped, looked up and saw a shadow standing and holding something. I ran out of the room!

Last year my channel would turn itself. Then I started to foresee earthquakes. Usually A day before I would out of nowhere get an anxiety attack and the word "earthquake" would pop up in my head. The next day there would be one.

Next, I started seeing repeating numbers, mostly 1111. My mom didn't believe me. One day in the car everything turned off, radio turned itself back on and the time said 2:22. I was at work, I was asked about my dream vacations. I went to sleep, woke up to a channel showing the giant tsunami in Japan. Every place that was hit by a tidal wave, was the place that I mentioned I wanted to go. The numbers began to stop.

I started to experience involuntary O.B.E. I would feel like I am being pulled from my body, but each time I would be too afraid to open my eyes. One time I felt and heard the vibrations as I was floating above. Another time I fell asleep when I was meditating and woke up in shock, neighbors yelling. I saw the shadow of myself floating above where it shouldn't have been. Slept, woke up The next day it was gone. One projection I floated high up to an all white place and saw gold sparkly atoms.

At one point I thought I was an Empath as well, I'm very emotional. I had a pregnant teacher and I felt pregnant, I found out she was before anyone knew. People just open up to me and I get really attached. But I'm not like the people who go into crowded places and feel overwhelmed. I also have a friend who's like me. Recently she was pushed and got bruised by an entity at my school. We also have dreams that connect.

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TheGreenDragon36 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-14)
I was feeling a bit out of place today and felt as if some one or some thing was fallowing me and watching me on my way to work this morning. I decided to do a search on Google about why I felt the way I did this morning and well I ended up here. The main post and JohnnyG114's post are all too familiar to me as I have experienced both. I too have experienced a lot of things when I was younger that didn't make any sense to most people when I told them. I remember when I was about 2 years old telling my Grandmother a memory I had before I was born. I remember telling her that I remembered coming to earth and that I remembered a being next to me as we were floating over earth and remembered telling the being that I was scared, and although I couldn't really see the being I felt it right next to me telling me that everything was going to be okay and that I would do great things. After telling my grandmother this it seemed she was in shock and then she replied, with excitement, by saying it was an angel that spoke and guided you here to earth. At the time I didn't know what the memory meant or my grandmother's reply. As the years went on and still early in my childhood I began to have extremely vivid dreams of demons and ghosts I mean really scary sh!t, at times I couldn't sleep or was scared to go to sleep. As I got older the dreams slowly went away but every once in a while I would get one that would not only wake me out of my sleep but pretty much the whole house because I'd be screaming and yelling so loud from being scared out of my mind. As a teenager my dreams were less frequent and since I was use it by then I really didn't pay it much attention anymore because it wasn't really scary any more, more of a nuisance more then anything else. Well early on in my 20's I started to noticed certain numbers start to pop up out of no where but the numbers I started noticed weren't really coming out of no where they had been there my whole life. Like the number 36, I always felt I had a special connection to this number but never really knew what its importance would mean in my life. You see my high school football number was 36, my father was born in 1936, my mother 1956 and me 1976. Off subject, I really feel stupid and weird while writing this, but it doesn't matter I'm fighting through it. Okay back on track, in the year of 2012 my father would have been 76, my mother 56, and me 36. I still don't know the full meaning as to why this is so important but the odds of these numbers coming up in my life so frequently is beyond me, and numbers come up in receipts when I look at the clock 12:36, 6:36, etc... It just goes on and on. And now to present day, I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which sucked for me because it had taken over my life and nearly ended it because of how much pain and confusion I was in. During the time that I've had Lyme Disease which as been about 10 plus years my dreams and feeling where really dull and my vivid dreams had all but disappeared. But ever since being on treatment I have come to a new understanding of my abilities and strengths, almost as if a vale had been lifted. I have found God again and have awakened my spirituality. You see I have come to the realization that while a person can become spiritual within religion, one does not need religion to become spiritual. I was so upset with not only what I was going through with Lyme but that I couldn't call on God for help because I was so appose to religion and the control it stood for. I know my story is a little all over the place but it could have been a lot longer but if anyone should need clarification to any of it please don't hesitate to email, I will be glad to share my story with whomever wants to listen.

[at] NettaJetta: You are not alone and you are not weird just gifted in a way that most people don't understand out of fear of the unknown. Just remember that old cliché "God doesn't put anything on us we can't handle" and "if it was easy everyone would do it." And as far as the numbers go I would look into Numerology to find out the meaning of those numbers.

[at] JohnnyG114: Very interested in your store would like to know if you'd mind me emailing you to get some more insight.
JohnnyG114 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-04-06)
AnneV, I have a confession to make. For the past few weeks I have been angry with God. I have been angry because I lost my faith in believing that he would get me to where my heart desires. That said, a promotion at work. What I do for a living is awesome. I love helping people out. Its as simple as fixing their remotes or getting them a program they enjoy. Whatever the case may be, I am passionate about it. The only thing though, as much as this sounds, I feel as if I've been losing that passion, due to the competitive structure I have to face at work each day. I feel angry that I have gone as far as saying some very nasty things about people who worship God. I really don't know what has come over me, but the last time I got like this I was just as stressed, I started experiencing abnormal phenomena. Hearing whispers saying "Hey", hearing my name being called... "Johnny". My ears do ring. I have been told that my mother's schizophrenia is hereditary. I think its highly unlikely because I am a very smart guy. I can think logically, communicate (just not type) extremly well and I am very social. I am always told that I am a very handsome guy. I overlook this however. Because I view the world differently based on my experiences. Let me first give you a brief history. From the time that I was growing up, I would have nightmares about the bathroom in my parents home. I felt a presense in my dreams and also as I was awake, I felt that presence in there. It wasn't until one day as I was about 8 years old, I felt a hand on my shoulder as I was showering which scared the living hell out of me. Ever since then I've always felt weird, as if I don't belong here. Many of my friends and family would agree also. I've always had an innate ability to sense things that werent there. Wither it be auras of living things, shadows, people I have never met in my life in dreams. Visiting places I have never been too also in dreams and only to find out that I do end up visiting them so time or another. Deja vu and the numbers 111 1111, 111111 and even 114 haunt me. I have no idea what this means. I also share a personal relationship with each individual woman I know in my life. I feel as if I can read thier minds. I can hear my girlfriends voice out loud too when shes really quiet. Call me crazy I know but what does this all have to do with my original comment you might ask? I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. And I have to admit that when I read your previous comment, tears poured down my face because as to reason, I read your comment for a purpose, and that purpose may be perhaps from God. I don't mean to get all biblical on you, I just wanted to thank you personally because you brought my faith back to where it belonged. For the past 6 years I have been trying to talk to those who are close to me about these experences that I'm having, and everyone just looks at me as if I'm that cute guy whos a nutcase. Thank you for the inspirational comment above.:)
NettaJetta (1 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-05)
Thanks, I appreciate your answers. I've always known that there is a bigger picture and so I never want to be blinded no matter what society says.
Tera (32 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-04)
My advice: listen to the advice these beings are giving you. Someone's trying to communicate, Let it flow, and try to understand and talk to them. Don't focus directly on them, stay in that meditating state. When you get those warnings, make sure you listen. Get out of the area, acknowledge that you hear and understand them, and they may help you out more.
As for the dreams, those are just like the voices. Listen to them. Some call the voices spirit guides, guardian angels, ect
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-04-04)
You're not weird. You're simply taught by society that anything that might empower you is a negative and therefore to be feared. If your power is given away then those who take it now have it. That just leave you then as a suffering, afraid, ignorant person in society.

- Jesus prophesized (prophesies are what psychic do) that Judas betrayed him but when we say we have our own prophesies we are weird.
- Jesus said, "ye are gods" but when we say we have god qualities we are labeled nuts.
- Jesus said, 'Greater miracles than this ye shall do" but show me who does greater miracles than Christ? This is because mainstream society and religion say that's blasphemy. How dare us think we are like Jesus, we're just lowly sinners now sit down, repent and obey.

So the moral of the story is, is that you're a microcosm of God, can perform miracles, prophesize, leave your body, and heal. All this is hidden from you very carefully. But even as you can see, little bits expose themselves. They do for all of us. And that's because "Look under a rock and you will find me" which means: we are all part of the All That Is (God) and are everywhere.

The weird people are the ones who say you cannot do these things or that you are separate from God.


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